m3rmers asked:

how did you get the little fishes on your blog?o: theyre so lovely!

arent they so cute! im not 100% sure what the site is but i just googled it and found a site that gave me the html code c:

you still cross my mind when I’m alone
to my own thoughts, I’ll give you that.

but I’m still sick of you.
And that won’t ever change.

This is all I ask for.

I need someone to talk to. Someone that ACTUALLY cares. Someone that is actually there for me and listens. Someone that won’t betray me.
I need a friend.

Funny thing about this picture: I’m only showing cleavage, yet people will think of this as a very sexual picture. Although I’m only showing what you would normally see if I was wearing a strapless dress/shirt, people assume it’s something more sensual.

Anyway, hi.