Stage 10 night shooting with @crimsontrace #m3gi before running to jump into the #canam and fire the #m249 on the move in the dark with targets In the distance.
Shooting for @gunsandtactics and yes I was cold…
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Gemtech, showing off their E&E specific 9mm sound suppressor at the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun.

Gemtech did some pretty impressive material engineering on this can to get it so small, while still allowing it to be effective.

Maybe one day they’ll go public with how they did it… but silencer companies are pretty secretive with their cleverness.  Just a fact of the business

I squared tech ladies at stage 6 at the #m3gi. They outfit you with a jump helmet, dual PVS-14s on the i^2 tech mount, suppressed PWS and Glock 17