“The summer of mine has come, Longer the days of sun…”

We explore the music world daily, however, this is one of the greatest ‘rarities’ that I have came upon. Excluding the fact that the song is sung in Chinese and English, this is one of the best summer jams I have ever heard.

The electro-hip hop track is by Manchuker AP, a Taiwanese rapper, featuring the vocals of the astonishing Canadian singer – Meighan Nealon, who is known with her official alias M3GA. The single is part of Manchuker AP’s album “Hip Hop World”.

The story behind the lyrics is about a guy whose girlfriend was going through a stage of her life where she was consumed by the materialism. However, he felt their relationship did not progress the way it should have and so they decided to slow down and become friends for a while, so that she could possibly grow this phase of her life.

The song is produced by Adrian Gariba and written along with Nella Shen. The director of the music video is Joshua Lin. 

The warmness of the music video and the progressing track with its extremely catchy bass definitely turns the track into a grower. However, take a listen and I assure you that you will start longing for a hot summer. It’s going to be even hotter, if you get this hot tune on your iPod.

Here are the reasons why:

Favourite line:
“Longer the days of sun”

Least favourite line:
“Bad boy, (Chinese), Fat boy, (Chinese)” 

As good as:
Monrose - “Hot Summer”

As great as:
The Underdog Project - “Summer Jam”

Better than:
Girls Aloud - “Long Hot Summer”

The good bit:
Language diversity

The great bit:
Danceable beat and memorable lyrics

The hot bit:
Totally addictive and very sumem-ish beat, an extremely catchy middle-eight sung in Chinese by a native English speaker.

Track’s overall temperature:
87°C (Now that’s what I call hot!) 

Are you ready?