m35 stagea


Nissan OWN brochure for the M35 Stagea. These are all parts you could order to get fitted when you were buying one new. There were quite a few options available for these as can be seen. Impul, Nismo, Gialla, Dayz, Dolphin and KenStyle aero plus associated parts and wheels from other manufacturers like BBS LM, Advan AVS Model 5 and Volk SE37K


Latest auctions won in Japan. I already have volume 2 of the G-Works S30Z special. Been watching the auctions for a while for a copy of number 1 to come up cheap enough. Still got it a lot cheaper than I was expecting to though. Same with the AE86 auction. I only wanted that for the G-Works 86 special. The Hyper Revs were just a bonus. The OWN M35 Stagea and R34 brochures I had been watching for a while as they came up in my Impul searches. As far as I know the OWN brochures show stuff you could order through your dealer when buying a new car. Should be able to confirm when they arrive.