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Report about M2 magazine and M2woman magazine, in New Zealand and Australia: “A number of freelance writers (including myself) have had the experience of not being paid by this magazine - they say they will pay - large numbers -  but don’t - or go back on written agreements and pay far less than agreed to.”


Honoured to be in the latest issue of M2Woman (New Zealand) alongside some pretty amazing women from Webstock in a positive-leaning article about the issues of diversity – and shifting culture in tech.

Something I touched on in my talk was an aspect of my personal cycle of inspiration, and how directly it’s linked to my self-expression. I’ve repressed certain aspects of myself in the past in an effort to “fit in” with tech culture, but I now recognise how detrimental that was to me as a designer, and how important it is for us to embrace personal self-expression – diversity – to make the industry a more inspiring place for everyone.

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If you can’t make it to Restaurant Bruno hidden in a beautiful corner of France, why not try making Bruno’s signature dish, his famous Potato Truffle, at home? Get the recipe in the latest issue of M2Woman.

Oh this was nice!
Its been a long time since I have managed to have a coffee and read a magazine @m2woman but I do still get around 15 mins of Mummy downtime everyday.

This is really important to do daily as it can help you reconnect and find yourself, which then helps you to prepare for the rest of the day or wind down before bed.

Being a mum is tough, it is one of the most important roles we will ever undertake. Yet it can be filled with uncertainty and you may find that you often question how you parent. But the sound of those little people saying ‘I love you Mummy’ 100’s of times through the day make it all worth while and should banish any uncertainties you may have. You are doing a great job x

It has taken me until my youngest who is now 3 to feel like I am emotionally and physically recovered from the challenges of having 3 under 5. It takes a long time to recover for some longer than others. My hair may never recover from my pregnancies, breastfeeding and stress but that is little to pay for the return of a healthy family.

Look after yourself, if you are unwell, tired or stressed then you can’t look after the ones who are depending on you. Mummy time for Mum is important.

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