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Wintertime blues got you down? Throw and “Minute to Win it” party and let the fun begin - laughs are guaranteed!

Inspired by the hit NBC TV show, this easy indoor party theme includes a series of minute long challenges and games and can be created with stuff you have around the house. 

What you will need: 

- One Minute Timer (we used an i-phone)

- Assorted game supplies 

NBC has posted instructions and videos on how to create all of the games used on the show. To plan your party, simply visit the Official Minute to Win it website, choose your games (based on what you have lying around), and invite some friends over to play. 

Check out our Instigators of Fun video to see some of the games we set up. We had 9 people who each competed individually in 10 challenges. If you have a larger group, you could make teams of two and have them choose the best player for each challenge. 

What’s your favorite minute to win it game?

I fell in love with a guy from twitter ❤️

there is this guy na naglaro sa minute to win it, sobrang gwapo niya and all the girls where like “crush na kita” “ang gwapo mo” “ang galing mo”

actually, hindi ko talaga napanuod yung episode na yun and he is trending! i asked kung sino yun, they said na player sa m2wi na gwapo. i watched the episode and he is actually handsome!!! you know my type of guys are those with bad boy look with messy hair styles. haha. i searched for him on twitter and tweeted him. in my surprise he replied!!! ahhh hindi siya snob 😍

months have passed and we are actually tweeting and tweeting each other, it’s a good thing na nagrereply siya. we became close and he knew me then. he followed me on twitter and on instagram.

One time, i actually fell inlove with him. i dunno i fall too fast! i fell with his kind and sweet words through his tweets. it was the very first time na may nakatweet akong lalake and sobrang naging close kami. so i fell inlove. sinabi ko siya sa mga friends ko blabla.

but then… he had a girlfriend. well i understand kasi sino nga ba ako. i was just his online friend! hindi naman ako umaasa. kinikilig lang talaga ako tuwing nakakatweet ko siya.

And there is this time na gusto niya akong mameet, well actually gustong gusto ko talaga siyang mameet! he went to pampanga but smp was far from us. then one time i posted on ig, he commented “sayang pumunta pa naman akong la union” i was really shocked!! and kinikilig ako at the same time. O M G! he really want us to meet! but then hindi pa naman tinatadhanang magkita kami.