A Joining of Friends

Sam was one of the few jocks that I became friends with in highschool. He was alright for the most part but had a really big ego, it got annoying at times. I met him through a close friend and we pretty much kicked off our friendship without a hitch. We don’t talk much outside of class but when we do it always comes down to gym talk. Sam is a pretty big guy, and he takes every chance he can to show off his body. He shows me his insta pics and phone vids all the time and after seeing so many, I’ve started to become jealous. The guy is a total hunk. I’ve never seen a body so ripped and virile, he was oozing with sex appeal. He’d show me videos of him working out and seeing his herculean muscles strain between reps during a heavy workout would get me hard from time to time. I couldn’t help it, the guy looked amazing, a body like his is all I ever wanted. I’ve experimented with my powers a bit but I think it’s finally time to test their limits.

Not too long ago, Sam was complaining about his recent workouts. He would complain about training harder and harder each day, but he’d see no progress. He became short tempered, he was worried that he’d finally reach his peak, and right before the body building competition this week. It took a bit to calm him down but while I was telling him to chill, an idea popped in my head. “Let me help you out Sam, I know a way to get you big before the show.” I say, reaching slowly towards his hand. He recoiled a bit before saying “No offense man but you’ll never be as big as me, not even close, I dunno if you’d know anything about making an athlete like me any bigger.” I ignore his comment and grab his hand, slowly let it absorb mine. I sink my hand into his quickly, aligning our bones the best I can. After his hand absorbs mine, it becomes noticeably more beefy than before, it looked strong enough crush a rock. Veins began to thrust up towards his skin as he closed his hand, squeezing it tighter to feel it’s new strength. He looked in awe before gazing back at me. “That settles it.” he said, “Looks like you’re helpin’ me after all.”

We arrange to merge at my place after his workout. I made sure to tell him to train extra hard before coming over, no exceptions. After killing time for over two hours, I hear a loud knock on my door. I can see Sam standing there with his gym bag, sweating like a big. His handsome face was a deep shade of red and I can see beads of sweat dripping off his short red hairs. His massive chest heaved in and out, taking in loads of air into his large, powerful lungs. His white tank clung to his chest tightly, but that didn’t stop his sharp, well built lats from poking out of the arm holes. His tank was so sweaty that I could even make out the deep ridges that ran down his stomach to form his tight abs. Damn his body was amazing.

I stop staring and let him in through the door. He sets down his gym bag with a large thud, bending over to catch his breath from running up the stairs. “This better be worth it. I think I may have overdone it.” He said before sitting up and flexing his left arm, he started to run his right index finger down his round meaty bicep, counting every purple vein that covered it’s bulging mass. I couldn’t help but stare some more, I can’t wait to see what he looks like after I get inside of him. “Let’s not waste anytime, take your clothes off in the living room and lets get this over with.” I say before clearing some space for him to undress. He shoots me an unsure look. He looked skeptical even though we’ve ran through the plan like a hundred times, but he began to pull off his shorts. He slid the black shorts down his big beefy thighs, the lines in them were so deep, the beads of sweat sliding down his skin only made them look more toned. He pulled them completely off revealing his jockstrap. I could make out multiple dark spots on the front of the strap, he really must have worked it today. And speaking of the front, the dude’s bulge was massive. Working out so hard must have gotten him harder than a rock, I can even make out the outline of his cock, it’s thick as hell, I’m starting to get hard by just staring at it.

He snaps his fingers at me before letting out a deep groan. “Enjoying the view? C'mon, let’s get this show on the road.” I snap out of my trance and walk up to his massive figure. I stand directly behind him and grab him by his giant round shoulders. Their mass filled my hands like giant fleshy rocks, they felt so hard in my palms. I begin to pull up his soaked tank and I slide underneath and press my body against his wide muscle covered back. I embrace the giant, squeezing his body tightly and I can feel myself slowly sinking into him. I pull out a bit before starting the merge. I press my legs against his gently, slowly forcing them into his. His wide, hair covered legs absorbed mine so easily, he way stronger than I suspected. I look down and I can see that his legs are much thicker and stronger looking than before. They were massive trunks covered in a nice layer of fur that ran all the way up to his thighs. He starts to wiggle his toes and kicking the air, testing out his new power. “Damn that feels good. Just what the hell are you doing back there?” he says to me before tensing up. I have no clue what he’s talking about but then the feeling hits me. All the muscles in his legs and thighs begin to cramp before relaxing all at once, the feeling was beyond erotic, it almost knocked the wind out of me. I squeeze his hard shoulders even tighter and continue with the merge.

I carefully pull back on his jockstrap, sliding it down his firm buttocks as I pull out my rock hard erection. I take the liberty of bending him over myself. He didn’t seem to like that much but I couldn’t help myself. I rub my the head of my cock between his cheeks, feeling his warm hole press against my tip. My eyes widen and I thrust my dick into him quickly. He grunts loudly before covering his mouth with his hand. I let out a moan of pleasure before pushing deeper inside of him, feeling my shaft fill up his tight little hole. I push deeper and deeper until I can feel my waist being pulled in entirely by his giant body. I push harder until I feel the front of the strap against my crotch, or, his crotch rather. I was right all along, his cock was thick as hell, and now with my mass, it has even more girth than before. I can feel his shaft swelling right now, it’s almost throbbing from the ass pounding I gave him, he must have enjoyed it just as much as I did. “Mmm damn bro, that’s fucking nice. What a cock!” he said looking down at his growing bulge. He licks his fingers, slicking them up before stuffing his meaty hand into the tight sweaty jock, rubbing the shaft of his new veiny rod repeatedly. He begins to moan and my breaths became heavier as he strokes his throbbing member. I remind him to save it for later and I begin to start on his torso. I press slender chest against his powerful back, feeling his muscles rippling and pushing against my skin. It felt so fucking good sinking into him. Eventually I could feel his bulky chest heaving in and out heavily. The pleasure was beating the shit out of him. The sweaty tank clings tightly to his big, puffy pecs, my added mass makes them even larger and more compact, filling up the tight tank even more.

I can feel the tightness of his deep cut abs pushing out of his stomach, I begin to feel uneasy but I quickly begin to bask in their beautiful feel. He brings down his arms and pulls up his tank, running his fingers down their wet, and now, even deeper ridges. I can feel him suck in his stomach making them look even more defined than before, I had to peak. Their compact, glistening structure looked amazing. “Fuck this body is so tight, I’m gonna be the sexiest fucking hunk in the competition, no doubt.” he says, donning a wide smirk. “My arms, make my guns even bigger. I can’t wait any longer man.”

I oblige and push my arms into his hastily, letting their thickness absorb my slender limbs. As I sunk inside of him, I could feel him bulking already, damn his new biceps were massive. They were large and voluptuous on their own, he didn’t even need to flex without them looking so huge. His forearms thickened as well, I could even see his light hairs growing down their trunk-like figure. He flexed as soon as he could, growing his smirk into a wide smile as he watched his biceps bunch against his new thick forearms. He flexed hard enough to make his cock push out hard against the front of the strap. He was getting off so much that I could even feel sticky precum leaking from his aching tip. What a fucking beast. “Hey, it’s about time. Get into position.” I stammer out, trying to contain my own deep expressions of pleasure. His smile faded and he let out a deep breath before looking down and closing his eyes. I close my eyes along with him and press my face against his red colored hair, pushing deeper into his head until everything goes completely dark. It takes him a bit, but he opens his eyes and blinks. He tries to reach behind to feel for any traces of my body, he struggles to wrap his muscle around his new toned back, but he knows that I’m completely within him. “Fuck yeah” he says excitedly before peeling off the sweat drenched tank. He slowly peels the top off of his bulging muscles, and begins to stare at their sweat covered physique. I feel a smile cross his face once against before he begins to squeeze his hard, meaty pecs, filling his hand up with their statuesque mass. He rushes to the bathroom quickly to marvel at his new body.

He stands in front of the mirror, backing up slowly, struggling to fit his massive size fully in his reflection. He rubs his hands up and down his sweat slicked body before feeling up his thickening bulge once again. I decide to step in, I can’t let him have all the fun after all. I begin to take over his body, starting first with his right arm. I reach over my new hand and grab his other arm by the wrist, squeezing it tightly, letting my influence spread all over its mass before wrapping my new limbs around his massive new chest. I embrace his new figure until I’ve taken it over completely, his crotch and legs follow the same fate shortly after. I wipe his hands over his stoic, chiseled face, before taking over his head and brain. “What the hells happening to me!?” I hear from within my new head. I begin to drown out his inner voice by marveling at my new figure until his conscious vanishes entirely. This body is finally mine.

I run my hands across my new face. I liked  my old one well enough but this one really takes the cake. His fiery ginger hair and scratchy beard really bring this body together. So exotic, I could get used to this. I run my giant hands along my shoulders, gliding around their thickness before feeling up my giant biceps. “Jesus Eli, what nice guns you have.” I say smiling at my new muscle covered cannons. His arms were sexy and well-built before the merge, but my extra mass really pulled them together, they were overpowering while still keeping that lean, natural physique that I just couldn’t get enough of. “This body is perfect. What a fucking stud.” I say before flexing my arms as hard as I can, letting my biceps thrust upwards against my moist, milky skin.

I push them as hard as I can, counting the veins that riddled their mass before moving on to my big husky chest. My new chest so wide and strong, way better than my old one. My new lats are deep and defined, I love the way they felt, and my god, my new pecs were incredible. Nice and big, I begin to bounce them side-to-side effortlessly. Watching myself in the mirror so long got me so hard. I could feel my new cock throbbing in the tight strap. My cock felt so raw, I had to let it out. I rub my fingers against my large, solid bulge, feeling up the outline of my dick with my fingertips. Precum leaks out more and more as I keep rubbing, I can’t take it any longer. I rip tear down my strap revealing my girthy erection into the mirror. A wide cocky grin stretches across my face as I stare at my new cock. “What a nice fuck toy you gave me Sam. I couldn’t ask for better.”

I reach my giant hand down and fill my palms with my new muscled rod. “Holy fuck!” My cock trembles as I wrap my fingers around my shaft. It’s been aching to blow this entire session. This is going to be good. I stare at my crotch into the mirror. It was perfect to say the least. Even the way it stood up, obscuring the view of my firm shredded abs was hot as hell. “Christ Eli, don’t get too excited now.” I say with a smirk while slowly stroking my shaft up and down. “The fun’s just getting started.” While jerking my rock hard erection, I notice my right arm bulging and flexing in the mirror due to my firm grip. Seeing my biceps poke out so wildly, so fucking hot. I left my left arm up and flex nice and hard. God, my biceps were nearly the size of my head now. I stare down their hunky muscled structure for a bit longer before looking back at my cock. My large tip and vein riddled shaft were glistening with sweat, fuck it look so good. The way the light reflected on my cock in the mirror make it look nice and soaked, I progressively stroke faster and faster. I suck in my stomach and let out a deep sensual moan.

“Mmmm fuck yes! What a stud!” My abs sink into my body becoming even more defined and my chest was popping out prominently. My pecs were nice and huge, their bulky mass thrusted forward pridefully. My balls tense up and I can feel myself edging as I thrust my girthy dick through my hand over and over. Aaah fuck, I’m gonna cum soon. I bring my left arm again, making sure to flex it as hard as possible. My hair covered forearms thicken and the pale skin covering my muscular biceps pulled taut over my mounds of beefy mass. The skin over my giant cannons became nice and red as I flexed harder by the second, trying to milk the seed out of my aching rod. My chest becomes tight and I can feel beads of sweat trickling down my massive pecs, their size was almost overwhelming at this point. “God yes, what a hot fucking bod!” The grooves that laid upon my abs became deeper as I sucked my stomach in tighter. They’re rock hard, their stone-like figure felt heavy as I kept them in nice and tight. My grip becomes stronger as I stroke my hand up and down my thick shaft. I can feel my load moving up slowly. It felt big and heavy, days worth of cum waiting to be released. My grunts end with a loud monstrous moan as I ejeculate all over the bathroom sink. Streams of seed shoot all over the sink and mirror and I didn’t stop until my cock was completely empty. I step back against the wall, the bathroom shakes as my giant back collides with it. I stare at my muscle covered physique sitting in the cum stained mirror. I grin cockily and marvel at my new body. It felt incredible to look so damn good.

Accidental possesion, part 3

Part 2: https://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/156185177836/accidental-possesion-part-2

See this guy? Yeah, that is Ryan. My brother’s bestfriend. How the hell on Earth am I the one that is controling his body? Seconds ago I was in my brother’s body and now I am standing here, horrified of the sudden change of point of view. I stood there like I was frozen. Then the reality hit me. I ran to the mirror. 

“Wow, Ryan is a great looking guy, well I am now,” 

I was looking at myself in the mirror, but I was feeling a bit unsure what had just happened. Am I cursed to possess other people for the rest of my life? What cause this that I can do that? Am I gonna be able to depossess people? Can I possess the people I already possessed? I have to get answers to alteast one of these questions. Now…

I went to my brother’s body still lying unconscious. I touched him, but nothing happened. Fuck, I can’t go back. I need to find out what is going on. Should I tell my brother? He started to wake up. I came to him and helped hom to get on his feet.

“What happened? I feel like hungover. said Patrick

I had to come up with a suitable lie. “You texted me that you will come over and I found you like this bro. You ok? You look like you need help.”

“No, it’s just that my head is pounding. I don’t even remember coming here. And why the hell am I naked? Hey, did you do something to me?” his voice started to sound a bit more happier.

“No, but since I haven’t seen you for a long time and also haven’t had anything with a girl for quite a while, I could use a relief. Want me to suck your dick bro?”

“Stop making fun of me, I think I will go home. Text me later, we should hang out.”

“Whatever you want bro, see you”

I closed the door to his appartement. Now, where is that marines uniform. I searched through his closegt, but it wasn’t there. I saw a bag on the ground. That idiot didn’t even unpack his stuff. I put on his uniform. Fuck, that is so hot. I am Ryan. I can be anyone I want. I just have to find out how to use this new power that I have. I took out his Iphone, snapped a photo and made a new Grindr profile. Searched for other gays nearby and went out to get a new date. I never had a chance in my old body to try anything with other guys.  

I went outside to his car. Suddenly some guy texted me. He asked for a photo. In my old body, I would have been shy to send any, but now, I was a Supermale.

I  sent the hoto and the guy was really excited. He texted me his adress and send a photo too.

Jesus, that is the guy from school. I don’t really know him that well, but it is sure going to be a lot of fun.

Bulking Up

My experience at the gym has been interesting to say the least. I started working out about two months ago and I can say that going to the gym has been the best thing that I’ve done in a while. People give me helpful tips, I meet cool people, and I’m slowly working towards the body of my dreams. That’s the thing though. It’s painfully slow. I knew from the start that I wouldn’t just grow overnight after going to the gym a few times, but I figured after a month or two, I’d see some decent progress at the very least. For the past few weeks, I’ve become discouraged when it comes to going to the gym. The cool jocks that I’d chat with in the locker room or during rests now filled me with a fiery hot jealousy whenever I saw them pumping iron. I would leave the gym a sweaty, pissed off mess because I figured that I’ll just end up being a skinny guy for the rest of my life. I was all out of hope and I contemplated quitting, until I met Spencer.

I was getting ready to leave the gym, I decided to cut my workout short out of frustration. I was looking in the mirror, trying to find any form of growth on my body when Spencer came up and gave some words of encouragement, telling me how far I’ve come in the past two months. I almost wrote him off as just another boring jock but he was much more interesting and a lot less self centered than the other guys that I’ve met in the gym. After we started talking regularly, I found a new reason to come to the gym. At this point I figured I was completely screwed when it came to getting the body I wanted, but watching Spencer train his hardest really got me amped.

Like I said earlier, I nearly wrote him off as another meathead but it only took me a few days to realize that he was one of the biggest guys in the gym. He was pretty ripped. During his workout, his muscles would swell insanely, his tight torso would flare, making his massive pecs burst grow to a size that felt overwhelming just to look at. His arms would flex effortlessly, even the slightest movement would make his muscle covered limbs tense up. He was muscled from head to toe. From his broad, corded neck, down his brawny chest and chiseled abs, to his thick powerful thighs, he was a complete stud. I’d even check him out closely during the locker room when he was trying to study his musclebound exterior. I liked to savor the moments where I could get up close and stare deeply at his sweat coated arms. I’d take a seat near the mirror he used, seeing how swollen his veins would get as he flexed, how pumped up the hard bulges of his biceps and triceps are. He had the body that I’ve dreamed of for so long. His loud grunts and roars during his sets would fuel my passion, and I found myself working harder and harder everyday to gain his attention.

3 weeks after we met, I noticed that he had taken his workouts to another level. He’d stack up the weight to amounts that seemed large, even for a guy like him, and he would start measuring his body closely after workouts. It felt like half the time that he spent at the gym was inside the locker room. Even his friendly personality shifted into a snooty self absorbed attitude. His helpful tips turned into blatant teasing that would kill my interest in going to gym and it felt impossible to take his eyes off his reflection. One day, I saw him staring into the mirror in the locker room as always, but he wore a look of disappointment on his face. It seemed strange to me so I asked him what was up.

“I’m trying to prep for the 1st Men’s Physique competition. The competition is pretty fierce.” He says, not even looking towards me, fixing his gaze into the mirror in front of him. “I know I’m not ready yet, I’ve been going too easy.” I sat back and pondered the situation. I’ve never seen such a troubled look on Spencer’s face before. He would usually brim with confidence, who wouldn’t with a figure like that? I sat and gawked at his beefy appearance before deciding to help him out. I look around the locker room real quick, making sure that it was completely empty before standing behind him. I grab his large rounded shoulder with my left hand and press my right arm into his, pushing as hard as I could. “What the hell do you think you’re do-” he stammers out before noticing my arm sinking into his. He’s frozen with shock and he can’t help but watch as my arm merges with his. My added mass makes his muscles thrust out forcefully and the veins begin to bulge out of his new thick arm. We both stared in awe at it’s amazing size. It was even bigger than I imagined. Once I was done admiring, I pulled my arm out of his, returning his guns to their original lean form. He turned and looked at me, the look on his face almost seemed like disgust but I could tell that he was even more amazed than I was. “How…How did you do that?”

“I’ve been able to do stuff like that for a while now, all I have to do is slip into someone’s body and I can make them huge. I don’t do it very often but I have a proposition for you.” He listened closely, it felt good to tear his attention away from the mirror for a change. It took a bit to convince him but in the end he agreed to let me in his body for the competition so he’d have a fighting chance, as long as he had full control of course. I filled him in on the smaller details about the merge and we agreed that we’d meet up a few days before the competition to get things started.

On the day of the merge, we went to the gym and worked out as usual but Spencer pushed it extra hard like I told him. In the locker room he seemed incredibly winded, his giant chest filled with air desperately with air over and over. His heavy pecs looked amazing as they heaved up and down. After we showered, we drove to his place. He moved furniture around in his living room, making space for us so we could get started. Once he finished, I told him to stand in front of the couch and wait for me to get ready. He sighed and stood in front of the couch like I ordered, he looked back at me with an uneasy stare, waiting for me to get started. I walk up to him, slowly shrinking as I step towards his broad, powerful back. He wore a fresh new tank top, his muscles couldn’t help but poke out of the wide arm holes of the shirt. He brought up his giant right hand and started rubbing his big round shoulders nervously, waiting for me to make my move. I could stare at him all day, but I knew it was the time for action. My mind started to race, I wonder how good the merge would feel, how hot he would be after taking in my extra mass, how the world would look through his eyes. I became excited, I could feel my dick growing harder as my mind raced and I started to undress. He jumps, not expecting me to strip so quickly, and he began to pull down his shorts. After his shorts were completely off, I got a full view of his tight white briefs, hugging his athletic crotch. My cock grew as I took in the view and I eagerly grabbed the waistband of the briefs, pulling them back further and further.

I pull back until there’s enough space for me to slip inside. I step in without a second thought, filling the tight briefs with my naked body. When I’m inside, with my legs pressed closely against his, I let go of the waistband, letting my body smack against his smooth skin. We sit there for a few seconds, his body shakes nervously, and my cock twitches anxiously against his firrm ass. Soon enough, our bodies begin to merge together, and I can feel his body squeezing my form as I sink inside of him. The pleasure took me by surprise, his body was powerful enough to resist my powers, resulting in an erotic massaging sensation sweeping over my sinking body parts. My cock, slowly merging inside of him, began leaking precum as my shaft sunk inside of him. I hold back my grunts but I can hear Spencer breathing deeply, eventually moaning softly as I begin sliding into his masculine form. I decide to push back, not wanting to rush the process. I squint my eyes as I pull my body from his, pulling my cock out so fast nearly caused me to blow my load. I catch my breath and start by merging our legs.

I press my thighs into his nice and easy. The hug of his body started making my cock hard as I pushed deeper into him. I closed my eyes and kept pushing and pushing until his legs completely absorbed my mass. His legs were strong before but after the merge, they were uncomparable. The power in his legs was surging and his skin was pulled taut over his hard muscled thighs. God his thighs, they were so large that I could feel their sides rubbing up against his thick, growing bulge. “Holy fuck” Spencer bursts out, interrupting his deep rhythmic breaths. “That feels so damn good.” He reaches down, gliding his hands over his toned legs. “Feels good too. You feel it too right? The strength of a real athlete? This has gotta be a real treat for you, huh?” I tear my attention away from his legs and gaze at his chiseled face, he wore a big shit eating grin after he asked me. I didn’t even mind, his confidence was intoxicating and I smiled too, embarrassed and filled with lust.

Perhaps too filled with lust. A jolt of energy shoots through my body and I suddenly grab his shoulders tightly and start bending him over. The push catches him off guard and his knees were weak from the wave of pleasure that coursed through his now sculpted legs. He gets the message as I push him forward and bends over willingly. I reach down and fill my hands with his tight, muscled cheeks. My cocks rock hard as I spread them. Spencer reacts by flexing his ass as hard as he can, showing off his uneasiness, but it only makes his cheeks feel even tighter in my hands. It’s so hot, I can’t resist. I let go of his ass with my right hand, still spreading it wide with my left. I grab my thick aching shaft and press my the tip of my dick firmly against his hole. I brush my cockhead up and down his hole, feeling it pucker against my tip before thrusting it inside. He instantly grunts in discomfort as I push deep into his tight ass, the walls of his hole hug my cock tighter and tighter the deeper I push. I moan loudly as his hole massages my vein riddled shaft. Even while sinking into his body, the briefs grew tighter and tighter as his erection bulged against the front of his underwear. Soon enough, I could feel his sensitive dick trembling fiercely in the briefs.

His dick was perfect. A full seven and half inches of girthy, athletic mass. The sex appeal was literally oozing from his new member as small drops of precum dripped against the front of his thickening bulge. I could feel streams of sweat dripping down his legs. I look over and see gaze upon his awe striking crotch. The front of the briefs formed a nice large mound, filled with his pulsing cock. He began to rub the length of his girhty haft with his finger tips, letting long, uneven breathes as he massaged his twitching member. I squint, feeling the uncontrollable pleasure as he teased his dick. I do my best to shrug it off, and lift up his now damp and sweaty tanktop.

I lift it up as far as I can showing off his bare, half naked figure. His physique was breathtaking. I looked closely, gawking at his flaring lats and hills of muscle that covered his wide back. He turn around, no longer hiding his lusty expression, as if he were giving me the “okay” to start sinking in. I wrap my hands around his sides, letting my fingertips touch the edge of his shredded abs. I pull myself closer. The tight tank closes around both of our bodies and I begin merging with his massive frame. His torso was so large compared to mine, it swallowed me with ease. The strength of his body hit me hard. I felt uneasy as he heaved his heavy chest over and over, drawing in deep breaths to combat the erotic waves of energy pulsing through his upper body. He wastes no time and begins peeling the tank away from his taut flesh. His torso bulges and twists as he lifts the thin material and exposes his sucked-in, shredded eight pack. They felt absolutely gorgeous, I wished they were mine, but feeling them pulled in tight while my body lied dormant in his was a very close second. Jesus his pecs were incredible. They were nice and swollen, the effects of the merge sculpted them into a nice lean figure but they still shined with an amazing bulbous and powerful appearance. They were nice and heavy, and bounced with the slightest movement. His chest popped up and down so effortlessly, they were beyond compare.

His massive chest heaved up and down, his pecs sucking in and swelling repeatedly. “This is unbelieveable.” He began to heave. “Who knew I’d become such a fucking stud.” A laugh erupted from his throat mid sentence, he was truly blown away by his new, unbelievably muscular and virile appearance. I became increasingly excited as I took in his herculean physique and start merging our arms. My slender limbs slide in nicely, filling his beefy cannons with my added weight. I align our bones perfectly and his arms begin to bulk and shift. His already thick and athletic arms begin to swell fiercely and grow heavier by the second. Once the growth subsides, he struggles to flex his arms, the muscle underneath was insanely thick and his skin pulled tight across his buff, prominent biceps. Veins crawl underneath his tight skin, traveling all the way down his thick trunky forearms. He lets out a loud and confident “Yes!” as he flexes his gigantic guns harder and harder, until the skin covering his muscular limbs becomes a light shade of red.

He begins laughing as he checks out his new god-like physique. “This contest is in the fucking bag!” he roared still flexing the entirety of his statuesque body. I take in the sight before me, printing his intoxicating confidence into my mind. “It’s time.” I say, snapping out of my deep marveling trance. He jumps a bit, he must have forgotten that I was still even here. “Oh, y-yeah.” He tilts his head downwards and I press my face into the back of his head and let his body take me for the last time. He opens his eyes and I can feel his sharp, chiseled jawline, lightly covered in a small layer of scratchy stubble. He traced the edge of his masculine face with his hands and began to smile widely. The merge was finally over. He went back to admiring his new body. I let him savor the moment just a bit longer before my jealousy pushed me to the edge. My conscious takes over his body slowly at first, starting with his hands and feet, my influence progressively spreads faster throughout his gorgeous figure. He started freaking out. “What the hell is going on? I thought we had a deal!” His words rang throughout his frame as my influence edged across his thick, barrel chested form. Eventually, my conscious begins inching up his thick, corded neck, then I start enveloping his handsome, masculine face. Once I’ve completely taken over his body, I close my eyes and push his conscious out of existence. Finally, the body was all to myself.

I begin to laugh as I stare down, my vision almost blocked by the size of my bursting pecs. “Is this really happening?” I whisper to myself while curling my muscle covered arms, making my biceps press against my large hair covered forearms. Hastily, I take peel the white tank top off my new body and start tightening my chest, the muscles covering my wide, powerful frame begin flaring up. I give a cocky smile and lift my arms high in the air and flex my arms. Their bulky mass began to tense up, it felt beyond satisfying to watch. Satisfying enough to make my cock tense up and press hard against the front of the tight briefs. I look down past my massive pecs and shredded abs to take a gander at my heavy bulge. Fuck it was big. I grinned at the size of the mound bursting out from my crotch. “Nice.” I say while reaching down to unveil my new fat dick. I pull it out, my cock shoots forward. My eyes widen at it’s amazing length and girth. “Very nice.” I pull the briefs down all the way and cup my balls with my right hand. I can feel their weight, they’re nice and heavy with a big fat load, just waiting to be released. I bite my lip and move my hand up towards my shaft while my other glides over the surface of my big sweaty pecs. “I look so good. What a fucking stud.” I wrap my fingers around my iron-hard shaft and start jerking it slowly. This body was still new, my dick was extra sensitive. It only took a few strokes to make my fat tip leak thin strands of precum onto the floor. “God yes.” I grunt, tugging on my throbbing member faster by the second. “Mmm, what a sexy body. Fucking perfect.” My right arm begins to tighten and flex as I stroke my cock. The sight of my muscular cannon for a right arm turns me on even more. I turn my head to the left and begin flexing my free arm, turning me on even further. My grunts become beastly and uncontrollable, I’m on the edge of blowing my load. I suck my abs in, making them nice and firm and I push out my chest, making my pecs thrust forward prominently. My veiny shaft fills my entire hand and I can feel my fat load pushing up the length of my shaft. “Aaaah fuck!” I roar, before finally blowing my load. Globs of hot cum shoot out of my cock, forming small puddles of seed on the living room floor. My chest rises and falls quickly, I haven’t felt that good in years. I push the rest of the fluid out of my shaft before sitting down on the couch, soaking in the view of my naked sweaty body. This new life was something I could definitely get used to.

Psychotherapy, part 3

Part 2:  http://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/157188759156/psychotherapy-part-2

When we arrived the new Barry was shaking. I tried to calm him down, but he just wouldn’t stop.

,,Come on, it’s going to be okay. We can figure something out”

,,What if I stay like this? I already have a life, I don’t want to be yung again. I already went through university and high school. I can’t do it again. I don’t want to. And I will have to look like this…”

,,Wait, you don’t like how Barry looks like? Why did you possess him then?”

,,Because of you, idiot. I like you, not him.” suddenly all I saw was a small boy that I was no longer attracted to and I wanted to make things right. 

Barry in his new adult body opened the door with a smile.

,,Hey boys. Come in. We have a lot to discuss”. He was already shirtless and his jeans were unzipped. We sat oun the couch quietly expecting what were we going to hear.

,,So… you are probably the owner of this magnificent body, right?” Barry asked the new Barry/Mr. Turner pretty confiedntly. I guess the body made him like that. 

,, Look I don’t know what to say. I just want you to know, that I am going to make things the way they were, ok?” replied Barry shaking nervously. He looked like he was scared of his own body. 

,,Wait, you think I want to go back? No. And especially no after how you two have embarrased me.” New Barry tried to interrupt him, but he didn’t let him. ,,You were using my body to fuck with my friend. Now it’s time for me to have fun” I became really scared, because Barry looked pretty angry and there was a devious smile on his face that made me feel really uncomfortable.

,,What are you going to do to us?” I asked him just to make sure, I knew it was going to be something horrible.

,,Don’t worry. I am gonna let you go home. Without any harm. But I can’t say that I haven’t done anything bad to you. When you come back home, both of you are going to FEEL different thanks to the magical powers that this body has. I have no idea what made us to switch bodies completely, but I can tell that it was because you were using magic just for your own profit. Ok now, or I will call your parents. Now!” he screamed across the room as we ran away. We didn’t stop. When we got to my house, Mr. Turner, I guess I should call him Barry now, was completely broken. I offered him to sleep over so that he could calm down. We slept next to each other. I can’t say that I wasn’t happy, but I was still deeply in my mind a bit scared what was Barry going to do to us.

I woke up with a strange feeling. I rushed into the bathroom. I vomited. Maybe this was the revenge. I looked into the mirror a found out what the revenge was going to be. 

,,Fuck, he made me a girl. Oh my god, I have boobs. And my… my dick is gone…”

Then someone opened the door. It was m mum. ,,Hey honey, are you okay? I heard ou vomiting.”

He must have adjusted the reality too. ,,No mum, I am ok. Don’t worry”

,,Ok. Can you ask Barbara what is going to eat for breakfast?”

,,Who is Barbara?”

,,Not funny. Go and wake her up”

I went to the bathroom and saw Mr. Turner. He was a girl too. But he didn’t seem that he was that upset.

,,So this is the revenge, right? Well I guess I might as well enjoy it. Everybody is gonna love these boobs.”

,,What the fuck? You don’t mind? He has your body now and turned you into a girl. Who knows what he might do next?”

,,Hey, don’t worry, I bet it’s gonna be amazing”

Few days has passed and I was suppose to go on a date. With a guy!

He is the hottest guy at school and he is going on a day with ME! 

We ended up in his bedroom. He layed me down on his bed and told me to close my eyes. When I opened them he was standing there just in his boxers and holding a guitar. He started playing one of his songs. It was amazing. Well, until I started to think about my last sexual experience, which was with a guy and while I was a guy too. I closed my eyes, smiling so that I wouldn’t let him down or something, thinking about good times that I had with Mr. Turner in Barry’s body. 

,,Everything alright? I was interrupted by his voice. He stopped playing.

I looked up, expecting to see a dissapointed guy that I went on a date with, but instead I saw this.

,,Yes, everything is just fine. No come here”

I wonder if he knows his appearance changed. But let’s not spoil my first time with stupid thoughts.

Obsession cured

Ever since I started to watch The Arrow I coulnd’t stop staring at him. I became completely obsessed. I watched every single TV show, movie and even interviews on YouTube so that I could see him. I fell in love with him and wanted to be with him. But I knew that he would never talk to a loser like me. I even went to ComicCon in San Diego just to see him, but I didn’t make it in time to take a photo with him. It was too crowded. Some friends even tried to help me and appointed me a meeting with a psychologist. He tried to help me and I made him sure that I am okay. We had another several meetings, but when our meetings ended I came back to my life with obsession of Colton Haynes.

I tried to find something that would make him fall in love with me, but every love potion that I have found had to be directly drunk by him. There wasn’t any love spell that I could cast without him knowing it. So I asked my friend to help me with my problem. I told her that I needed to be close to him, to be with him. She smiled and promised me to help. She was into dark magic and did some sort of vodoo. She told me to close my eyes and focus on Colton. I could see him perfectly. His pretty face, nice body, amazing voice, everything. Then I opened my eyes, but I expected to see my friend again. Instead I was looking at a script for some new episodes of Arrow.

 “What is this suppose to mean?” was the first thought that was on my mind. “Colton?” my voice sounded different. More mature. And more Colton!!! I looked at my body. “Yes!!! I am in his body!” It wasn’t exactly what I meant to be close to him, but it is the best thing that could happen. To be honest, I couldn’t be more closer now. 

I got up and headed to the mirror. “Wow, look at that body” I took off my clothes.

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“Fuck! I am so hot! And this body is all mine. Under my control. I can do whatever I want with it. Touch your… my handsome face. Flex my muscles, kiss my biceps, touch my dick and jerk off my dick.”  That was an area that I wanted to focus on now.

I lied in his bed. Jerking offf for dozens of minutes. I still touched my new body everywhere. Enjoying the new feeling of my skin. The dick was so huge that compared to my old one was like comparing a needle to a pencil.

“Fuck. That was amazing. This body has an amazing stamina. No. I have an amazing stamina.” My monolg was interrupted by a ringing phone. I looked at it and saw my old number. 

“Hello, this is Colton Haynes, Who is there?”

“Give me my body back! You can’t do this. Please, just give it back.” answered my old body with terrified voice.

“Ehm… yeah, I don’t think that is gonna happen. Enjoy your new life.” I put the phone away and continued to explore MY body.

I guess my obsession is cured now.


M2M - Don’t Say You Love Me (2000) Featured on the First Pokemon Movie Soundtrack

Accidental possesion, part 2

Part 1:                 http://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/155775740341/accidental-possession

The moment I snapped a photo and ran to his bedroom. Threw all my clothes off and set on his couch. I grabbed my new cock and immediately jerked off that rock-hard piece of meat.

“Fuck yeah. Faster my big brother, faster!” I shouted looking at my quickly moving hand. I put on his sunglasses because I think they make him look cool. I spent the entire morning jerking off, making hilarious faces in the mirror and trying out his outfits. I got an idea to go out and enjoy this new body. I put on his hoodie and a grey shirt. The worst idea was putting on his boxers, because I had to hide that beautiful cock, that I miraculously gained that morning. I put on his black boxers and brown shorts. Sure, I could go and take the car, but I knew that a disaster might have happened, because I didnt know how to drive a car. So I decided to take a bus. “Why the hell not?”

I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus that would take me to the town. I took out his phone and snapped a picture.

Just look at him. Looking great as always, but with me in control. Everything his body does is because of me. I possessed him few hours ago and I already shot so many loads of cum, that I even lost track of counting. The bus stopped and I got on. I sat in the back. I got off and decided to visit my brothers friends. Few of them just came back from Syria and I wanted to know, if any of them would like to make up with me looking like this.

I texted Ryan: “Hey douche, want me to come over? :P :* “

Few seconds later he answered: “Hey Patch (My brother hates that nickname), I am not home yet. Just came out of the spa after solarium, looking even better :P but not for you, pussy. Need to keep bitches coming at me. Will be there in five. The key is hidden under the flowerpot. Dont mess the flat perv! :D “

Amazing, I can even surprise him. Maybe I could be able to seduce him. I entered the elevator and felt and urge to take a photo. But I decided to take a hot photo and send it to Ryan.

I sent a text “Wanna suck me big boy? :* “ encrypted with the photo.

He answered: “You are acting like I have never seen it. I already told you bro, mine is twice that big. Yours is nothing special, so stop showing off. Be there in a minute…”

What an idiot. I am going to make him pay for this stupid shit he is texting me now. I entered the flat. “Shit that’s a filthy place.” 

Text came with a photo of girls ass: “Hey I will be late a bit. Got to get this girls number. Just look at that ass. I will try to persuade her for threesome :P “

I sent him photo of my butt. “Mine is better, hurry :P”

In the meantime I decided to clean the flat It looked much better now. He was still nowhere, so I explored his wardrobes and found his uniform. “Damn, would be amazing if he would fuck me in this”

Then the doors unlocked. “Hey jerk, I didnt get that number so I think you could be my whore for the rest of the day” said Ryan entering the flat. “

I quickly took of all my clothes and pointed my ass towards the door.

“What the fuck dude? I was just kidding. What is this supposed to mean?”

I got up and looked seductively. “Come on big boy, dont pretend like you dont want to fuck me. He looked shocked, so I rushed in for a kiss. I closed my eyes and quickly leaned for a kiss, so that he couldnt dodge. The moment I touched his lips I felt that just like earlier. I thought I would vomit. I opened my eyes and saw that I was standing above my brothers unconscious naked body laying on the floor. 

“What the fuck?” came out of Ryan’s mouth. I need to find out what is going on.

Part 3:  https://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/159675222396/accidental-possesion-part-3


Hey guys, sorry that I didn’t write anything for a long time. The reason is simply school. A bit busy and stressful these days. Here is a story for my friend bapdapoop. He had an amazing idea and asked me to bring it to life. If you also want me to write a story about/for you, just contact me and tell me what do you want me to write about.

My parents assigned me to therapies half a year ago after my meltdown. It was all caused by few bullies in my school. I don’t like to think about those days, it’s long gone and I think I even got over it. But it wouldn’t without the help of my psychologist, Mr. Turner.

He was amazing. I could talk to him about anything at our sessions. He always ended the session with a good advice or funny joke, which made me feel really enthusiastic. I told him about my fears, my desires and one day I told him that I am gay and madly in love with my classmate Barry. He seemed a bit unhappy to hear that I like somebody else, but then came up with an idea. He told me to make a duo with him on a science project, that we had to prepare by ourselves at our house. 

I asked him at school and he agreed, probably because it would seem really rude to reject a request from a socially awkward boy that was almost transferred to an asylum. He came thirty minutes after agreed time period, but I didn’t mind, I was happy to see him. We discussed what our project should be. He came up with a vinegar volcano, but it seemed too ordinary to me. I came up with a project, that was called: ,,Walking on Eggshells”. I just wanted to try it, but Barry immediately chose it as our main project. Then a crazy idea appeared in my mind. I didn’t hesitate and kissed him on the lips. He moved his head away and stared with horrified look on his face. He got up and ran away. 

,,Fuck! What did I do?” I swore to myself.

I sat there, crying for at least five minutes, but then he came back. He had smile on his face and unbuttoned shirt.

,,Why the sad face? Let’s go swimming bro!” said Barry with a smile from ear to ear. I kept staring at his nice and thin body. I know we are just 16 and probably the least sexually active guys in class, but I wondered what was hidden in those shorts.

Well my thought was probably heard by some force, because he came up to me and kissed me. He placed my hand on his growing dick and said:,,Sorry it took me so long, I was too afraid to express my feelings.”

We kissed each other and I kept stroking his dick. We jumped into the pool and still continued in our funny activity. He pressed me to the wall of the pool and kissed me from my neck to my belly. I wanted him to continue so bad, but then I heard my mum screaming. ,,Hey honey, I am home.” 

,,Fuck! No. Why does she have to interrupt now?” said now pretty angry Barry.

,,It’s okay, we can go to my bedroom and have fun there.” I replied.

,,I am sorry, but I don’t want to risk anything. I still want to be in the closet, I am not ready to come out yet. So if you talk to me at school someone might notice. Next time you will want to continue in this, you have to wait till I will come to you and tell you myself about it, not just a normal conversation. Let’s set up a code. The code word will be platypus. If I will come to you and say ,,Hey, are you free this afternoon platypus?” then it will mean I am horny and want to have sex, ok? exclaimed Barry in flash like he was about to die in next few minutes. 

Then the weekend followed and I had to Mr. Turner.

,,So, tell me. Did my idea work? Did he come to your house?”

,,Yes, he did sir. And we actually kissed and it felt really amazing to be finally close to him being there outside on the garden enjoying the sun.”

,,I bet it was. And what about the pool? Did you like it there with him?” said Mr. Turner without realising what he just said.

,,What? Mr. Turner, I am pretty sure I didn’t tell you anything about swimming pool. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

I guess ,,BARRY” will spend more time in our pool from now on.

Part 2: http://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/157188759156/psychotherapy-part-2