Top 10 Comments of the Week: A Bathing Ape, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg & More
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This past week a petition was started to get Snoop Dogg to narrate an entire season of Planet Earth, Giuseppe Zanotti dropped Kanye-inspired “Cruel Summer” sneakers, Vince Staples picked up apart the style of the NBA, and DMC announced that DeLoreans are going back into production. Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments from the week, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others.

Please be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

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#10 commented on: Hit the Streets in A Bathing Ape’s New Running Collection

For fuccbois on the go


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#09 commented on: The North Face’s Access Pack Is Packed With Real Functionality

Amazing – a backpack that fits things inside and lets you take them out – what will they think of next?!?

Orin Ivan Vrkaš

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#08 commented on: DeLoreans Are Going Back Into Production Thanks to ‘Back to the Future’ Hype

Fuckboys already putting up their tents and supreme sleeping bags

Andreas Eller

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#07 commented on: Vince Staples Picks Apart the Style of LeBron James, Kevin Durant & More

That Vince staples pic is soon to be meme worthy

Kiran Buckman

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#06 commented on: Y-3 Is Dropping an Extremely Limited, Reflective Qasa High

Doesn’t being reflective defeat the point of being a ninja?


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#05 commented on: Even More Street Style Madness From Paris Fashion Week FW16

genuine question; what should be the actual purpose of that supreme mask thing? just a mask? for bike riding?

vanilla ice

Robbing a bank and getting snapped by CCTV. Then taking a screenshot of that pic and sharing it on Instagram. Watch the likes roll in.


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#04 commented on: Giuseppe Zanotti Just Dropped Kanye-Inspired “Cruel Summer” Sneakers

giuseppe is for those people who are rich af but don’t really know how to dress themselves

Dylan Graff

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#03 commented on: Find Out How It Is To Have Sex With Rihanna In Her Latest Track

Luckily for her sex with me would be swift but gratefully received. It’d be reminiscent of when you take a sick dog to the vet to be put-down after a prolonged illness and it knows what’s happening

Ricardo Piggoto

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#02 commented on: NOAH Drops Luxed-Out Baby Camel Hair Hoodie

Made of virgin camel toe hair tho

Corey Davis

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#01 commented on: Sign This Petition for Snoop Dogg to Narrate a Full Season of ‘Planet Earth’

“listen up ya’ll… you see these Lions right here, were slow rollin’ on them zebras right there… but first, they had to pause for the cause… now if “Snoop Lion” was the “Head MuthaFuckin’ Lion In Charge”, I’d I’d be like “Hey ya’ll, let’s chill here for a minute and hit that sativa with the crizzy’s, then we can run up on that ass, and merc em out””

Edmond Dantes

I swear on god I took my time to read all this in Snoop voice. Fo shizzle

Idriss Tipi Hannour

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from Highsnobiety http://ift.tt/1nFQ5jv
The best 35 rappers in the world

1. Kanye West
2. Yeezy
3. Yeezus
4. Louis Vuittion Don
5. Donda West’s son
6. Amber Rose’s ex before Wiz
7. Kim Kardashian’s husband
8. North West’s father
9. The other guy who made Watch The Throne with Jay Z
10. Ray West’s son
11. The guy who reworked Lorde’s
12. The guy who interrupted Taylor Swift in 2009
13. The rapper who said Bush doesn’t care about black people
14. Khloe Kardashian’s brother-in-law
15. Bruce Jenner’s stepson-in-law
16. Kourtney Kardashian’s brother-in-law
17. Rob Kardashian’s brother-in-law
18. Brandon Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
19. Brody Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
20. Kendall Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
21. Kylie Jenner’s stepbrother-in-law
22. The dude who produced 5 songs from Jay Z’s The Blueprint
23. The rapper who told Sway his clothing line ain’t Ralph
24. The guy who voiced Kenny West on American Dad
25. The guy who wanted Beyoncé to win Best Female Video of the Year in 2009
26. The rapper who almost died in a car crash
27. The rapper who produced a song while his mouth was wired shut
28. The rapper who won 21 Grammys
29. Director of the Runaway film
30. G.O.O.D Music’s CEO
31. The rapper who designed with Nike & Adidas
32. The rapper who made a song with Coldplay’s Chris Martin
33. The rapper who made a song with Sir Paul McCartney
34. The Mozart/Henry Ford/Walt Disney/Shakespeare/Beethoven/ of rap
35. The rapper who made fun of Jimmy Kimmel


Yeah that shit pisses me off