Springfield M1899 Krag-Jørgensen carbine

Designed by the Norwegians Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jørgensen c.1886 and manufactured by the Springfield Arsenal c.1899-1904 for the US Army - serial number 349283 .
.30-40 Krag five-round ‘half-capsule’ fixed magazine, bolt action repeater, magazine cut-off, M1901 rear sights.
The Krag rifles and carbines were not only adopted by the United States, but also before that, with some variations, by Norway and Denmark. They are one of the very few foreign designs adopted by the US Army, and was replaced by the Springfield M1903 which, although a Mauder copy, was technically an indigenous design.


Remington M1865 Navy pistol

Manufactured by Remington Arms c.1865-67 - no serial number, only about two thousands were made, five hundreds of which were bought by the US Navy.
.50RF single shot, rolling block single action, spur trigger.

Only in production during the years of Rollin White’s patent on bored-through cylinders, this was Remington’s attempt at capitalizing on modern metallic cartridge handguns without breaking the law, by setting aside the revolver design entirely. These firearms weren’t as successful as their rifle counterparts however, despite being more accurate than most of their competitor.
The last rolling block pistol manufactured by the company was the Remington M1901 Target which was discontinued in the 1910′s.


Mannlicher M1905 semi-automatic rifle

Manufactured in Austria in the early 1900′s by Ferdinand Mannlicher, with the patent being granted to his widow after his unfortunate death in 1904.
Proprietary 7mm rifle round, at least one prototype in 7,92x57mm Mauser. Short recoil semi automatic, Schönauer-type rotary magazine.

An early semi-automatic military rifle design, made at the same time as the idea was gaining momentum in France. This design was developed simply scaling up Mannlicher’s M1897 prototype pistol, which itself was the basis for the M1901 carbine and M1910 pistol.

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Smith and Wesson M1901 target pistols

Manufactured by S&W c.1801-1911 - serial number 25556.
.22LR single shot, top-break action with automatic extractor, single action trigger, made from revolver frames and mechanisms, cut for a shoulder stock.
This is too much sexiness for my feeble nervous system.


Mars Automatic Pistol M1901 long-barreled

Designed by sir Hugh Gabbett-Fairfax in the mid 1890′s, patented in 1900 and produced by the Mars syndicate between 1897 and 1905, serial number 27.
8,5mm Mars, the raw energy of twelve shirtless Icelandic luchadores.

The Mars pistol was the most powerful handgun of its days, beating the Colt Walker but failing to achieve even a tenth of its commercial success. If you’ve read about the Colt Walker before you’ll be able to deduce that the Mars pistol did not sell at all.

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Browning M1887/1901 lever action shotgun

Manufactured by Winchester, serial number 76401.
The M1901 was a smokeless powder shotshells adaptation of the weaker M1887 designed by Browning for Winchester, the modification taking effect starting with SN 64856. The last gun produced being SN 79455, we can assume this example was produced in the 1910′s.
The M1887 was sold either in 10 or 12 gauge, but the M1901 was limited to 10g as to not make concurrence to another Winchester shotgun, the M1897 pump-action in 12g.

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Frommer M1901-06 pistol

Designed by Rudolph Frommer in Hungary c.1901 and modified c.1906, serial number 4.
7,65mm/.32ACP removable box magazine, converted from a fixed magazine.

The M1901-06 is a precursor to the very similar M1910 before Frommer designed his more famous gun the Frommer Stop in 1912 for the Royal Hungarian Army. Rudolph Frommer held more than a hundred patents and was elevated to Hungarian nobility for his small arms design.

Frommer M1910

Frommer Stop

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Webley-Fosbery M1901 Automatic Revolver, Target model

serial number 790, marked for Cogswell and Harrison.
.455 Webley, six shot cylinder, recoil operated.

Break-top revolvers are 100% sexier with longer barrels, simply because there’s a longer thing tipping over.
Is it Freudian ?
I think it’s Freudian.

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Webley-Hamal second type, incomplete prototype semi-automatic pistol

Chambered for .455 Webley Auto, manufactured in Belgium.
Belgium will just make any prototype for you if you ask politely apparently. Also note the resemblance with the Mars pistol that Webley manufactured earlier.

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Mars-Hamal M1901