So this here is my baby. Yes, I do play airsoft but mainly on rouge fields since over here in Hawaii, we are pretty much screwed in terms of actual official playing fields, except for the paintball fields, but no one cares about shitty paintball. This Classic Army (full metal body) AEG was purchased from my Boss for $150. It shoots at a steady 380 FPS and I can just hear the cries and anguish from other airsoft players that this M15/M16 doesn’t have any fancy red dot scopes, or an retractable buttstock and etc. My main purpose is to keep this M16 as ‘old school’ as possible. Granted, this AEG won’t be any good in terms of CQB, but with most of the rouge fields being out in the open, this AEG shines.

I do plan on upgrading the internals to at least beef up the FPS to 425-450, and perhaps increasing the rate of fire a tad higher, but as it is now, I have no complaints about this AEG.