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supernatural au bc ornstein and company in the world of supernatural sounds beautiful

DragonHUNTER: Ornstein specialises in hunting dragons and other creatures that adopt human form such as werewolves. He does so because he finds monsters that blend in with the human world particularly adept and dangerous, and thus a priority.

Spear: While sometimes limited by what he can actually kill his targets with, Ornstein has a Barrett 30th anniversary M107A1 sniper rifle that he refers to as his ‘baby’. Affectionately nicknamed Greatspear, he uses the enormous stopping power of the gun along with a wide array of custom-made rounds to cripple, disable and outright kill threats often long before they become aware of his presence.

A modicum of class: Ornstein is a hunter, yes, but he doesn’t wear all the plaid and faded jeans and 3 jackets like most of the homeless-looking characters that make up 99% of the hunting base. He wears modern clothing; a varying blend of designer and casual. Dark jeans, one shirt and one fucking jacket. On dangerous hunts he wears black riot gears -sans helmet- and carries a number of military and law enforcement IDs so that he can wave off curious civilians if need be.

Contractor: Ornstein is advertised in hunting circles as a discreet assassin when it comes to dealing with monsters. Things like exorcisms and rituals aren’t his forte, but figuring out what a monster is, locating it and summarily executing it without muss or fuss are his speciality. None of the that trashing a shop while trying to chase a vampire around and getting beaten half to death. Just one hollowpoint .50cal round through the head at 1.2km and it’s gone along with most of its upper torso. This efficiency allows Ornstein to remain in areas without suspicion and gets him paid to hunt things quite often. Yes; a hunter with legitimate income.

Winchesters: He’s impressed with their occult knowledge, use of runes and magic, and connections within the human and monster worlds, but he thinks their methods of hunting are often tacky, unsubtle, over the top and crude. Needlessly dramatic in situations where simplicity and concise action is perfectly do-able. He punched Dean in the face one. He enjoyed that.