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Awesome! (Sorry for the confusion though, by FemBats I meant the female members of the Batfamily) (I used that in quotes because it seemed like it could have a double meaning) :0

Ah! Fembats is my nickname on here (feministbatman > fembats for short) so I just assumed!

I’m really really not good at these sort of things, particularly because I have barely read any Green Lantern comics (suggestions welcome!) but I’ll give it a whirl: 

  • Batgirl Era Barbara is blue while Oracle era Barbara is green. 
  • Cassandra is Indigo. Compassion is such a huge part of her character, it just feels right.
  • Stephanie is blue. “There’s room in our line of work for hope, too.”
  • Harper is green. Overcoming shitty situations with raw courage for the benefit of those she loves is sort of her thing
  • I have no clue what Kate would be? I’m really really bad at this sorry

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I’ve not read Batwoman since Williams/Blackman quit, but I think her determination to serve/be a vigilante after she left the military (to not break the code) suggests that Green would suit her best.


I’ve been thinking I should get better at posting my creations here, soooo here’s the finished pleather jacket I made for my GR clawdeen ‘Vega’. 

I wanted the jacket to look like a guy’s old school biker jacket, so she’d look more bad-ass and her butt wouldn’t get cold. the boys can wear it too but the sleeves are too short for them. I intended the jacket to have passants but I forgot and now I doubt there’s enough room for a pair anyway. I found the belt buckle in my sewing box, I believe it’s originally from a watch.

I’ve thought about adding some tiny studs to the back, but I’m not sure.


here’s a knuckle-duster ring I made for my skeleton girl Violet. it’s made from two sizes of silver wire and three of the smallest glass beads I could find.

it’s about time I show some of the items I’ve made for my dolls. I’ve been crazy about miniatures ever since I was a little child and crafted teeny tiny necklaces, pen-cases, note-books etc for all my toys.


I finally got GR clawdeen! she’s so gorgeous, but her hair was a total mess. I wanted to keep the waves so I braided it and gave her a boil perm, but didn’t really like that either haha. I’ll give her a second perm to straighten it sometime later

oh and I broke her leg cuff when taking it off because for some reason I thought it had some sort of closing mechanism (why else would they make it look like that?!). though it looks pretty good as a garter, and as a necklace too.

BUT, I put her breast plate thingie in super hot water to slightly reshape it and make the closing-peggs fit a bit better, and it became über soft (I almost thought it’d melt). it gave me the idea that it might be possible to cut off a bit of the leg cuff and then reshape it to fit snugly around her neck, like a choker/spiked collar


I’ve more or less been on a MH hiatus both online and offline, but when I ran into a gorgeous Gigi on sale yesterday I just had to buy her. I love her! she’s just so pretty. she’s rocking these super old barbie earrings I found the last time I visited my parents.

ALSO I FOUND OUT THAT WE’RE GETTING A MANNY DOLL and wow my MH feels are suddenly all over the place again. 

I really really wish that the ghouls in the webisodes would wear their clothes from the latest wave! It majorly annoys me that they’re still in their 1st wave clothes. both their style and personalities have evolved since 2010. it would make so much more sense if their webisode wardrobes reflected that. 

please mattel, it’s only one animation-design-update a year

and wow come to think about it they always wear their new outfits in one webisode to introduce the new line. half of the job to animate them in those clothes is already done?..!

I'd like some help from the tag! Does this face look symmetrical to you?

I’ve wanted the gargoyle boy since forever, so I’d like a second opinion before I decide whether I should buy this one! I don’t want a derpy gargoyle 

[EDIT] thank you for your feedback lovelies! everyone left very valuable opinions ♥ I ended up deciding to not buy him, hoping that I find a more symmetrical one. thanks again! 

I forgot to post this before I left the apartment but I always arrange my dolls according to the holidays I celebrate, so this is my dolls having a midsummer party!

I haven’t decided on the gargoyle boy’s name, but I named the vampire boy Angel for the lulz (get the reference?). And I had no idea whatsoever about Angel’s style except that I gave him a nose ring some days ago… then I found the shorts while looking for midsummer props. I have no idea where they come from but he really pulls them off! He usually wears the beanie mom made but it didn’t fit with the midsummer theme so I put on the hideous wig and added the ball chain head band thing to keep it under control, and voila, he looks fabulous ~





he looks amazing, I mean, symmetrically speaking

vamp boy isn’t too bad either

HOWEVER I’m in the middle of packing literally all my belongings because I’m moving tonight

gotta wash like my entire wardrobe too

I don’t have time for this

poor gargoyle boy when will I have time to unpack you