considering selling my 3DS xl cause its not really my jam. lego lotr was pretty fun but iunno. the games are so expensive and it just seems like a rather large amount of money for such a little thing.

i could buy that action figure and sleep next to it every night.


Ei pysty ihan tarkkaan sanomaan, että kumpi on kovempi… Biisi vai video. — Heikki

And now, I real post

I’m not in a great place right now.  I’m just really freaking out.  I moved out of my dad’s house in January, and I’m in some financial bull shit right now.  When I moved out, my boss promised me year-round work, but I haven’t been called in or scheduled for 2.5 months, and she told me two weeks ago that she wouldn’t have any work for me until Summer.  That alone has royally fucked me over.  My commissions are going rather slowly at the moment because I go to school most of the week.  Taxes are coming up fast, as I barely have enough in my bank account to cover this month’s rent, let alone my taxes (which are almost triple my rent).

So, yeah…a little worried right now.  I’m just hoping that everything works out soon.