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I was tagged by whatthemockingjay.tumblr.com.

1 favourite food: def tacos .

2 if you could spend one day with a passed loved one who would it be?: parker.

3 TOMS or CONVERSE?: toms

4 are you close with your siblings? i guess

5 any pets? a dog

6 favourite song at the moment: forever and always - parachute

7 fan of one direction? - there alright

8 if you could be anywhere else right now where would you be?: my best friends house..

9 dream career: dont really have one

10 cookies or cake?: cake

11 your idea of a perfect date: 

My questions:

1 role model?

2 best friend?

3 favourite blogs

4 what you are wearing

5 last thing you ate

6 if you had one wish, what would you wish for?

7 first crush?

8 5 facts about you

9 someone you miss 

10 a place you’d like to visit

11 favourite quote

The only thing I could hear, was my heartbeat. Next to that, total silence. No one said a word. Every one was just concentrating, and thinking about what they’re going to do when the horn sounds. I was sure, lots of people are going to run into the woods, not me. I am grabbing some supplies. For sure. I saw a mysterious metal cuboid too. I might grab it, who knows what’s inside. Every one was listening to the voice, counting down..

3, 2, 1.. 

And I flew off of my platform. As I said, people were running into the woods, but there were also people who started killing right the way. Careers. I grabbed a green backpack, and I was looking for the cuboid. But suddenly someone knocked me down, and I was on the floor. A big blonde guy, I bet he was a career. He was about to attack me, but I hit him right in the face. He was distracted for a while, this was my chance to grab the cuboid and run for my life.

I stood up, and when I reached the cuboid I looked where the blonde guy was. He was getting up, and looking for me. I turned around and ran into the woods. I had all I wanted to have, so now all I needed was a place to shelter.  All I wanted was to get away from the bloodbath going on at the Cornucopia.. I climbed in a tree, and looked what I actually grabbed. In the backpack was a water bottle, a rope, and a sweater. Then I took a look at the weird metal cuboid. What could it be? I was looking for something to open it with or something, but I really couldn’t find anything. Then I suddenly spotted a weird little thing on the cuboid. I looked closer, it’s a.. timer?

It was saying: 6 days 23 hours 57 minutes 03 seconds.

I did it in my backpack and went down to fill my water bottle, still thinking about what could be in the mysterious box, and why the game makers wanted me to wait for so long.

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Do you ship Annie and Finnick?

who doesn’t?

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I'm sorry this is so random but i love the little cat that chases your mouse! and also i love your blog :')

no worries :) Thanks for the follow! I love the cat too, I’d give you the link so you could get one, but being my forgetful self, I forgot to save the link :(  and once again, THANK YOU :)<3

I feel the eyes of the fellow tributes burning in me, everyone is watching each other and the Cornucopia. I’m not planning to get some supplies, it’s too dangerous with all those careers near me. 

A loud signal sounds, it’s time. 
Everyone runs, but I’m not paying attention to them, I have to get out of here. I run straight  into the woods, I need to find water, a place to hide and maybe some food. I run, and run and suddenly I see a bush. It has little red berries on it. I check them. No, it’s not nightlock. I’m about to pick some of them, but suddenly I hear something. I listen. And I hear someone grinning. I look behind me, it’s the boy from District 4, Jordan. A carreer.  His hands are covered with blood, and he has some on his face. He is holding a bow & arrow, and the arrow is pointed straight to my heart. “Not a smart move, sweetheart.” He says. Panic takes control of my body, “No, please don’t do this.. We can be alliances or something.. I am sure we can figur-” I feel how the arrow perforated my chest, pain is running through my veins. I feel how the blood streams out of my body, and I fall on my knees on the ground. The last thing I can hear is a little grin, and he’s gone, he ran off. It’s getting black in front of my eyes, my faces touches the ground, I breath my last breath, and I’m gone.