I created this post more than a year ago but many people asked me about my favorite 00Q stories.


Q is a hooker. James Bond is in love.


- James! This is madness!
- This is politics, kitten.  x


“I’m sorry,” James whispered, shoving the curls out of his lover’s face, “I’m so sorry Q, but I have to. I can’t lose you.


James met Q a long time ago. Good sex, nothing more.

When they meet the second time, Q does not resemble the person who had seduced James. He is a skinny and dirty…What happened?

White Lily

People seemed to find their soul mates everywhere these days, on the street, at work, they bumped into them or never met them at all. James met his in the form of a skinny, little boy covered in blood in the corner of a dirty room, a tiny boy who did not speak and call himself Q.

Nobody had warned James that raising a boy wasn’t easy, and that waiting for him to get old enough would be this hard.


Q spoke with his hands, his beautiful silent hands, and James tried to listen.

Mirrored Experience

They have Q.


Bond is a billionaire who always gets what he want. However, he never asked for broken, skinny boy whose he got for winning in the casino. Oh, this is a very bad situation… 

Cruel Transitions.

Somewhere along the line, Q’s relationship went from wonderful to a living nightmare, and his new position as the head of Q Branch has not made things easier.

Luckily, Bond is there when things shift from bad to worse.


Q is given a position on an expedition to central India. So, he heads out into the wilds of the Indian jungle with a small team led by renowned biologist who simply goes by the initial, M. One evening, Q is just trying to get some alone time away from M and Silva’s arguing, instead he gets himself lost in the jungle. In the midst of a wolf attack, he is rescued by a Wildman who he learns is called James.


Q is the prince of England. Bond is his bodyguard.

Docendo Discimus (HP!00Q

Bond is the teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Q is a new teacher of transfiguration. They are absolutely in love.

And many many more…

00Q soundtrack

1.   Adele - Skyfall

You may have my number
You can take my name
But you’ll never have my heart

2. Lana Del Rey - 24

There’s only 24 hours in a day,
And half as many ways for you to lie to me,
My little love.

3.  John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

How dare you say it’s nothing to me
Baby, you’re the only light I think I ever saw

4. Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Will you still love me when
I’m no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when
I got nothing but my aching soul?

5.  Lana Del Rey - Million Dollar Man

You got the world but baby at what price?
Something so strange hard to define
It isn’t that hard boy to like you or love you
I’d follow you down, down, down

6.  Cary Brothers - Ride

You saw all my pieces broken
This darkness that I could never show

7.  10 Years - So Long, Good-bye

The sun will rise and expose all our lies.
So why deny that you and I lead different lives.

8.  Years & Years - Ties

And you’re a dancer, well I’m a spy
It’s so beautiful to see you lie
Are you having fun?
Give it up, you don’t need that stress
You’re still hungry for another test
Are you having fun?

9. Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream

Lord forgive me for the things I’ve done
I was never meant to hurt no one

10. Sam Smith - Writing’s On The Wall 

If I risk it all
Could you break my fall?

11.  The 1975 - Heart Out

It’s just you and I tonight.
Why don’t you figure my heart out?

12.  Barcelona - Come Back When You Can

Come back when you can.
Let go, you’ll understand.
You’ve done nothing at all to make me love you less.
So come back when you can 


Come back when you can.
Let go, you’ll understand.
You’ve done nothing at all to make me love you less.
So come back when you can. x

- Inspector Lestrade
- M… I just…don’t understand what is wrong with this…family! First Sherlock, now Q…
- They will come back, like always.


James is a brilliant actor. Q is a famous model. Of course, they are in love.
Reporter : Well, Q ! Tell me…There is a lot gossip about your and James Bond.
Q : Um…Yes
Reporter : Could you tell something more about that ?
Q : Actually, we…We are together.
- - -
- James!
- Q, calm down! Love, you need to calm down. What happened?
- I just had an interview and …
- You said that we are together.
- Yes … What?! … No!.. I mean, yes! How do you know?
- Just listen radio in my car.
- Stop laughing!!


Come back when you can.
Let go, you’ll understand.
You’ve done nothing at all to make me love you less.
So come back when you can.

“The game is never over.”

(- James
- Q? My love, what happened?
- Moriarty is back.
- Yes, I know. M just told me. Don’t worry about that…
- Moriarty is back so…My brother is back too.
- …Sherock.
- Yes, my brother Sherlock. I need to talk with him, James.)


Q was convicted for 2 murders.  Brutal murders with premeditation.
After a year in prison, Q is only 20 years old boy with depression and the beginnings of anorexia. Two suicide attempts. Panic attacks. He still has not confessed to crimes.
Bond is a new psychiatrist in prison. James tries to help Q… But they fall in love with each other. (Dedicated to Jen & Lex) Psychiatrist!Bond

PRIEVIEW by Jen. (My dear, I really want more…)

A slightly callous snort from the officer in question. “Pre-med double homicide? You must have seen the papers – bloody brutal. He may look sweet enough, but don’t forget what you’re dealing with. You get ones like that, the ones that look nice enough, play on it for sympathy… they’re the real psychos.

ONE YEAR - 00Q. Gifsets & fanfiction.

Almost 300 00Q gifsets…

x My favorite things and ideas:

Hooker!Q. Story by Jen. Thank you for this story, my dear! I still love it.
Pirates!00Q. Stories by iamnotonofthem. I love pirates au!

Hurtling Toward Heaven by Rehfan. And my gifset.

Bondlock becouse for me - Q and Sherlock are brothers.(THIS need fanfic!)  x

+ so hot!

MSQ Q, Merlin and Stiles have a very famous band - MSQ.(Still need fanfic!)

+ Q wants a kitten!

Give him a kitten!!!

NOW. (Lovely story by Jen)


Bond is a hunter. Q is his angel. Story by iamnotonofthem.

00Q and Superhusbands.

Vampire & warewolf

Happy B-day for Bond! Gifset. Story by Jen.

Vampire!Bond. My gifsets. Story by iamnotonofthem. I love this!


Warewolf!00Q. This idea needs more fanfic. One of my favorite by iamnotoneofthem.

00Q AU (World War II). My gifsets. Story by iamnotoneofthem. Beautiful.

Wedding cake! Story by iamnotoneofthem

HP!00Q. Brilliant story by Jen!

Prince!Q. Story by iamnotoneofthem. One of my favorite!

“What happened?” - homeless!Q. Story by iamnotoneofthem.

Pianist!Q. Story by iamnotoneofthem.

Psychiatrist!Bond. PREVIEW by Jen. I need more…

Angel!Q. (Ideas with Q as a angel need a stories.)

Neighbor!Q. Story by Jen

White Lily by iamnotoneofthem. My gifsets.

Homophobic attack. Story by Jen.

Deaf!Q. Story by iamnotoneofthem.

+ THIS is just…so hot. By Jen. My gifset.

Fluffy!00Q Story by Jen. And this.

Homeless!Q. Story by Jen.

Tarzan!00Q. Fanfic.

Psychopath!Bond. I’m in love with psychopath!Bond This by Jen.

Killer!Bond. Still need a fic.

Criminal!Bond. Amazing story by iamnotoneofthem.

Hannibal!00Q, fanfic by iamnotoneofthem.

Lovely story Italy!00Q.

Cruel Transitions. My gifsets.

Star Trek!00Q.(WHERE is a fanfic ?!)


Bilionaire!Bond&hooker!Q. Wonderful story by iamnotoneofthem.I still want more!

Treasure hunters.

Mirrored Experience. Everybody should read this! My gifset.

Cat!Q. Story and idea by iamnotoneofthem.

Titanic!00Q. (Come on guys! This idea need a good story!)


Pool!00Q. Story by Jen.

God!Bond. Story.

Christmas!00Q. Story by Lex.

Gifsets need a story :

Mafioso!Bond, Saturday Morning, student!Q, jockey!Q, Bondlock story, sailor!Bond, Spartacus!00Q (I love this!), abuse!Q, dolmen!00Q, hunter!Bond, hemophilia!Q,time lord!Bond, king!James, boarding school, fathers, The Phantom of the Opera,Romeo and Juliet, Alaska!00Q, Siberia!00Q, warlock!Q, troy!00Q, singer!Q, chauffer!Bond, model!Q, surfing!00Q, homeless!Bond, war!kings, music!00Q, LOTR!00Q, rock star!Bond, teacher!Bond, thief!Bond, schizophrenia!Q, photographer!Q.

 EDIT : I wrote this post 7 months ago. And I just saw this again … Oh wow … So many good stories.

WHY we still don’t have TITANIC!00Q? That would be amazing!