BBS Space AU overload!! Here is the completed crew of the Millennium Valkyrie. They are standing in order of technical ranks, from highest to lowest. (Lui, Daithi, Tyler, Marcel, Evan, Brian, Scotty, Craig, Arlan, Brock, and Jonathan). On board, everyone is treated the same, aside from Lui and Daithi, but technically there is a ranking system. M00 is in there too, because the crew wouldn’t be the same without the little guy I’m so glad that you all love the AU, as little as we have shared with you. It means so much to me that you guys like the AU, and the support for M-00 in particular has brought me to tears on more than few occasions. Thank you all for your continued love and support for this. More will be coming soon. 

And be sure to give @brocksnuckel and @bananabuslover love for this au too. They are beautiful people and help with this AU just as much as I do, if anything more than I do. Thank you all again, and enjoy! <3

jaysketchin asked:

Here, I'll send you M00 to make you feel better *m00 enters through chimney and gives you hot coco kept warm in his storage chamber* He has marshmallows and silly straws in his side drawer. <3

Awwwwww that’s so cute! Thank you for sending m00! *gives m00 a pat on the head*
❤❤❤ now i’m extremely happy, thank you jay

Final product of the two Space AU art streams. Some of these will become full sketches, but for now they’re all thumbnails. Everything happening in this occurs in the AU at one point or another, so I hope you guys enjoy the sort of teaser for it all. These streams were a ton of fun, and I hope i can do more of them sometime soon. I hope you all enjoy, and please don’t repost this anywhere else without my permission. Thank you <3

Color Key: (Evan is red, Jon is blue, Craig is orange, Tyler is turquoise, Marcel is purple, Scotty is lime green, Daithi is moss green, Lui is gold, Brock is brown, Arlan is pink, and Brian is reddish-purple)