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(1/3)Hello, random person again with a long rambling theory about Jean's class background because I have actually thought a lot about it because I have a Problem with worldbuilding. So here's my theory. Trost used to be a relatively affluent town (we can imagine it as a marketplace, as it would be a natural point of entry for Maria agricultural's goods towards the inner walls, and we know from canon that there were some sales companies like Reeves corporation), until Wall Maria fell.

Hello again, Random Person! Thank you for sending me this headcanon! There’s no such thing as “thinking too much” about Jean! That’s kind of the premise of this blog, after all xD. Longass Jean-Metas Unlimited.

I’m sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to you and I’m sorry if this post is a little rambling: I’m quite sick today and it feels like I’m really struggling to think properly lol.

I’m putting my answer under the cut because it is kinda long (oops!).

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Questo rapporto è risolto solo fintanto che ci dividiamo, ma il risultato del conto è periodico: è solo per questo che ci rivediamo?
—  Mistaman, (x2+y2-1)3-x2y3=0

Hey guys! I’m gonna have unlimited slots available for a short while!

My husband and I have just had an unexpected almost $350 in vet bills over the last few days, and now we’re gonna be pretty strapped for food and gas money for the time being. If anyone would like to order a commission, or even if you’d like to just make a donation, feel free to hit me up! ♥

Basic prices are shown above, but please read over everything here. If you’re interested, please either send me an email at sigardaaah@yahoo.com (please include who you are) or IM me here on tumblr.

Additionally, if I’ve given you a sketch in the past, I can line and flat color it for a portion of the prices above ($10 for half-bodies, $15 for full-bodies).

The character shown above belongs to me.
Please do not republish, repost, edit my art, or remove my comments or signature.

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This is super innocent lol, but do you like strawberry milk? I know you like chocolate but I was just curious.

I love ALL of the milk. Every milk. 100% milk.

like, “u so yum-yum, get in my tum-tum”

Lonely Nights
The Valentine Brothers
Lonely Nights

The Valentine Brothers | Lonely Nights

Don’t know of anyone who sampled this, but I just wanted to share this for the sake of sharing. There are probably many ways you can flip this.

I'm back from that unlimited break!

I started reading the latest chapters of Dorohedoro manga, yesterday afternoon. I was literally on a break from the Anime & Manga world for some time but all of a sudden, after binge watching Kemonozume in one night. I wanted to go back to the time when I wasn’t smoking and drinking at all and my only addiction was anime. I had this blog when I had no real friends, back then since I had too much free time to do the shit I want, I could focus on reading and watching the stuff I wanted but I realized that even now the friends I have are leaving me one by one as the day passes. They’re still here, but I understood that how hard we try, we are still alone in this fucking world. I’ll leave it as it is for the time being. I hope posting my own ideas is not really destroying the format of my blog, or the posts you’d like to see from me. B.

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i don't think that she should've said that they're basically shit but i partly agree with them not really giving a fuck about fans in the long run. they just want to pursue their career and we don't really make a difference whether we're here or not. they still have 90859968 other fans

the thing is though when I see people being like ‘they don’t care about fans’ and getting asked to explain themselves their reasoning is like

things that the band can’t help

like they can’t just do pop up acoustics everywhere and meet people after every show and do unlimited m&gs anymore, those are things of the past not necessarily bc of choices 5sos made but bc they are just too big now for those to be possible

as ive said before and will continue saying they were wonderful when I met them last summer and Ashton was wonderful when I met him this spring (and I don’t begrudge the others for not coming out, they were exhausted and half the band was sick and we had been told already that they weren’t planning on stopping)

this is probably much too long but basically they’re doing the best you can expect from them as they’re adapting to the gigantic rise they’re on right now, it’s not that they don’t care about fans it’s that they don’t have the same ways of showing it and that gets people bitter