Narcissistic list of things that bother me...

but are in fact not that big a deal.

- I have to order my school books.

- My skin is really dry.

- The 7 and 2 on my remote (M.T.V), know the sweet caress of my hands far far too well.

- I haven’t read anything of merit in far too long.

- I could probably use a job, but I don’t much like interacting with people I haven’t pre-approved of.

- I need a higher coverage white paint and keep forgetting to get it.

- I need a copy of a Billy Collins poetry collection so I can read it, pick a poem, and write a poem to submit for this writing contest, but I don’t feel like ordering it from the library.

- My pants are all worn out, I have to go jean shopping, I hate feeling fat.

- I’ve convinced myself of a lot of untruths this summer.

- My bed knows me better than my best friends.

- I can’t properly separate from my mother the way someone my age should have a long time ago… What? She’s nice, smart, and pays for my weed, don’t judge.

- I’m worried that this list is either too long or not long enough, either way I am worrying about this list in an unhealthy manner.


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