Happy Holidayssss

and happy bdays to Oblio and Dr Tan (Dec 25 and Dec 31 respectively)


DrTan: What do you mean “NO”? I let you walk around in those skinny jeans all the time and I don’t tell you how you look.

Oblio: It’s not a “Style” and ….what’s wrong with my jeans…..? Dad? DAD COME BACK HERE!


instadump bonus


One of my most embarrassing moments  :
Not too long ago I applied for a NY in blue job.
Anyway it was crazy all the women had to go in a room and they asked us to undress our selves.
I was quite taken back …”um excuse me “!?
Now those who have larger tops and have do all they can to paste them biddies down….

It was like Hell for in that moment
I had to go in a corner and unstrap everything

I felt like a pretty hurts video all eyes on me. Of course I had to stand proud. N suck it up. What could I do but take it.

Chin up Boi
Man up…

Exactly what I did

The shit we M.O.C ,Transgender, Lesbians, FTM, MTF have to go through