Happy Holidayssss

and happy bdays to Oblio and Dr Tan (Dec 25 and Dec 31 respectively)


DrTan: What do you mean “NO”? I let you walk around in those skinny jeans all the time and I don’t tell you how you look.

Oblio: It’s not a “Style” and ….what’s wrong with my jeans…..? Dad? DAD COME BACK HERE!


instadump bonus

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Well, I think I may put up some pictores of some of my Bionicle creations (both original and my own ideas on how some canon characters look/looked/could look [I can guarantee that they are not the mosy accurate/best built, but it’s sort of my own attemp]) Also, ypu can choose which one I show first by pointing one out (don’t worry about bames, I can guess which one you mean by descriptions), otherwiae I’ll start tomarrow with a randomly chosen one