M.Mercer: “Hive Mind” (Supernatant, 2015)

“Hive Mind” is the last track on my latest solo album Supernatant. In making this album, I amassed a large amount of improvised drones, textures, and sketches over the span of a couple of years. Many of these began by tinkering with new software and patches, and seeing where inspiration led me. In other instances, I started working from samples generously provided by the community over at freesound.org — their Creative Commons 0 licensing on select sounds allows other artists to incorporate those samples uncredited into our own work. Such is the case here with the textural, timbral grind of strings, complemented by digital instruments that bristle with tremolo and tension. After working in material so heavily dominated by rhythm and convention (my synth-pop collaborations with Matt Keppel in Microfilm), it has been liberating to work laterally in a world of sound that’s unencumbered by those trappings.

The entire album is available on Bandcamp for just $10, while the entire video playlist is up on YouTube as well. This video was shot in Seattle with the help of BABA and edited in Portland by yours truly.


Matthew Mercer: “Black Opal” (2014)

Arranged and produced in Portland, OR. Visuals by Matthew Mercer, shot on location in New York City.


It’s Record Store Day, but I don’t press records of my music — so please consider supporting my music endeavors by checking out my new album Supernatant on Bandcamp, the most direct way to support indie artists online.


Matthew Mercer: “Transfiguration” (Supernatant, 2015)

Proud to present another video clip from my latest album Supernatant. “Transfiguration” is one of the darker cuts, and the video I put together for it is one of my personal favorites. This music was mixed to be played loud, so put on some good headphones, turn down the lights and turn it up. The entire album has visuals to accompany it; the embed has playlist controls to check it out.

If you like what you hear, I hope you’ll consider supporting me by purchasing Supernatant on Bandcamp, 11 tracks available for $10. Thanks for your support!

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Matthew Mercer: “Backsliding” (Supernatant, 2015)

“Backsliding” starts off my latest solo album, Supernatant. It is the oldest of the batch of tracks, and it sent me in a new direction from my 2011 album, Pianissimo Possibile. I didn’t want to work with piano recordings anymore but was keen on veering further yet from dance music.

The entire album has a playlist of moving visuals on YouTube to go with it. Order your own copy of the album on Bandcamp.


Happy birthday: Microfilm: Aggropastels

Microfilm’s 3rd studio album is one year old today! To mark the occasion, we’ve dropped the price on Bandcamp to a mere $6 for 14 tracks of music (including Andrew Edwards’ stunning orchestral rework of “Romeo Rorschach,” exclusive to Bandcamp). Check it out, and thanks to all who listen, stream, purchase, share, and support our music.

Get it now on Bandcamp

Microfilm: “Is This It?” (James Broughton: The Music of His Dance Vol. 2, Friends With Benefits)

Happy to share the full version of Microfilm’s contribution to Friends With Benefits’ second tribute to the work of queer poet and artist James Broughton. Our contribution focuses on one of his well-loved short poems, “This is It,” in both a spoken recording (of Broughton himself) and a musical stage production. It’s a throwback to 90s acid and techno, but with a 21st century twist. Follow your own weird!

Friends With Benefits released the comp on June 17, just in time for Pride, coinciding with the release of the documentary film Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton (highly recommended viewing!). Other artists on the collection include Hard Ton, Heartthrob, Lady Blacktronika, Gehno Aviance, Sparber, and Adonisaurus. Check out the full preview of the release below.

More on James Broughton: The Music Of His Dance Vol. 2
FWB Records site
Microfilm on SoundCloud / Microfilm site
Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton film site

Buy it: iTunes

This Is It

This is It
and I am It
and You are It
and so is That
and He is It
and She is It
and It is It
and That is That
O it is This
and it is Thus
and it is Them
and it is Us
and it is Now
and Here It is
and Here We are
so This is It

— James Broughton

Systm: “November” (self-released, 2000)

I recorded this track entirely on a little Roland MC-303 Groovebox in 2000, before I knew a single thing about music software. I have a few CDs of this stuff before making the switch to Reason in 2001 (mainly by necessity; I didn’t have space for a hardware studio anymore after a move). My project was Systm until Christian Morgenstern encouraged me to use my own name when he released my first vinyl 12" a couple years later on Forte.

Blackbook DJ set, 8/21/2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve played music out at a bar or club… here’s my best approximation at what I played last night at Trim Jones’ going away party:

Pan Sonic: “Tuerastamo” (Kulma, 1997)
Diamond Version: “Science for a Better Life” (EP2, 2013)
… & …: “Reinforcement G” (The Black Ideal, 2013)
Forward Strategy Group: “Code#3” (The New Formal, 2013)
Milton Bradley: “Sequence #1” (Inertia #3, 2012)
Seiji: “Elevator” (Seiji 1, 2010)
Marcel Fengler: “The Stampede” (Fokus, 2013)
L-Vis 1990: “Wires” (Circuits, 2013)
Rex The Dog: “Bonn” (Do You Feel What I Feel, 2013)
Lone: “Crystal Castles 1991” (Galaxy Garden, 2012)
The Knife: “Full of Fire” (Shaking the Habitual, 2013)
Ben Sims: “In the City” (In the City, 2012)
Donor & Truss: “Endo 3” (Endo, 2011)
Microfilm: “Romeo Rorschach (Pete’s Club Mix)” (Romeo Rorschach EP, 2013)
Disclosure: “Grab Her” (Settle, 2013)
Sound Factory: “Understand This Groove” (Understand This Groove, 1992)
Special Request: “Wall to Wall” (Hardcore, 2013)


Matthew Mercer: “Stain” (2015)

Another video clip from my forthcoming solo album, Supernatant. The album will likely be available in the next few months and is focused more on atmosphere and minimalism than anything I’ve released before. Stay tuned…