m.k.o abiola

Graphic Novel June 12: The Struggle For Power In Nigeria By Graphic Artist Abraham Oshoko

On THIS day June 12 1993, Nigerians elected a new president after a decade of military rule. The election was generally adjudged free and fair. Less than a week after a conspiracy to abort the transfer of power began to unfold…

What behind-the-scene contention led to the decision to annul the election? What did the power brokers have against Abiola? The answers to these and other questions have neem widely unknown- until now…

Democracy will not come
Today, this year
Nor ever
Through compromise and fear.

I have as much right
As the other fellow has
To stand
On my two feet
And own the land.

I tire so of hearing people say,
Let things take their course.
Tomorrow is another day.
I do not need my freedom when I’m dead.
I cannot live on tomorrow’s bread.

Is a strong seed
In a great need.

I live here, too.
I want freedom
Just as you.

- Langston Hughes


King Sunny Ade - M.K.O Abiola