Wednesday /7th Oct, 2015
9am - 4pm day today, 9am revision lecture for my midsem on Friday and then 1:15pm Microbes lab til 4:15pm, its been a long time since I’ve been at uni but I’ve never been happier to be back. Studying at home is very effective for me as I get distracted very easily but I’ve come around and being at uni and seeing others go through the same things as me is the most comforting thing i have experienced this year. We’re all in this together.
I’ve also decided to take notes on my lecture on Preview and directly reading it off then handwriting some key points/definitions instead of typing up the entire note document on Pages - it saves me so much time and Hopefully i can retain all that information as well. Shout out to the Golden Gate blend @ seven seeds, its pure bliss

━ ɴɪɢʜᴛ ʟɪɢʜᴛs ᴡ ʙᴍɴ ᴀɴᴅ ʟʙʜ

Ever since Minah started her promotions for her latest solo debut, her schedules were packed let alone have enough time to sleep and contact any of her close friends or members. It was usual for her to come back home at late hours where her fellow members were already long asleep, but that particular night, something told her that the dorm was not where she wanted to be after her busy day. She remembered it clearly, him being at her fansign, that is, and how saddened he seemed as she pulled her hand from his own at the sight of a new fan. It was not like she wanted to let go but rather she did not want to make it obvious that another idol had come to visit her; plus, rumors was the last thing the two had wanted rising up from the depths of hell.

She felt guilty for sending him away like that and since their time had run scarce for the last couple of weeks, she promised to make up for the lost time. It was not easy for either of them considering how they have been arguing due to a certain, as well as constant, problem and it had been the first time they had ever argued and she had threatened to leave him. Of course, she could not dare let go of him after all he’s done and all those things they had shared, so time was all she could give him for now.

It took severely minutes filled with constant begging and desperate attempts of aeygo to convince Girl’s Day’s manager to drive her to her wanted destination, but eventually the man gave up and simply followed her instructions on whether or not to go right of left. Immediately, she jumped out of the car with the feeling of longing and nervousness inside of her yet her feet move on their own and soon the door opened, which left Minah no other choice but to do what she came for in the first place. There, standing before her, was him. Maybe it was the way he lit up when he saw her or maybe it was just her heartbeat racing at the sight of him, but suddenly, all the exhaustion she felt from that busy day of work had washed away and she had been restored to full health.

“Surprise! I convinced my manager to take me here to see you after all my schedules today! Seeing you today made me really miss you and really want to spend time with you. Even if it’s late, you don’t mind, right?” Though she was no longer in her performance outfit, she thought that simple shorts, converse, and a slightly larger hoodie he gave her long ago would suffice nicely. “I saw the lights by the Han River and thought it would be perfect. It’s not that far!”


Dear Kim Yerim, our precious little cupcake,

Despite debuting after the rest of the group, it doesn’t make you any less of a member but many people seem to forget that. You’re talented and beautiful inside and out. Please don’t let any hatred towards you ruin that gorgeous smile of yours because you deserve the world. We love you very much, remember that always, okay?