m.f. hussain

“With women - I admire them like I would a fabulous, beautiful painting…. And there were timeswhen I met extraordinarily beautiful women, not neccessarily celebrities, and I was reduced to tear just looking at them. Like I met Madhuri very recently, without a scrap of make up on her, it was just ive days ago, and just the expression in her eyes, the perfection of her face, her features, her body language, her smile, and I could see completely wht M.F. Hussain saw in her…. Even his response to her was on an aesthetic level. When you see perfection of that kind you are just awestruck." 

Shobhaa De

Indian artist M.F. Hussain’s “Bharat Mata” (Mother India). The work of art which raised a controversy in “secular” India over the nude Hindu goddess portrayed by a Muslim. Hussain now lives in Qatar in self-imposed exile and became a citizen of the country in 2010.

He is 95 years old and may never return to India. I don’t even understand how India ever takes the moral higher ground to China.

M.F. Hussain. Mother India

I really like this representation. The Mother India motif is one that many Modern Indian artists explored [most often] in an effort of nationalism. In this painting he positions the woman’s body in the shape of the country, while her hair becomes the Himalayas and she is inscribed with the names of major cities. It was a controversial work when it was created because she is shown nude. I love the mood evoked through the colors and the flat planar quality of the painting.