there’s a rainbow in egville today!! i’ve never seen a rainbow in animal crossing before! 😭
dream address: 5200-5406-5560


I visited the town of Goblin today, and may I just say WOW! It was incredible! There were mazes, costumes, incredible characters, ALL based off the movie Labyrinth.
I couldn’t fit half of the town onto tumblr, so you’ll have to check it all out yourself!

The town was created by the wonderful @librariancrossing
And since tumblr tags never work for me, you can visit her blog here:

The dream address for Goblin is  4100-5606-8152
Go and check it out!

(Also, fun fact, my dear Camofrog came from this town!)


The Third Wheel Song

A song for all of the third wheels out there. It’s ok. It gets better.