Enganar é fácil quando a cegueira é total,só existe “el momento” a verdade é uma só.
Os doentes sem coragem diante das tvs,a revolta entalada, o medo de tentar.são mansões de madeirite, embalagens de cristal.Sempre a mesma hipocrisia, o aplauso irracional,questionar, raciocinar, se auto conhecer,erros, sonhos, capacidades, ver, estar e ser…
—  Cólera
I never liked the word beautiful
Until I heard it on your tongue
How you say it not about my body
But deeper than that
How you call me beautiful
When I’m talking about my future dogs
Or making really bad jokes
Or talking about nerdy things in in love with
You only call me beautiful
When you can feel the love in my voice
Or the taste of it on my lips
You call me beautiful like saying I love you
Words weighing down the air around us
Until we are a snow globe
With this moment frozen
You call me beautiful
Like you are looking
At every cracked
Part of my soul
And still see my broken parts
As sea glass.
—  Beautiful ( m.d.m. simple-dandelion )