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Dr Alexander Anderson (April 21, 1775 – January 17, 1870) 

American illustrator. “At the age of twelve years he made his first attempts at engraving on copper, frequently using pennies rolled out, and on type-metal plates. He received no instruction, and his knowledge was acquired by watching jewelers and other workmen.” He is one of the earliest American wood-engravers. He produced works for books, periodicals, and newspapers. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: 1. Frontispiece “Portrait of Dr. Anderson engraved for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated News by A. G. Holcomb” from A Memorial of Alexander Anderson, M.D., The First Engraver on Wood in America. Read before the New York Historical Society, Oct. 5, 1870. By Benson J. Lossing. New York: Printed for the Subscribers: 1872.   2.,5.,7.,9. Illustrations from  A Collection of One Hundred and Fifty Engravings by Alexander Anderson M. D. Executed on wood after his ninetieth year. Privately printed by Charles L. Moreau. New York, 1873. “This Collection of Engravings is printed from the original blocks left by Doctor A. Anderson, and kindly loaned by his family to Charles L. Moreau, at whose private press they have been struck off. Only Fifty copies have been printed. No. 46.”  3. “Death’s Pulpit, drawn and engraved by Dr. Anderson, after a print by Van Venne”  4. Portrait of Garret Lansing, engraved for this work by J.H. Richardson, after a drawing by Dr. Anderson”  6. “Cottage Scene, an early engraving by Dr. Anderson”  8. “Grotesque design “What he saw in the fire” by Dr. Anderson, engraved by himself” from A Memorial…, 1872.  10. Front matter ‘Villas and Cottages’ from Villas and Cottages. A Series of Designs Prepared for Execution in the United States. By Calvert Vaux, Architect, Late Downing & Vaux, Newburgh, on the Hudson. Illustrated by 300 Engravings. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1857.

The Duggars And The QuiverFull Movement

Tumblr ate my response to the Duggar post, so here it is.

Let’s talk about Andrea Yates shall we? She suffered from bulimia and was already suicidal by age 17.

Her husband was part of the quiver full movement and expected her to just pump out kids constantly. Let’s see how that turned out:

“Yates completed a two-year pre-nursing program at the University of Houston and graduated from the University of Texas School of Nursing. From 1986 until 1994, she worked as a registered nurse at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. In the summer of 1989, she met Russell "Rusty” Yates at the Sunscape Apartments in Houston, two months her junior. They soon moved in together and were married on April 17, 1993,[7] and they announced that they “would seek to have as many babies as nature allowed”. Afterwards, they bought a four-bedroom house in the town of Friendswood. In February 1994, their first child, a son named Noah, was born. Shortly thereafter, Rusty accepted a job offer in Florida, so the family relocated to a small trailer in Seminole. By the birth of their third son, Paul, they moved back to Houston and purchased a GMC motor home.[7]

Following the birth of their fourth son, Luke, Andrea became depressed. The media alleged that her condition was influenced by the extremist sermons of Michael Peter Woroniecki, the preacher who sold them their bus.[clarification needed] Her family was concerned by the way that she was so captivated by the minister’s words.[7]

On June 16, 1999, Rusty found Andrea shaking and chewing her fingers. The next day, she attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. She was admitted to the hospital, and prescribed antidepressants. Soon after her release, she begged her husband to let her die as she held a knife up to her neck. Once again hospitalized, she was given a mixture of medications including Haldol, an anti-psychotic drug. Her condition improved immediately, and she was prescribed it on her release. After that, Rusty moved the family into a small house for the sake of her health. Andrea appeared temporarily stabilized.[7] In July 1999, she succumbed to a nervous breakdown, which culminated in two suicide attempts and two psychiatric hospitalizations that summer. She was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.[8]

Her first psychiatrist, Dr. Eileen Starbranch, testified that she urged the couple not to have more children, as it would “guarantee future psychotic depression”. They conceived their fifth and final child approximately 7 weeks after her discharge.[9] She stopped taking the Haldol in March 2000 and gave birth to daughter Mary on November 30 of that year. She seemed to be coping well until the death of her father on March 12, 2001.[10]

She then stopped taking medication, mutilated herself, and read the Bible feverishly. She also stopped feeding her youngest child, Mary.[7] She became so incapacitated that she required immediate hospitalization. On April 1, 2001, she came under the care of Dr. Mohammed Saeed. She was treated and released. On May 3, 2001, she degenerated back into a “near catatonic” state and drew a bath in the middle of the day; she would later confess to police that she had planned to drown the children that day, but had decided against doing it then. She was hospitalized the next day after a scheduled doctor visit; her psychiatrist determined she was probably suicidal and had filled the tub to drown herself.[10][11]“

But wait there’s more

"According to trial testimony in 2006, Dr. Saeed advised Rusty, a former NASA engineer, not to leave Andrea unattended. However, he began leaving her alone with the children in the weeks leading up to the drownings for short periods of time hoping to improve her independence.[12] He had announced at a family gathering the weekend before the drownings that he had decided to leave her home alone for an hour each morning and evening, so that she would not become totally dependent on him and his mother for her maternal responsibilities.[26] Her brother, Brian Kennedy, told Larry King on a broadcast of CNN’s Larry King Live that Rusty expressed to him in 2001 while transporting her to Devereux treatment facility that all depressed people needed was a "swift kick in the pants” to get them motivated.“

Rusty had some listening issues in regards to a lot of things apparently:

"Andrea’s first psychiatrist, Dr. Eileen Starbranch, says she was shocked to disbelief when the Yateses expressed a desire to discontinue her medications so that she could become pregnant again during an office visit with them. She warned and counseled them against having more children, and noted in the medical record two days later, "Apparently patient and husband plan to have as many babies as nature will allow! This will surely guarantee future psychotic depression.”[30] Nevertheless, she became pregnant with her fifth child, Mary, only 7 weeks after being discharged from Dr. Starbranch’s care on January 12, 2000.[31] Despite Rusty’s statements to the media that he was never told by psychiatrists that she was psychotic nor that she could harm her children, and that he would have never had more children had he known otherwise,[32][33][34] Andrea revealed to her prison psychiatrist, Dr. Melissa Ferguson, that prior to their last child, “she had told Rusty that she did not want to have sex because Dr. Starbranch had said she might hurt her children.” Rusty, she said, simply asserted his procreative religious beliefs, complimented her as a good mother, and persuaded her that she could handle more children.[35]“

Even after SHE DROWNED HER OWN CHILDREN he wanted to keep impregnating her!

"During the trial, he’d successfully maintained the position that Andrea would be found innocent. He had fantasies of having more children with her after she was successfully treated in a mental health facility and released on the proper medication. He worked his way through various fixes for their damaged lives, such as a surrogate motherhood and adoption (horrifying Andrea’s family, attorneys and Houston psychiatrists) before giving in to reality.[36]”

Andrea of course is in jail but her husband has avoided any responsibility for using her as a living baby cannon and making her go off her meds to do so. Yeah, fuck the QuiverFull movement, that even is barely scratching the surface of why it’s problematic. They basically groom little girls into becoming sexually subservient and seeing themselves only as future producers of children. Fuck. That.

First Day

[ Cooper looked at his ID and nodded, with bottom lip pursed just a bit in an approving matter. ]

“Welp… I guess it’ll do.”

[ Cooper then took a deep exhale and looked at his white lab coat that he had just slipped on over his navy blue scrubs. On the right was the SGMW insignia and on the left was his name in Brush Script Font:

Cooper Anderson M.D. F.A.C.S. F.A.C.O.G. F.A.C.M.G.

Also nodding approvingly at his coat. Although he was used to having a second line of embroidery back in New York that said “Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology”. But it seemed only the Richard had the second line. No matter. Having just left Richard’s office, he leaned against the railing of the catwalk. ]

“So this is Seattle huh?”

Amazing break and start to the semester!

I really don’t update very often, but I finally have some down time!

I finished my crazy fall semester with 8 A’s and 1 B, and I earned a lot of money along the way!  

Over the break, I got a chance to sing a few times in Epcot’s Candlelight Processional, and I performed at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  I also auditioned into Wind Ensemble again, and earned the piccolo spot!

This semester started off on the right track with me having a chance to perform with the 2012 FMEA Intercollegiate All-State Band under the baton of Donald Hunsberger! Great time in Tampa this weekend!

Now, back to reality and time to get going on this Spring semester!

It seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.

Dr. Dana Katherine Scully, B.S., M.D - Gillian Anderson

***Dana Scully knows a thing or two about “slow burn” relationships***
***Mulder and Scully give us all kinds CARYL Canon Hope***