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Magical Office Episode 2: The Board Meeting

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-Interview with Y/N-

Y/N: So… umm yeah it’s my third week working here. It’s been quite an adjustment. (beat) Oh no Newt’s been great. He isn’t as big of a handful as the Minister makes him out to be.

There is a cut away scene to Y/N opening Newt’s office door to see the room covered in mooncalves. Newt stands in the middle of the room. A mooncalf sits in his arms. The camera pans back to Y/N who gives Newt a stern look. Newt shrugs.

Newt: Ugh this isn’t what it looks like.

The cut away ends and goes back to Y/N being interviewed.

Y/N: The others? Umm yeah I see them now and then, Bridget is very chatty so I interact with her a lot. I’m not sure I’ve actually seen Claire move yet. Y/N shifts uncomfortably in the chair and leans in as if to tell the camera a secret. I’m-I’m not actually sure if she’s still alive.

Another cut away shows Claire at her desk, with the same sun glasses on. In her hair are spit balls. A figure walks by and puts more paperwork on her desk. Random clutter and paperwork cover her desk. Suddenly a spit ball flys across the room. The camera shoots up and follows the shot that came from Rodger. He quickly tries to hide the evidence that he was the one who had shot the spit ball at Claire.

Rodger: What? I’m so bored!

The cut away scene ends and goes back to Y/N sitting in the chair. She looks down at her watch and adjusts her watch.

Y/N: The minister is doing rounds to the different corridors and giving us our annual ministry updates and news. Apparently he does this every once in a while to get feed back from everyone and tell people about what’s new in the ministry…

Y/N is cut off by the sound of the interview room door opening. The camera turns to see Newt in the doorway. He looks over at her and quickly notices the camera.

Newt: (startled) Oh so sorry. Forgot the camera would be in here. (To Y/N) Don’t know if you saw the time but he’s about to start.

Y/N: I did actually. Is Rodger ready? Last time it was easier with three of us.

She gets up from her chair and follows Newt our of the room. The camera follows beind the both of them.

Newt: Yeah I believe he’s right behind him.

Suddenly M.C Hammers song “Can’t Touch This” can be heard along with loud banging and things shattering or breaking. The camera focuses on the furthest corner. Suddenly a Hammer flies from it into a wall. Biggleswade comes from around the corner carrying a boom box. His other hand is conjuring hammers as they fly around the room. Bridget runs around screaming at Biggleswade to get a grip. Claire is still asleep in her chair. Rodger follows closely behind and tries to save the hammers from destroying more of the corridor. Sometimes he is successful, other times he misses as the hammers go through the drywall. Newt and Y/N instantly start helping.

Biggleswade: (with the music) Stop! Hammer Time!

There is a cut away to Newt, Rodger and Y/N in the interview room. All of them look exhausted and all of them are covered with drywall dust. Y/N flicks dust from her trousers and does the same to Newt jacket sleeve. She turns to Rodger and dusts the top of his hair. Rodger then sneezes and Newt tries to tousle his cost a little to get the dust off. Rodger looks at the camera after his sneeze.

Rodger:Biggleswade discovered a new Muggle recording the other day. He decided he loved it so much he ended up taking it too literally and made 9:30am his “hammer time.” Which apparently, according to Muggles, means you throw around Muggle working tools.

Y/N: We still aren’t sure Muggles would have a Hammer Time, but we understand why this M.C person is warning people about the time.

Newt: We’re hoping he moves out of the Muggle 90’s soon before one of us dies.


The next scene shows the corridor gathering into the conference room, the same room as where the interviews are held. Biggleswade and Rodger help wheel Claire into the room. Bridget follows behind with Y/N and Newt in toe. Biggleswade and Rodger help fix Claire to be presentable.

Bridget: Don’t you think we should take her to the St. Mungos? I mean it’s been like three weeks. She probably stinks.

Biggleswade carefully gets close to Claire’s head and sniffs her hair.

Biggleswade: I’d say she’s got another week.

Bridget makes a disgusted face. Newt and Y/N look at each with a worrying face. Rodger sits next to Y/N.

Rodger: (To Y/N) Don’t worry she’s been out longer than this once before. She’ll be fine.

The camera zooms in on Newt’s face who looks at the camera with a blank and expression. He slowly begins to shake his head in disbelief.

Suddenly the camera goes to the conference room door where Milton opens the door and enters on his own. He stands next to Newt with his wand and a piece of paper. He uses the Lumos charm and shines it over the front of the room. The camera goes back to Newt’s expression and he slowly puts his head in his hands.

Milton: Witches and Wizards! He runs the ministry, he is the greatest, most charming and sexiest Wizard in the office! He’s your best friend and mine, give it up for MINISTER PARKINSON!!!!!

The Conference room door opens and in jogs Minister Parkinson. He throws his arms into the air and bobs up and down. Milton joins him and both of them jump around with their arms in the air.


Y/N: This is supposed to be an all day meeting…(The scene cuts to Y/N and Newt looking at each other and smirking as they try to hide their laughter.) …I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.



Bridget: Oh My God they have been glued at the hip since she got here! They are always whispering (Cut Scene to Bridget sitting in the break room table. Newt and Y/N are sitting next to each other but are turned to face each other. They are laughing and listening to each other intently. The camera goes back to Bridget who looks bored and annoyed.) The two of them are SO going to hook up. It’s like…


The camera cuts back to the board meeting. Minister Parkinson stands at the head of the table and addresses the room.

Minister:Thank you, thank you everybody! No need to stand and applause… (he pauses and when no one does anything he gives them all a stern look. Y/N and Newt look around the room as everyone looks around with confused looks. Newt and Y/N slowly stand and start clapping. Everyone follows except for Claire.) Oh stop, oh stop guys. Go one sit down. (Still confused, everyone sits again) Alright… so to start off Wizard Resources wants me to…


Minister: (His interview takes place in his office.) The board always asks me why I go around to the different offices and do these meeting myself. I mean I could get anyone to do them. I look at them and I tell them because I have a heart and knee caps just like them. I’m nothing special. I just ran for Minister and got appointed. I put my robes on one arm at a time just like anyone. But they don’t get that. When I walk into the room they immediately act like I’m this royal king or something. Doing these meetings, I feel, makes me seem like a normal average working wizard. I look forward to when I can just be average Parkinson instead of Magical Minister of Magic Parkinson.

Director: Does anyone actually call you that?

Minister: Umm no… it’s just something I’ve been trying to make a thing. It sounds more formal I think.


The scene cuts back to the board meeting. The minister is continuing to speak.

Minister: Just to reconfirm what I said. If you have any office romances, like you know officially dating. If you know you guys are just hooking up casually, I don’t think WR is gonna want to hear about it. But you know if you guys are talking about moving in together or meeting the family then best to get that locked down with WR.

The camera focuses in on Bridget’s face who sticks a hand in front of her mouth, hiding it from Y/N and Newt. She Mouths ‘A MATTER OF TIME’ and points with her other hand behind her hand at them.

Minister: It’s not that we forbid office romances, (He tries to subtly wink at Bridget. The camera zooms in on Bridget, who freezes and looks back and forth between the minister and the camera.)


Rodger: Everyone knows Bridget has a huge crush on the Minister. Even the Minister knows.



This interview takes place in Bridget’s office. There are several ‘Bridget loves Parkinson’ and Minister Parkinson memorabilia around the room.

Bridget: Me? Have a crush on the Minister? No. Absolutely not. I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Cuts back to the meeting. The minister looks at his papers.

Minister: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Y/N for keeping Newt in line and as accident free as possible.

Newt looks annoyed at the Minister.Putting his arms out to the side as if to say what the hell.

Newt: I am right here. I can hear you.

Y/N takes Newt’s hand and moves it down to his lap. Newt looks at Y/N shocked at the physical contact but tries not show emotion. He hides his smirk by bowing his head. The camera blurs its focus on Rodger who stares at the interaction and seems defeated. Y/N lets go of Newt’s hand.

Y/N: Thank you Minister, it’s fine. He hasn’t been any trouble at all.


Y/N: (She looks off as if in a dream.) It’s actually been quite fun.


The camera cuts back to the Minister.

Minister: Well. I guess that’s it if no one else has anything.

Milton quickly raises his hand in urgency. The Minister rolls his eyes.

Minister: Does anyone else have anything? No? (The minister collects his stuff as Milton hovers over him. Everyone starts to get up and talks among themselves. Before the minister leaves the room he turns back to everyone.) And will someone PLEASE pour some water over that woman and wake her up?

The scene cuts over to Claire sitting in the chair still asleep. A voice belonging to Milton uses the Aguamenti charm and water dumps all over her head. She screams and wakes up. She rips off the sunglasses.

Claire: Oh hey thar. How have you all been?

Camera cuts back to everyone packing up to go home for the evening. Rodger stops by Newt’s door to see Y/N walking out.

Rodger: Fun meeting huh?

Y/N: Crazy fun. Waay too much fun for me to handle.

Rodger: Acts bashful So I wanted to see what you were doing tonight?

Y/N: Oh I’m just heading home. Nothing special.

Rodger: Well…maybe you’d like to… go… (Suddenly Newt comes through the door, interrupting them both. )

Newt: Y/N, I-I would you be able to… ugh… stay behind tonight? I have some extra things I will need help with.

Y/N: Oh yeah sure! She turns back to Rodger Sorry Rodger, maybe another night.

Newt and Y/N disappear back into Newt’s office. Rodger shakes his head and begins to walk towards the office door as he turns his head he looks into the camera. He shrugs his bag onto his shoulder more and continues to walk faster out of the office.


Y/N: Office Romances? Oh it’s not for me. It’s not like I am at a point in my life where I’d be ready to have a serious enough relationship.

The camera catches Newt and Y/N talking close together in a semi lit office. He props his case on a chair and opens it. He takes Y/N’s hand and helps guide her down into the case.

Y/N: As for people in the office? If I would date anyone? I mean I don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m not really interested in anyone at the moment… but I guess that could change.


Astrology - Confirmed Birth Times

The list of the following celebrities and their Ascendants have been confirmed to be legitimate through either their official birth certificate, family members, or themselves.

Listed are the celebrities with their correct Ascendants:

Britney Spears - Libra Rising
Matt Dillon - Aquarius Rising
Penélope Cruz - Aries Rising
Kurt Cobain - Virgo Rising
Jimi Hendrix - Sagittarius Rising
Julianne Moore - Gemini Rising
Matthew McConaughey - Gemini Rising
Whitney Houston - Pisces Rising
Kat Bjelland - Scorpio Rising
Marilyn Monroe - Leo Rising
Diana Ross - Scorpio Rising
Barack Obama - Aquarius Rising
Jennifer Anniston - Libra Rising
Katie Holmes - Leo Rising
Suri Cruise - Aquarius Rising
Mariah Carey - Taurus Rising
Queen Latifah - Taurus Rising
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Aries Rising
Uma Thurman - Virgo Rising
Angelina Jolie - Cancer Rising
Gianni Versace - Scorpio Rising
Billie Holliday - Aquarius Rising
Elvis Presley - Sagittarius Rising
Kristen Stewart - Gemini Rising
Antonio Banderas - Pisces Rising
Bobby Brown - Capricorn Rising
Nicole Simpson Brown - Pisces Rising
Sharon Tate - Cancer Rising
Mia Farrow - Taurus Rising
Jerry Garcia - Libra Rising
RuPaul - Gemini Rising
Kurt Russell - Cancer Rising
Donna Summer - Leo Rising
Prince - Scorpio Rising
Tina Turner - Leo Rising
Nat King Cole - Capricorn Rising
Frida Kahlo - Leo Rising
John Travolta - Cancer Rising
George Lopez - Pisces Rising
Paula Abdul - Libra Rising
Yoko Ono - Libra Rising
Helen Hunt - Virgo Rising
Whoopi Goldberg - Aquarius Rising
Nicolas Cage - Sagittarius Rising
Maya Angelou - Leo Rising
America Ferrera - Capricorn Rising
Steven Spielberg - Cancer Rising
Lisa Kudrow - Cancer Rising
Neil Diamond - Libra Rising
Muhammad Ali - Leo Rising
Janis Joplin - Aquarius Rising
Dick Clark - Scorpio Rising
Robin Williams - Scorpio Rising
Demi Moore - Pisces Rising
Donatella Versace - Taurus Rising
Jayne Mansfield - Cancer Rising
Rodney King - Taurus Rising
Stevie Nicks - Aries Rising
Lisa Marie Presley - Leo Rising
Snoop Dogg - Taurus Rising
François Goulard - Cancer Rising
Goldie Hawn - Sagittarius Rising
Coretta Scott King - Libra Rising
Frank Jr. Sinatra - Cancer Rising
Jake Gyllenhaal - Leo Rising
Tom Hanks - Virgo Rising
Dionne Warwick - Taurus Rising
Zac Efron - Capricorn Rising
Gladys Knight - Sagittarius Rising
Aaron Spelling - Leo Rising
Alicia Silverstone - Aquarius Rising
Mindy Kaling - Gemini Rising
Cher - Cancer Rising
Jimmy Dean - Leo Rising
Jennifer Finch - Virgo Rising
River Phoenix - Scorpio Rising
Michael Jordan - Cancer Rising
Cameron Diaz - Cancer Rising
JoJo - Aquarius Rising
Aimee Garcia - Cancer Rising
Matt LeBlanc - Cancer Rising
Busta Rhymes - Leo Rising
Barry White - Capricorn Rising
James Dean - Aries Rising
Tyra Banks - Cancer Rising
Dave Grohl - Capricorn Rising
Christina Ricci - Virgo Rising
Chloë Sevigny - Scorpio Rising
Billy Idol - Cancer Rising
Aretha Franklin - Scorpio Rising
Carson Daly - Leo Rising
Jodie Foster - Sagittarius Rising
Matt Damon - Aquarius Rising
Liza Minnelli - Taurus Rising
Heather Locklear - Aries Rising
John Cena - Cancer Rising
Matthew Perry - Leo Rising
Steve Carell - Virgo Rising
Linda Perry - Sagittarius Rising
O.J. Simpson - Leo Rising
Roman Polanski - Libra Rising
Kate Hudson - Cancer Rising
Lourdes Leon - Pisces Rising
Édith Piaf - Scorpio Rising
Drew Barrymore - Gemini Rising
Zooey Deschanel - Capricorn Rising
Ashanti - Capricorn Rising
Venus Williams - Libra Rising
Serena Williams - Taurus Rising
Christina Aguilera - Aquarius Rising
Max Bratman - Virgo Rising
John Krasinski - Gemini Rising
Nia Peeples - Cancer Rising
Dr. Dre - Gemini Rising
Kate Bosworth - Cancer Rising
Jessica Biel - Sagittarius Rising
Rosanne Barr - Aquarius Rising
Elizabeth Taylor - Sagittarius Rising
Anne Parillaud - Scorpio Rising
Kirsten Dunst - Leo Rising
Vanessa Paradis - Scorpio Rising
Steve Perry - Leo Rising
Natalie Wood - Libra Rising
Jessica Lange - Leo Rising
Tobey Maguire - Leo Rising
Lisa Bonet - Cancer Rising
Sonny Bono - Libra Rising
Deepak Chopra - Pisces Rising
Gwyneth Paltrow - Pisces Rising
Drake - Leo Rising
Kim Gordon - Capricorn Rising
Steve McQueen - Cancer Rising
Tori Spelling - Aquarius Rising
Dennis Rodman - Capricorn Rising
Barbara Streisand - Aries Rising
J. Mascis - Gemini Rising
Thurston Moore - Capricorn Rising
Carole King - Libra Rising
Molly Ringwald - Cancer Rising
F. Scott Fitzgerald - Aquarius Rising
Coco Chanel - Sagittarius Rising
Tim Burton - Gemini Rising
Denzel Washington - Libra Rising
Pamela Anderson - Gemini Rising
Leonardo DiCaprio - Libra Rising
Wes Craven - Sagittarius Rising
Mariska Hargitay - Capricorn Rising
Lizzy Caplan - Cancer Rising
Jim Morrison - Aquarius Rising
Michelle Pfeiffer - Gemini Rising
Milla Jovovich - Cancer Rising
Tori Amos - Scorpio Rising
Maureen Herman - Leo Rising
Bruce Springsteen - Gemini Rising
Jessica Alba - Leo Rising
Bobbi Kristina Brown - Gemini Rising
Shirley Temple - Sagittarius Rising
Al Sharpton - Cancer Rising
Caitlyn Jenner - Scorpio Rising
Naomi Judd - Leo Rising
Wynonna Judd - Cancer Rising
Ashley Olsen - Leo Rising
Mary-Kate Olsen - Leo Rising
Mya - Libra Rising
Lori Barbero - Aquarius Rising
Giorgio Armani - Leo Rising
Gerard Butler - Libra Rising
Steve Jobs - Virgo Rising
Geri Halliwell - Scorpio Rising
Phylicia Rashad - Pisces Rising
Judy Garland - Cancer Rising
Johnny Cash - Pisces Rising
George Clooney - Pisces Rising
Nina Hagen - Virgo Rising
Tommy Lee Jones - Gemini Rising
Liberace - Capricorn Rising
Vincent Van Gogh - Cancer Rising
Rose McGowan - Gemini Rising
Ben Affleck - Cancer Rising
Megan Fox - Capricorn Rising
Clint Eastwood - Scorpio Rising
Miranda Lambert - Leo Rising
Ashley Judd - Leo Rising
Sara Gilbert - Cancer Rising
Marlon Brando - Sagittarius Rising
Justin Timberlake - Leo Rising
Forest Whitaker - Virgo Rising
Matt Damon - Aquarius Rising
Will.I.Am - Sagittarius Rising
Debbie Allen - Virgo Rising
Tony Mendez - Pisces Rising
Robert Duvall - Sagittarius Rising
M.C. Hammer - Cancer Rising
Goldie Hill - Aquarius Rising
Bob Dylan - Sagittarius Rising
Freddie Prinze Jr. - Libra Rising
Frances Farmer - Virgo Rising
Fergie - Cancer Rising
Chevy Chase - Libra Rising
Evan Rachel Wood - Sagittarius Rising
Billy Graham - Aries Rising
Liev Screiber - Scorpio Rising
Thora Birch - Leo Rising
Shirley Manson - Capricorn Rising
Laci Peterson - Aries Rising
Sarah Paulson - Virgo Rising
John Belushi - Capricorn Rising
Katy Perry - Scorpio Rising
Julia Roberts - Cancer Rising
Paul Newman - Capricorn Rising
Jon Bon Jovi - Libra Rising
Sylvester Stallone - Sagittarius Rising
Winona Ryder - Sagittarius Rising
Nancy Sinatra - Leo Rising
Andy Griffith - Libra Rising
Rita Wilson - Sagittarius Rising
Don Johnson - Virgo Rising
Barbara Smith - Virgo Rising
Elliot Gould - Gemini Rising
Jessica Simpson - Scorpio Rising
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Michael Bolton - Sagittarius Rising
Jim Henson - Cancer Rising
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John Drew Barrymore - Scorpio Rising
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Prince Michael I Jackson - Sagittarius Rising
Prince Michael II Jackson - Libra Rising
Jane Fonda - Capricorn Rising
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Kirk Cameron - Sagittarius Rising
Renée Zellweger - Virgo Rising
Sophia Loren - Capricorn Rising
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Phyllis Diller - Gemini Rising
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Sissy Spacek - Virgo Rising
Sigourney Weaver - Taurus Rising
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Tammy Faye Bakker Messner - Sagittarius Rising
Edward Norton - Scorpio Rising
Samantha Ronson - Scorpio Rising
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Connie Britton - Leo Rising
Julia Child - Gemini Rising
Katharine McPhee - Sagittarius Rising
Dustin Hoffman - Capricorn Rising
Suzanne Somers - Taurus Rising
Carmen Electra - Capricorn Rising
Dolly Parton - Virgo Rising
Lana Del Rey - Taurus Rising
Martin Sheen - Aquarius Rising
Howard K. Stern - Capricorn Rising
Annie Lennox - Virgo Rising
Nina Simone - Aquarius Rising
Ann Sheridan - Aquarius Rising
Alanis Morrissette - Leo Rising
Christina Applegate - Gemini Rising
Demi Lovato - Pisces Rising
Chris Farley - Leo Rising
Jean Harlow - Libra Rising
Quincy Jones - Libra Rising
John Malkovich - Virgo Rising
Susan Atkins - Aquarius Rising
Tom Brady - Libra Rising
Charles Manson - Taurus Rising
Justin Bieber - Scorpio Rising
Meryl Streep - Leo Rising
Charlie Sheen - Gemini Rising
Johnny Cash - Pisces Rising
Susan Boyle - Gemini Rising
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Conan O'Brien - Virgo Rising
George W. Bush - Leo Rising
Teri Hatcher - Leo Rising
Jason Simpson - Taurus Rising
Lucille Ball - Capricorn Rising
Scott Peterson - Sagittarius Rising
Jesse Ventura - Gemini Rising
Ann Jillian - Cancer Rising
Sheena Easton - Virgo Rising
Jasmine Guy - Virgo Rising
Marcia Cross - Cancer Rising
Jeanette McCurdy - Aquarius Rising
Boyd Bill - Pisces Rising
Rita Ora - Leo Rising
Brigitte Bardot - Sagittarius Rising
Donald Trump - Leo Rising
Will Ferrell - Virgo Rising
Kylie Jenner - Capricorn Rising
Billy Rae Cyrus - Aquarius Rising
Amber Tamblyn - Aries Rising
Rebecca Romijn - Capricorn Rising
Peggy Lipton - Aquarius Rising
Kendall Jenner - Pisces Rising
Billy Crystal - Taurus Rising
Louis Tomlinson - Gemini Rising
Woody Allen - Virgo Rising
Maxine Bahns - Capricorn Rising
Adolf Hitler - Libra Rising
Michael Cole - Scorpio Rising
Sean Connery - Capricorn Rising
Jim Bakker - Pisces Rising
Stephan Foster - Libra Rising
Ted Bundy - Leo Rising
Prince William - Sagittarius Rising
Lorna Luft - Taurus Rising
Mark Wahlberg - Cancer Rising
Lady Gaga - Virgo Rising
Kim Kardashian - Sagittarius Rising
Chris Brown - Leo Rising
Sean Penn - Sagittarius Rising
John Ritter - Libra Rising
John Wayne Gacy - Sagittarius Rising

For a list of celebrities who have been given false birth times, check out this post.

Aries Celebrities + Moon Signs
  • Aries Moon: Marlon Brando, Celine Dion, Nathan Fillion, Rooney Mara, Lucy Lawless, Sean Faris
  • Taurus Moon: Robert Downey Jr., Kiera Knightley, Quentin Tarantino, Elton John, Pharrell Willams, Diana Ross, William Shatner, David Blaine
  • Gemini Moon: Ewan McGregor, Jackie Chan, Bette Davis, Doris Day, Jessica Chastain, Reba McEntire
  • Cancer Moon: Heath Ledger, Miranda Kerr, Aretha Franklin, Big Sean, Natasha Lyonne, Robert Frost
  • Leo Moon: Jessie J, Maisie Williams, Brenda Song, Jesse McCartney, Sean Bean
  • Virgo Moon: James Franco, Leona Lewis, Marvin Gaye, Elle Fanning, John Schneider, Perez Hilton, Hayley Atwell
  • Libra Moon: Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Steven Seagal, Maya Angelou, Susan Boyle, Rosie O'Donnell, Akon, Austin Mahone
  • Scorpio Moon: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Charlie Chapman, Steven Tyler, Harry Houdini, Eddie Murphy, The Undertaker
  • Sagittarius Moon: Emma Watson, Vincent Van Gogh, Jamie Lynn Spears, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Rudd, Selena, Jim Parsons
  • Capricorn Moon: Kourtney Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Sara Jessica Parker, David Tennant, David Letterman, Al Gore, Kate Hudson, Billie Holiday, Maria Sharapova
  • Aquarius Moon: M.C. Hammer, Russell Crowe, Victoria Beckham, Steve McQueen, Amanda Bynes, Conan O'Brien, Ashley Judd, Bach
  • Pisces Moon: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hugh Hefner, Lee Pace, Peter Capaldi, Kenny Chesney, James Woods, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Piers Morgan
Dean X Reader: Best Friends

Request: the reader likes late 80’s/ early 90’s rap and Dean are in the impala, fighting over the radio, until it starts playing “Walk This Way” by Run DMC/Aerosmith. They then chill out and just enjoy the music. It could be hinting at romance, but I think it would just be cute for it to be like friends or maybe friends turning crushes, nothing too serious. Thanks. I love this blog.

Request: Hello can you do one where he reader likes like 80’s and 90’s rap and is constantly fighting with d]Dean over which radio to listen to. They finally settle dawn when its starts playing walk this way by RUNDMC and Aerosmith. Thankyou! I really do enjoy your writing!

Request: Hi :) can u write a fic of the reader & Dean? No love/smut, just a platonic relationship where they’re best friends & goof around w/ each other & stuff. Like a movie night or a game night or them just being silly in the impala? (road trip maybe?)

Request: Can you pretty pretty please write one where it’s set in Season 1 or early in the series and you just joined the Winchesters and Dean is driving the Impala but he’s really exhausted and he asks you to drive for a bit and you know how to, but you’re terrified of driving and you have to tell him and it’s all fluffy?

Warning: Mentions of Car Accident

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  • Hammer: Finally! This mission is my chance to be recognised as more than just some drill sergeant. Time to show the world that Sergeant Michael Christopher Hammer is a war hero!
  • Grif: ...
  • Simmons: ...
  • Grif: Wait... are you serious?
  • Hammer: What?
  • Simmons: Your name is ... M.C. Hammer?
  • Hammer: Well, yeah ... why?
  • Grif: I mean... come on...
  • Hammer: (annoyed) What? What’s wrong with my name?!
  • Grif: You know ... MC Hammer...
  • (*starts dancing)‘U can’t touch this!’
  • Hammer: Touch what?! Why are you dancing?!
  • Simmons: It's just -
  • Hammer: STOP!
  • Grif: WHY? Is it ‘Hammer Time’!

So this year, Parachute pants are supposed to come back in style. Like M.C Hammer’s? I have a pair and they are the best. I love weird styled pants and all but I just don’t want them to be so popular that people will begin to terrorize and butcher and pulverize them!!!!! It will be disappointing. Please people, maintain your own get up. No need to copy others. UGHHH!!!!!


I asked Pooks to tell me a story but he said he told me one last time and that it was my turn. And then I kinda word vomited this out. I think it’s pretty decent considering I made it up on the spot? 

The Prince & The Princess: A Wifi Love Story by Anna Beth.

and I got halfway through writing this before I decided I was gonna make an M.C. Hammer pun but hey this princess is based off of me and let’s be real I would.