The Maccabees - Hugo White taken by M. Bells. Photography @ Planeta Terra Festival 2012.

Final picture from my Maccabees set. Sorry for taking such a long time to share all pictures and thanks to everybody for seeing the pictures, liking them, sharing the ones that looked good, that truly means a lot to me. Thank you to hellyeahthemaccabees, gttw (by the way, I thought of you while uploading this picture, haha), coconutoos and everybody who also saw the pics and shared them. Sorry if I forgot to put your name in here! This is dedicated to everyone, thanks from the bottom of my heart!

And, of course, thanks to The Maccabees for being such nice talented and loving guys! You literally made this possible! :D

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I’m still uploading the photos (it takes a while, they are quite large, haha) but all I can say is that I literally had the time of my life with them, they are amazing people and very sweet and crazy and they noticed me, I was quite close to the stage.

Justin smiled at me during a song and Arni looked at me because I yelled his name and he threw his pick, but sadly I couldn’t catch it, some girl did it first. But at least they saw me. I think Arni looked at me twice. Freddie has nice strong arms and I wish I had taken more photos of him and also of Peter, he only appears in two photos because he was in the back and I could barely see him. Being the drummer sometimes sucks, haha…

But I had the best day of my life, I wish I could go back and stay in that concert forever… Sadly, I can’t. But I hope I can see them again, they promised to come back. And they performed songs from their upcoming album, which was amazing. And they look even prettier live, haha. Justin is an amazing live performer, he has such an extraordinary live voice and they were all fantastic. :D

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The Vaccines

I’m going to see them live in April and I’m super happy and excited about it. They are this new British band which seems to be the new promise of indie rock and last year they released their first studio album, ‘What did you expect from The Vaccines?’ and went on tour with Arctic Monkeys as an opening band. They have already four singles from their studio album, such as 'All In White’, with an extraordinary photography, 'Norgaard’, which talks about meeting the model named Amanda Norgaard, which appears in the video, 'If You Wanna’, which shows the band performing in a dark place with some lights in the background and 'Wetsuit’, which has two versions, both using photos their fans sent and the 2nd version is with photos taken using Instagram. The band is formed by Justin Young (vocals/guitar), Freddie Cowan (guitar) Arni Arnason (bass) and Peter Robertson (drums). The band reached 3rd place in BBC’s last year’s poll which selected the artists of year (Sound of 2011) and in 2010, were nominated for Mtv’s Video Music Awards.

So, I finally watched ’The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ and what can say?? Rooney Mara definetly deserves her Oscar nomination for her amazing performance as Lisbeth Salander. If she wins, it’ll be even better and it’ll be the proof that there’s justice in this world. One thing I don’t like in the movie? The fact that Daniel Craig would rather stay with Robin Wright instead of Rooney Mara. Very unfair… But love has mysterious ways of working.