So a lot of these are just estimates based on the updates the editors are giving each other. Assuming our episode ends up being about 10:25 long, we’ve got at least 6:23 completely done. Based on that, we’re at least 61% done now! 

And going off word of mouth, there might be even more finished, so it’d probably be more like 7:53 and 72% done.



First aired on July 30th, 2016.

Special Guest Star: Patton Oswald as Quibble Pants.

Written by Josh Haber and Mike Vogle.

Directed by Jim Miller, Denny Wu, & Tim Stuby.

Synopsis: At a Daring Do fan convention, Rainbow Dash runs afowl of a stallion named Quibble Pants, a fan disillusioned by the later books (sound familiar), and the two end up on a real-life Daring Do adventure together.

“But that’s impossible! There’s no way Daring Do is real!” Son, we’ve been saying that since Season 4, and it hasn’t stopped them.


Ruby and Paul - “Malevo”

When I first heard Argentine Tango, I thought, oh no they’re not going to try and choreograph a sexy ballroom routine for Ruby again are they, and then Miriam and Leonardo came up with the sweetest idea and routine and they made her look like a girl instead of a woman. All of my assumption were shattered. Bravo!

I think this is one of my favorite Argentine Tango’s we’ve had on the show. I loved the choreography and it was so interesting not having it be about passion like the style usually is. It was very refreshing. I think Ruby did a wonderful job tackling this style for the first time as well. Her ganchos were sharp and her shaping was great. I think Leonardo and Miriam gave her a great challenge here and they didn’t hold back with the choreography. They even included those little ancle hooks in the ganchos. The routine had a great musically to it.

This routine was very sweet and I loved it. One of my favorites this week!

Bon allez dénoncez-vous

Lequel de vous bande de gens a eu la primeur de ce pseudo? (aussi où avez-vous trouvé ce putain de Dracolosse) et est ce que vous savez le fou rire que je me suis tapé en le voyant? MMH?!

@tomitch I want answers and I want them now!

My name is Nina and I’m 15 years old.
I’m looking for a pen pal no matter the age or gender. I’m from Luxembourg so my English might be not so good but I’m trying my best:)
As I don’t really know how to start or what to say I’ll just write some facts about myself:
- I dance classical ballet and jazz
- I love watching TV shows ( Game of Thrones, Oitnb, scream queens, how to get away with murder…(
-my favourite bands and musicans are: bastille, lorde, queen, abba, melanie martinez, the 1975…
- i like to bake ( so feel free to send me recipes😂)
-my instagram is: NINCHTHEGINGER
- my tumblr is merininna

Feel free to contact me, doesnt matter from where you come froö😊☺️