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this person is a literal self admitted pedophile who post shotacon and lolicon (anime child porn) on their blog.
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@teenietots-blocklist @the-map-community-is-dangerous @pedophile-harasser


Sobs itsfinallyout. Anditsamazing


m.a.p.6 cuties visiting j.jun at the hospital on his birthday ;u;


Anyway, this was supposed to a animation practice but I liked how it turned out so I took and finishing it. Though I got pretty exhausted when I worked with the bg XD
Also the quality isn’t as good as the original since it’s gif file. I tried to make it in better quality but meh.
Here we have a dromaeosauridae doing…something :V

underrated groups and why you should check them out

I think it’s easier to find songs you like if you have a word or two that decribes them. Feel free to add groups that I don’t know well enough and I hope you decide to check the ones already on the list. 

Male groups:

Bigstar: fun songs (x) (x) sad/calm songs (x) (x) they’re funny (x)
Madtown: OMGT for them (x) going hard (x) (x) soft and cute (x) funny (x)
JJCC: fun (x) sad (x) (x) jams (x) (x) 360 VR (x) actually Jackie Chan’s kids (x)
24k: badass (x) (x) cute/funny (x) memes (x)
Beatwin: these jams (x) (x) (x)
Bigflo: jams (x) (x) wizards (x) vietnamese (x) japanese (x) (x) rap (x) vocal (x)
B.I.G: iconic intoduction (x) upbeat (x) (x) this jam (x) dance (x) funny (x)
N.Flying: (rock band) hype (x) (x) sad (x) amazing covers (x) AOA’s sons (x)
Cross Gene: Death note? (x) updeat (x) (x) (x) english (x) japanese (x) sad (x)
Lu:kus: dark concept (x) upbeat (x) soft and nice (x)
M.I.B: great rappers (x) (x) (x) (x) Kangnam solo, he’s singing (x)
Alphabat: badass (x) upbeat (x) (x) calm (x)
Halo: jams (x) (x) cute (x) slow jam (x)
MyName: these jams (x) (x) very sad mv (x) slow song (x)
Up10tion: jam (x) jam + fun concept (x) this cute collab (x) cute slow jam (x)
History: jams (x) (x) slow jams (x) (x) the dance that killed everyone (x)
The Legend: jams (x) (x) ballad (x) (x) slow sad jam (x)
A.Cian: badass (x) cute slow-ish jam (x) cute upbeat jam (x)
BTL: jams (x) (x) they went on a hiatus after those 2 songs, not disbanded
N.Sonic: jams (x) (x) (x) hard jam (x) cute song (x) this jam and dance! (x)
Topp Dogg: these jams (x) (x) iconic tbh (x) really good jam (x)
Romeo: this jam (x) cute and upbeat (x) amazing dancers (x)
Uniq: jams (x) (x) (x) nice slow jams (x) (x) (x) chinese (x) amazing dancers (x)
Speedamazing dancers (x) (x) these jams (x) (x) slow-ish song (x) (x)
Hotshot: great songs (x) (x) best dance practice (x) this jam (x)
High4: dark concept (x) sad and nice (x) cute concept (x)
Mr.Mr: slow jam (x) (x) (x) jam (x)
Snuper: 80s style jam (x) catchy jam (x) slow jam (x)
K-Much: jam (x) ballad (x) slow jam (x)
Big Brain: ballads (x) (x)
Voisper: (2016 debut) amazing vocals (x) just debuted with a single
Apl: (2016 debut) very nice slow song (x) they just debuted with a single
Ze:a: nice slow jams (x) (x) cute slow jam (x)
A6p: jam (x) they only have this debut single
M.a.p.6: slow jam (x) they only have this debut single
Road Boyz: jam (x) slow jam (x) slow song (x) 
Offroad: jam (x) this jam tho (x) slow jam-subunit (x)
HeartB: ballads (x) (x) (x) slow, cute (x) 
VAV: jam with a great dance (x) slow song (x) jam (x)
Target: slow, uniqe jam (x)  they only have this predebut single
Boys Republic: jams (x) (x) (x) this jam (x) addicting chorus (x) slow song (x)
A-Jax: jams (x) (x) (x) slow song (x) bubbly song (x)
100%: jams (x) (x) (x) (x) slow jam (x) ballad (x) sub-unit: slow sad song (x)
Royal Pirates: (rock band) jams (x) (x) (x) slow jam (x) going hard (x)
Imfact: (2016 debut) jam (x) this jam too (x) slow jam (x) slow, warm (x)
KNK: (2016 debut) slower, unique jam (x) ballad (x)

Girl groups:
Wanna.B: badass concepts (x), catchy songs (x), amazing dancers (x)
Rainbow: fun (x) jams (x) (x) cute (x)
Laboum: 80s style (x) cute (x) upbeat (x) jam (x) cute, bubbly jam (x)
Crayon Popreally unique concepts (x) (x) (x) (x) catchy songs (x) (x) (x)
Dal Shabet: girl power (x) composed by the maknae (x) jams (x) (x) (x)
Wa$$up: this jam (x) jams (x) (x) (x) (x) 
Tahiti: fun jam (x) jams (x) (x) (x) slow song (x)
MyB: fun/upbeat (x) (x) slower, catchy (x)
4ten: upbeat (x) (x) (x) (x)
2eyes: jam (x) slower jam (x) hip hop jam (x)
Unicorn: slow jam (x) slow song (x) upbeat (x)
Sonamoo: badass hip hop (x) cute jam (x)
Playback: slow jam (x) collab with Eric Nam (x)
Dia: upbeat (x) jam (x) cute, slower jam (x)
Year 7 Class 1: slow jams/cute (x) (x) (x) upbeat, cheerful (x)
Nine Muses: jams (x) (x) (x) slowish jams (x) (x) in sync dancers (x)
D.Holic: jams (x) (x) ballad (x) slow jam (x)
Lovelyz: cute jams (x) (x) (x)
Oh My Girl: amazing vocals, uniqe concept (x) cute jam (x) catchy jam (x)
Rania: jams (x) (x) (x) (x)
Purfles: slow jams (x) (x) jam (x) vocals/acapella (x)
The Ark: nice slow song with a nice rap (x) awesome dancers (x)
April: cute songs (x) (x) (x)
Cosmic Girls: slow electronic jam (x) cute song (x) chinese (x)
Brave Girls: slow jams (x) (x) (x) this jam (x) jam (x)
ChoColat: slow jams (x) (x) jam (x)
Wings: slow jams, great vocals (x) (x)
Davichi: ballads (x) slow jam (x) (x) (x)
Spica: jam (x) (x) (x) (x) upbeat (x) slow song (x) (x)
Minx: this jam (x) cute jam (x) amazing dancers (x) (x)
Melody Day: upbeat (x) slower jam (x) ballad (x)
Ladies’ Code: slower song, unique (x) (x) very sad (x) upbeat (x) (x) (x) (x)
Fiestar: slower song (x) slower, catchy (x) (x) upbeat (x) (x)
Hello Venus: upbeat, cute (x) (x) techno (x) slower jam (x) (x)
CoCoSoRi: (2016 debut) jam + fun, unique mv (x) it was a wild trip

*ps: keep in mind that some of these groups may not have enough money for a mv or just recently debuted so I included other videos too, I tried to link official channels when I could

**message me if you want to recommend any changes/upgrades to the list. I left out the disbanded groups even tho I love them. *EDIT: I’m most likely just going to make a part 2 with your recommendations