m.a.c. make up

ΛΛLIYΛH and her favourite beauty products

BEAUTY AND THE BEAT: Because she glams it up so much of the time, when Aaliyah isn’t performing or making a personal appearance, she prefers to go nearly natural. Scope put her  secrets for getting gorgeous without going overboard. 

SENSATIONAL SKIN: Every night, Aaliyah cleanses with Noxzema Skin Cream and follows up with Sea Breeze Astringent. To ditch dryness, she uses Origins Eye Doctor under her eyes and the company’s Night-A-Mins lotion on her face. 

“It’s great, because it has lavender and other soothing herbs in it,” she says. “It actually helps me sleep.” Her zit zapper Spot Remover from Origins.

COOL COLOUR: When she’s just hanging out, Aaliyah does the lipliner-and-gloss thing. Right now she’s digging M.A.C. Chestnut Lip Pencil (1.) and Kiehl’s Blackberry Gloss. Before she hits the town, though, she’ll work it a little more with some M.A.C. make up: She pats on C6 Loose Powder (2.) and lines her eyes with Ebony Pencil (3.). She’s also into Espresso (4.) and Biscuit (5.) eyeshadows. For a pretty pout, she goes for matte Chelsea (6.) or Cherish (7.) lipsticks

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“I’m not big on blush,” she says. “But sometimes I’ll use a little bit, in a lighter color, just to give my face some contour.”

KNOCKOUT NAILS: Her look of the moment? Supershort and dark. 

“I love all those deep red-black and wine colors, you know, like Vamp,” she says, referring to the Chanel shade. “I also rock black and dark navy.”

FAVE FRAGRANCE: Right now she’s into Jacadi L’Eau des Petit, which she gets at Jacadi, a children’s clothing store. For sexier scent, Aaliyah reaches for Gap Om.

“I made the best discovery - baby fragrance!” she exclaims. “It sounds weird, but they actually make perfume for babies. It’s great, because it’s light and delicate but totally lasts all day.”

(Source: YM Special | Big Fitness and Beauty Issue | Spring 1998)

Just another day;

I got sad again // the flare up started when I ran out of meds // I went online and bought a bunch of M.A.C make up so I could paint my face in the shape of happy // I wrote a name on a piece of paper // my handwriting’s gone to shit with the rise of technology // I threw it in the fire and watched it burn // I had a shower because I guess that’s the adult thing to do // even though my room is dark and warm and calling my name // my doctors appointment is for 2.40pm // I just have to make it until then // all the scripts ran out and I’ve been buried in an avalanche and unable to make any calls // I let my hair dry by itself, I can’t lift the hairdryer and I like the cold today // the pain throbs through my body like a heart attack and I’m starting to think I’ll never be normal // I can’t figure out which costume I should wear so I throw on something all black to be authentic // I’m scared I’ll never be able to do the things that people do to make themselves feel fulfilled // I’ll just keep getting scripts filled to take the edge off the razor blades that flow within my veins // it’s lunchtime but I’m not hungry so I just drink another coffee that goes cold in my hands // my corporeality punishing my spirit, weakening it with its flaws and weaknesses // I put some make up on to hide my blemish (I am a blemish) // I wonder how long I can stand being in town before the pins and needles start? // withdrawal symptoms set in, anatomy revolting against the lack of opioid analgesic // I hope there aren’t too many people at the doctors office, I hate waiting and having to be amongst all the people // Jesus, if only I wasn’t damned to the chronicness of it all // if I could see an end to the madness I might hold onto some sane // they’ll call my name, and I’ll go in and they’ll look at me over glasses knowingly like nothing will ever change // I see your pity and I hate it but do you know what? Today, I’ll take it // and I’ll go to the chemist - get the one thing that makes the pain bearable // then come home and wash the make up off and the mirror will crack, and I’ll return to the black.