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X-May” illustrations … 

This past May (2017) @chrispalmerart set out to do X-Men arts for the entire month… We both got busy, but we were able to churn out a few. It kinda spilled into the following months (what is this? X-August?). Here are my 9. 

left to right / top to bottom:

Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), Mister Sinister, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)

Cannonball, Armor, Holocaust (Age of Apocalypse)

M (Monet St. Croix), Weapon-X (Logan/Wolverine), The White Queen (Emma Frost)

Polaris / Malice

People are leading to hundreds of false-alarms while reading a wiki (where each falsely believes other people commentary) made by noxious fans. For the past few years I have seen people complaining about how Lorna was possessed for “many years” and how for “many years” she was “mistreated” by Claremont / Marvel into having her body being taken over by an evil entity. Well, I, for one, didn’t believe anything other people said. I don’t believe any wiki out there just like I don’t believe anyone that tried to downplay Lorna with the situation between her and Malice. Especially those that are noxious “fans”. I’ll encourage you to use your books, which are 100% the best wiki you can have on your side.

Now that I have the time, I will finally clear this up for those of you (who want to know the real thing) rewriting her wiki and putting false assertions about (everything about) Polaris being possessed for “many years” by Malice or Marvel mistreating her somehow leading you to a false alarm.

Let’s be specific. Lorna first possession was in Uncanny X-Men #219 published back in 1987. But before I go any further with her possession, I would like to discuss a little about how everything started.

Exactly in the same issue #219, Polaris and Havok went to live in the Rio Diablo Mountains (after the battle with Proteus) somewhere in New Mexico of the American southwest.

Both decided to leave the X-men in order to live their lives in peace like normal people. Both became graduate students and completed their doctorate.

They were living in peace but Havok was having nightmares. He thought the X-Men were in some kind of trouble so he decided to take a trip to the mansion to find out what was going on. Polaris wanted to participate but Havok insisted she stay behind for her own safety. So Havok left on his own and Lorna stood behind. She dropped him off at the Albuquerque airport.

As they left, they were unaware that their home was being staked out by the Marauders. Three of the Marauders were there to complete a mission. Their mission was to kill Polaris (but what they didn’t know is that it was all a test (I’ll explain in a few. You’ll be surprised).

After Havok leaves Lorna in New Mexico, she gets ambushed by the Marauders.

When suddenly she was attacked by the three Marauders. With Arclight and Scalphunter trashing the house, but Sabretooth can still sense her alive so he rushes in to go and collect and kill her. Luckily Lorna survived the explosion (I suppose with a forcefield). It was here when things started getting interesting :)

Sabretooth manages to track her with his enhanced senses.

^^^^^ This is the part I want to clarify to you people. This whole panel ^^^^^ Lorna was just not prepared or expecting someone to attack her. She was “hiding” behind a rock hoping for them to think she was dead. What would you do in a situation where you don’t know what or who you’re facing? How many were they? Where you know someone or something is trying to kill you? She was all alone, scared, confused, without shelter or proper clothing there is no way she can survive. Wishing Havok was around because it would be easy if he was with her. But in no moment she was crying or begging. There are no “tears” in this panel. Actually, take a close look, she was so pissed off that she was willing to fight back knowing Sabretooth wasn’t alone nor didn’t she care.

However, Lorna is far from helpless, as she soon demonstrates to Sabretooth: Using her magnetic powers to manipulate the iron ore in the area to bind Sabretooth, she tells him that her and Alex picked this location due to it’s high iron content so that she could better utilize her powers. With the same rock she was “hiding”, she picked it up and threw it at Sabretooth and with that same rock she deformed it to trap him in it.

Sabretooth managed to break free and as Lorna tried to fly away he managed to clip her with his claws, leaving her open to be blasted by Scalphunter sending her crashing to the ground. Remember she was just starting to learn how to manipulate her powers, she did not have the experience like when she trapped the Guardian, hurt Vulcan or even destroyed Mojo’s broadcast with an (EMP) electromagnetic pulse. That’s why she couldn’t hold Sabretooth forever. This was the beginning of a battle that she had no idea was even intended, on her own, against 3 opponents. So you tell me.

Two of the Marauders tried to find Lorna in the dust after Scalphunter shot her with some kind of light beam. They were shocked when Sabretooth is tossed back at them. With Lorna’s magnetic powers, she trapped Arclight in the ground and Scalphunter is beat into submission with the pieces of his own weapons, lol.

Then all of the sudden… they were all trapped, lol. The three Marauders were surprised to find that Malice has possessed Lorna Dane, as per the orders of their leader Mr. Sinister. Why? Because it was Lorna who he was interested in. Perhaps that’s no surprise because Lorna is beautiful and amazingly powerful :)

Now I can explain :)

The whole situation was to test Polaris’ strength and how she handles herself in a fight, but most of all how Malice can handle her. She had possessed Lorna just after Havok left for New York and wanted to test and see if she had what it took to go up against the Marauders. This means that while Lorna was fighting the Marauders, Malice was somewhere in her mind testing her abilities. With the test a complete success, Malice uses Lorna’s powers to create a new costume and forces her to join the Marauders as Polaris. Why? Well, because even after all, the body, soul and appearance was still… Polaris. She fell in love with Lorna’s body and mind. I mean who wouldn’t, right? And thus this was a new era of the badass Polaris as a new leader and power (character) development…. made by Christ Claremont :)

The tragic mistake was Havok leaving Lorna behind, as she was the next target for the Marauders, they thought to kill, but the reality was to complete the goal of going after Lorna and making her the new leader of the group. Polaris only survives by fighting for her life, to only be manipulated into doing some evil things for the next period (until the INFERNO arc) of the story.

Wolverine told Rogue to take Madelyne away from the scene, since the Marauders were there to kill her. Uncanny X-Men #221 (1987). As they fly by a nearby construction site they are attacked by Polaris who uses her powers to bind the two women in it’s exposed steel girders. Rogue, who has the ability to fly at tremendous speed, couldn’t even outrun Polaris’s girders.

Here is when Claremont started using Polaris as an antagonist to go against the X-Men and the continual performance of a single task. She became a proficient leader who has mastered her abilities without a proper training. Not only was she able to create a massive structure, she used it to imprison her opponents. This is Polaris’s doing because it was her body, soul and power and no one else.

Meanwhile, far below… “Wow!” “Lookathat!” :)

Rogue was shocked to see a former X-Man leading the Marauders, but before she can get any answers, Polaris uses her powers to pull the girders out of their foundation and throw the whole thing into San Francisco Bay.

Before she can do so, Dazzler grabs Longshot’s grappling hook and uses it to grab hold, holding on for dear life.

Rogue also has the ability of super strength but even with all her powers she couldn’t break free. Kind of like Polaris did to Guardian.

In the water below, Dazzler frees Madelyne first and she swims to freedom. Dazzler risks drowning to save Rogue’s life and both made it to the surface.

This moment is interrupted however when Polaris arrives to make sure that she kills them this time

Before she can attack the two she is blasted from behind by Havok. Rogue recovers her body and flies it back to shore. Uncanny X-Men #222 (1987)

Once Rogue landed ashore, Alex turns over the Marauder to see who it is, he is shocked to see that it’s Lorna. Polaris has revived by this point and blasts Havok with her magnetic powers, lol.

“Hi Lover. Bye Lover!” lol

Two cops wanted to get in their vehicle to call for back-up and Polaris reacted fast enough to do this…

^^^^ “Polaris is called, Mistress of Magnetism….with good reason.” ^^^^ Even Claremont knows she’s a badass. Letting us know that even when she was possessed, she was STILL Polaris, the Mistress of Magnetism and nothing less.

Then all of a sudden, Psylocke scans Lorna’s mind she learns that she has been possessed by Malice. Psylocke blocked Malice allowing Lorna to be temporarily free. Lorna regained her full conscious and was able to learn she was taken over mentally by the evil Malice.

Vertigo cut the contact allowing Malice to reassert control. Here it end with Polaris leaving the X-Men hopeless as she flees the scene.

So now we are entering into the INFERNO arc :)

Here is where we discovered Polaris and Malice are permanently bonded and became one. Malice was so angry that she wanted to kill Mr Sinister. Uncanny X-men #239 (1988)

This was the reason why Mr Sinister ordered Malice to possess Lorna Dane, because he knew what would happen. There were times when I thought Mr Sinister was in love with Polaris. Well, for one, he did not execute Malice for disobeying him; something Mr Sinister wouldn’t permit it.

Mr Sinister convinces her, that this is for the better, for now she is the only unique and irreplaceable member of the Marauders. It was crystal clear that Claremont wanted us to know that Mr sinister was interested in Lorna and not in Malice but the only way for Sinister to have Lorna by his side is with Malice possessing her. Claremont also wanted to indicate that Lorna is unique and the most important member of a group. She’s the linchpin. Claremont wanted to be clear that Polaris was the most dependable (unfailing) of the team :)

Here we can see Polaris ordering around. They are settling into their new headquarters until X-Men ambush them. Uncanny X-Men #240 (1989)

Claremont has Polaris using her powers so snare Colossus…

and she gets into a tug of war with Storm, HA!  I don’t think Psylocke knows Polaris’s potential nor does she remember the fight they put up with Lorna while on her own.

However Polaris turns the tables by causing Colossus to smash through the top of the tunnel allowing the Marauders to escape to the surface above. What a smart move :)

Claremont has Polaris reverse her beam, to turn all that velocity and force with Storm’s wind in order to smash Colossus for an escape. Though, I felt bad for Colossus.

Everyone (including the Marauders) were shocked to see the entire city has undergone some transformation. It transformed into a city of nightmare. The Police cars were demon-transformed. Uncanny X-Men #241 (1989)

The fact that Claremont has Polaris destroy one of the vehicles and hurls the debris against the X-Men.

“How conveniently considerate of the city…to send metal critters up against… The MISTRESS OF MAGNETISM!” BEAUTIFUL. A badass quote :)

I think Polaris using the debris as a projectile weapon against the X-Men was amazing :)

X-Men continue to fight the remaining Marauders. Here Lorna is leading the Marauders to injure Psylocke.

X-Men dealt with all Marauders except for Polaris who got away. Yes, Claremont had all the Marauders defeated, except Polaris :)

While they are most distracted, Malice strikes and hurls metallic debris around Uncanny X-Men #243 (1989)

and Jean and Storm quickly stopped her. Jean’s field held Lorna while Storm yanked her from behind. For more information and specification about the incident you can always, ALWAYS check here. It will explain everything plus as a bonus, you’ll get to see 2 noxious “fans”

How far is Storm willing to go? Killing is not the X-Men’s style (though Storm had killed before so perhaps she doesn’t give a damn) especially when it comes to killing another X-Man who has been mind control by an evil entity. The funny thing is that not only was Storm willing to sacrifice Lorna but Jean, Wolverine, Psylocke and even Havok were basically standing there agreeing. Perhaps they were also possessed by the demonic influence?

In Uncanny X-Men #241, when Colossus smashes the demon to pieces it was strange how his teammates cheered at him. What makes things crazier, is that the X-Men themselves were starting to transform due to INFERNO’s demonic influence, with the more impure the soul, the more the possession takes hold. Needless to say, Wolverine and Storm soon started to look quite scary.

See how ^^Storm says^^ “All save Polaris” hmmm. There were evil smiles, high five, and even planning to kill who ever come across them. Can this be the reason why they were willing to kill Lorna while she begs for her life? We might never know since the whole place exploded before getting any further with the sacrifice.

The mansion exploded and the only one who survived was, of course, Polaris. Ironically the field that held her shielded her from the impact. Claremont once again had Polaris undefeated and back on her feet.

Mr. Sinister and Polaris / Malice stand in the ruins of the X-Mansion, the members of the X-Men and X-Factor are defeated except for Longshot.

The story continues in X-Factor #39 (1989). Only this time is written by Louise Simonson.

Polaris was unconscious because Cyclops blasted her with his eyes beam. It looks like while unconscious, Lorna can have a little freedom.

But then Malice immediately reacted and mocked Havok.

Mr Sinister spoke once again about how he was interested in Polaris. Not only did he want Polaris so bad but he chose Polaris over Havok. Havok is immediately bound in metal by Polaris. I love how Polaris contained Havok.

As Havok struggles to free himself, Colossus attempts to attack Polaris and is similarly held at bay by Polaris. Louise even showed us that this Mistress of Magnetism is not someone to be messing with :)

Like always, they had defeated the X-Men until all the X-Men woke up.

^^^Here is the panel where we last see Malice controlling Polaris. Polaris was not seen after being hit with Archangel’s metal feathers.

As Havok reported… Polaris escaped (as usual, lol). She was not seen ever since.

Then in Uncanny X-Men #249 (1989), Lorna, who up until the end of INFERNO was being possessed by Malice, was calling Alex for help. However, since that event ended, Lorna has been able to retake control of herself, and is looking for the help of the X-Men in order to remove Malice’s influence altogether.

The X-Men went to rescue her but they arrived just in time to see Polaris being kidnapped by the Savage Land Mutates, whose leader, Zaladane, who sees Lorna as a “sister” and only wants to steal her Magnetic power. What kind of “sister” is she?

I wonder if Malice was removed by the Black Lotus, but I think it was to drugged Lorna so she won’t fight and escape. Anyway, what do I think about Zaladane claiming Lorna as her “sister”? Well you can read my thoughts here.

Once the baffling woman called Zaladane stole Polaris’s power, she was free from Malice. We are now in Uncanny X-Men #250 (1989) (where Malice truly ended).

Polaris was finally free once and for all. I assume this panel here ^^^^ is Malice’s spirit drifting away.

Polaris finally got what she wanted and from this moment on Malice no longer exists.

Despite being stripped of her magnetic powers, Polaris gained the abilities of super strength and invulnerability and grew taller. Later her Magnetic’s power came back. What happened next would be for another story and another time. I want to jump to where Malice returned, only this time she wanted to kill her.

Malice returned 5 years later in X-Factor #103 (1994) (written by J.M. DeMatteis and Todd Dezago) where she was creepily spying on Lorna and Alexander while in Hawaii.

The two spend a romantic day together. The next day, Polaris discovers that Havok has been possessed by Malice.

She possessed Alex not only to torment her but to also kill her. Malice was jealous since she knew Mr Sinister was interested in Polaris and he wanted her to possess Lorna once again. Only this time Sinister would not let Lorna go. So, she’d rather kill her then possess her because she didn’t want to be Polaris but MALICE and take full control.

Polaris, not wanting to hurt Havok, holds herself back. Just so you won’t think she got beat up by Havok / Malice. X-Factor #104 (1994).

But before she tried to kill her, Mr Sinister arrived with his Nasty Boys.

I think Sinister likes Polaris (I will discuss this in another page. So I don’t want to put too much into it)

Polaris has always been Sinister’s most valuable instrument. X-Factor #105 (1994)

The Nasty Boys fight Malice, as Mr. Sinister grabs the unconscious Polaris.

Sinister orders Malice to leave Havok’s body and take over Polaris. Polaris reluctantly agrees, realizing that this is the only way to free Havok. As she leaves Havok’s body, he realizes what’s going on and fights to keep her out of Polaris. The conflict tears Malice apart, as her spirit form dissolves, leaving behind only her choker.

Anyway, the Malice storyline finally ends here (not quite).

After 16 years of her absence, she appeared in X-Men Forever 2 #7 (2010) and possessed Hepzibah. But this was another timeline, though.

Then in X-Men Forever 2 #8 (2010), Malice gets stopped by Polaris. Meaning that Chris Claremont did not have Malice possess her :)

I don’t know what Mystique was thinking but it was here where Malice was last seen. Oh so it seemed.

Ironically in X-Men Blue #5 2017, Marvel Girl was the next to receive it only this time by Miss Sinister. I supposed we will once again see the mind altering menace of Malice soon. Written by @cullenbunn. I have no doubt Bunn is going to WOW us. We are in great hopes that it will be something very distinct from Claremont indeed, with a quality and characteristic that will be unique to us. Cullen has been doing quite fine since he’s been using Lorna :)

So much panels I want to post, so much I want to discuss but I will end here. I believe I posted and said more than enough to make a few points. We’re now entering the field of clarification. This would easily allow clarification of what is “many years” or “this was Malice’s doing and not Polaris” without really tampering with the rest.

I have read in a few places (including her wiki) how Lorna was possessed for “many years” when she was not possessed for “many years”. How was she possessed for “many years” when Malice only appears in 34 issues? Her possession started in Uncanny X-Men #219 1987 and it ended in Uncanny x-Men #250 1989. That’s 2 years at the most and that isn’t “many years”, let alone in the Marvel comics world time. It might seem years in our time, but in the comic time she was possessed for only a few months.To make it more comprehensible, I will post a panel from X-Factor #104 1994, where Malice interacted with Lorna the second time after their last encounter in Uncanny X-Men #250 1989

There you have it. Lorna was only possessed for a few months and not for “many years”. Just wanted to clarify that Comic-Book time does not pass at the same rate for everyone in our real world. While our children aging, the characters in the Marvel world remain roughly the same age. Yes, they do get older but not as quickly as we do. This is why I keep saying to follow your comics and not the wiki or any community where you see them misleading others into believing something that is not true. Everywhere I go I see noxious “fans” make it look as if Polaris was possessed for decades because that’s what “many years” sounds like. A decade IS many years, 2 decades IS many years but 2 years it’s only… a couple years in our time.

Another thing is that when Lorna was possessed by Malice there were few people stating that what ever badass Lorna did during her possession in INFERNO, was not Polaris??? How can you explain that? Are you saying it was Malice who did it? A spirit? A ghost? A non-physical being? Well, here once again people are wrong. Definitely one of them is a real badass and that’s POLARIS. Let me clarify.

Possession is where a being takes control of another being’s body, right? Malice can usurp control of another being’s body by invading the body with their spiritual attributes. Malice kept repeating herself “I am bonded to this body, and Malice and Polaris are now one!” over and over. Well of course, that’s because we’ve seen only one body and not two. When your thoughts or actions are being controlled by outside, demonic forces… It’s still you. Because they do not have bodies, demons are not inclined to any “sins of the flesh”. If Lorna’s body was possessed by another spirit, where was her spirit in the meantime? It must be either in or out of her body. If out of her body, where was it? If in her body, how can two spirits be in possession of one bodily organism at the same time? A possession of anything begins in the mind. Mental possession leads to physical possession. Polaris was just a puppet.

Malice has nothing to do with Polaris’s power. Polaris was the one doing everything, Malice was just the reason she was doing it. Polaris is no more powerful with Malice than she was without Malice. Malice doesn’t add to her power at all and just like in the Krakoa event, Polaris WAS the body and Malice was the mind.

I remember when some people try to claim what Chris Claremont did to Polaris during his run was somehow bad. Well, he was bad himself so I don’t blame others into claiming such. But I must give credit where credit is due; Claremont did some good things, as I perceive things differently, and have a different perspective.

  • He gave Lorna a code name that everyone loves. Polaris.
  • He gave her a secondary mutation. Thus making her the first subject.
  • He gave her several costumes while the X-team were always the same.
  • He made her a leader during the INFERNO arc (one heck of a leader).
  • He gave her a lot more freedom than just being an X-Man (4 affiliations).
  • He made her an antagonist (and one of the most important plots)
  • He had other super powerful beings been interested in her.
  • He tried to give her a “sister” (thank God it didn’t work).
  • He tried to give her another new power set along with a new code name after the incident with the Shadow kind (fortunately, Marvel took that away from Claremont since he already was making everything more confusing. This is the reason WHY Polaris didn’t get the complete development until recently when Peter David took over).

At the time Chris Claremont didn’t know what to do with Lorna who he was desperate to use. So he came with the idea of Malice and possessed a few X-ladies but she was specifically created for Lorna. Claremont could have easily possessed Dazzler, Storm, Rogue and/or Wolverine as an antagonist for the event of INFERNO. However it was Lorna who he had in mind to utilize and made her one of the most important antagonists for his upcoming plot. She ended up being a linchpin of his story. Since Lorna was only a simple girl who wanted to live a normal live, he couldn’t immediately use her as an almighty mutant who just came out of college. Malice was his source for Lorna’s potential.

Deep in Claremont’s mind, he wanted to show us how much Lorna has to offer as he already knew he wasn’t gonna be with the X-men for much longer (If memory serves me right, his last issue was Uncanny X-Men #279 1991 and please do the math. From 1975 to 1991 would be 16 years as a writer of the X-Men and not 17 as some wiki stated). It was in the INFERNO arc where he approached to show what Polaris can do and how important and interesting she is. Letting us know Lorna being well trained and with very good experience can do so much more than we can ever imagine. So he chose the opportunity to show us the real Lorna in the near future back in 1987.

  • He showed us what Polaris has to offer.
  • Showed us what Lorna is capable of.
  • Showed us that Lorna can use her power to create new costumes.
  • Can do massive destruction.
  • She can be a formidable opponent.
  • She’s exactly the opposite of weak.
  • Can fight on her own with a whole team combined.
  • Can be a strong leader and lead on her own since she did it without Mr Sinister.
  • Can do so much MUCH more.
  • Can keep us entertained.

Sorry for the longest page ever but it was quite fun. You don’t have to reblog if you don’t want to, but I would like ya to appreciate it, since I put all my effort and time in this wonderful page. Thank you for coming all the way down here :)

Consider this the best wiki :)

flamboyant and a little bit sinister: the louis tomlinson story

One of the lads I play football (soccer, if you’re American and wrong) with at Uni is from Doncaster and went to the same school as Louis Tomlinson. He sat next to him in English and describes him as ‘Flamboyant as he seems and a little bit sinister.’”

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Oswald x Reader- Little Princess (Rated M - smut and sinister acts)

So here it is! After all the opinions on where I should take this story, here’s the result!! Thank you all for your input!! Please read the warnings under the cut. Please really please!

You are Sal Maroni’s daughter, caught in the crossfire of Oswald’s planned revenge after your Father gave away his biggest secret to the woman he cherishes most in the world…..

This is a really sinister Oswald, please proceed with care!

Originally posted by gobblepotfans

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My doctors asked me to tell my story so other girls like me could read it and learn from my mistakes because I’ll be dead soon. That makes me pretty sad to think about. I don’t want other girls to be sick like I am. I guess they won’t be sick exactly like me, because that would be crazy, but maybe they can read this so they won’t make the bad decisions I made.

When I was little, Mom used to hold me and say stuff like, “Oh Katie, you fit so perfectly on my lap! You’re so teeny-tiny!” I loved it. She’d keep me warm and hug me and I felt so great. I’d always go to Mom if I felt sad or scared and she’d just scoop me up, saying “What’s wrong, my teeny-tiny girl?” and I’d tell her what was making me upset and she’d always always always make it all better.

The most vivid memory I have was the day I turned 10. It wasn’t of my party, which I vaguely remember being great, it wasn’t the presents, some of which I still have, but it was when Mom had me in her lap that night and had tears in her eyes and said to Dad, “Katie’s getting to be a big girl, huh?” I don’t remember what my dad said, but there was no denying it: I wasn’t her teeny-tiny girl anymore.

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I am jolted awake
Pulled back into reality by a hidden authority
I grasp the bedsheet with fumbling frozen fingers
That create a contrast to my burning face and neck

The grey outline of the bedroom comes into focus

Fuzzy shapes rush toward me
My brain struggles to make sense of it all

I scan the scenery
Door and

Something else.
I’m met with a sinister curiosity
The feeling tugs at my shirtsleeve

Begging my eyes to stare longer
At the unknown shape
Wallowing the blackness.

I sit and ponder this mystery figure
Seconds spent searching the silhouette
For any scrap of detail
To feed my hungry mind

I jump slightly
Noticing something I hadn’t before
This figure in the dark was growing
Not just growing

Moving toward me.

I rush to turn on the light
I sigh with relief
The mystery creature disappears out of view
Just as quickly as it’d materialized

I felt lucky for a second or two
As I failed to notice
The slow creeping footsteps
Falling on the floorboards behind me…


(Writing prompt was: Write something to make the reader afraid of the dark)

angryharmonypirate  asked:

Hi, 195/ 191 and 81 please. 😚😚


195: If I was an action hero what would my weapon of choice and line you scream when defeating your enemy? Sword. ever since watching Merlin I’ve always wanted to wield a sword the way Arthur does. Hmm, defeating enemy line is very tricky. I’m more of a sinister whisper sort of person and it would be something along the lines of “Now you know what it feels like. All that pain, all that suffering you caused. I’ll make sure it’s haunts you.” Yeah, I’m a bit creepy like that. (I would only be in that situation if they TRULY deserved it though.)

191: You are given $100,000 dollars to give to someone, who do you give it to? My mum so she can pay depts., replace broken household appliances etc. Boring stuff like that.

81: Top 5 places you wish you could go to before you die? Amsterdam. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I wrote about it in a fanfic. Barcelona. Same reason. New Orleans. Same reason. St Petersburg. Same reason. London. Same reason.

Yay!!! BFF returns!

And behind door number one?

So BFF your name is Isaac. Good name. Hebrew name for laughter actually. Also hello “sir”. Nice to meet you. Even though the atmosphere is making you seem sinister I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. After all sometimes misdirection is a thing. So I will try my best to not read your text with “spooky bad guy” voice.

Awww he so excited. It’s like he also knows he is Max’s BFF.

But “sir” on the other hand is treating this with caution. Hmmm.

Just like who Isaac? LIKE WHO???? HMMMM?? Damn you plot devices! And hello… so “sir” is definitely a teacher it seems. But as to which one we’ll have to see later on. I’m going to memorize his skin tone and hand structure for future use.

Also I had a feeling there would be grownups involved somehow. Now to which side “sir” is apart of we’ll have to see.

I’m watching sinister 2 n I really don’t remember if I’ve seen it before or not. I’ve definitely seen the first one because I remember ethan hawke but the second one is so boring n unmemorable like did I actively push that memory out of my head or did I really not watch it. I mean, whether I did or didn’t its a terrible movie don’t watch it its so boring god.

Is it cool if I brag for a minute bc I wanna share what I got for Christmas

I’m really excited.

  • Sinister shirt (shane niemi merch; it came with a thing with his logo on it and he wrote ‘love ya’ and then signed it and aw)
  • Shawn Mendes sweatpants
  • Lip gloss
  • Ulta gift card
  • Moneyyyy
  • Record player
  • The thrill of it all vinyl (sam smith)
  • Dirty dancing vinyl
  • Polaroid camera
  • Clothes
  • Milk and vine (book)
  • Pillow thoughts (Courtney peppernell)
Sherlolly Fanfiction Suggestions No.3

Hello my darlings! 

Me again with my Sherlolly fanfiction suggestions ^^ I went through my favourite Sherlolly fanfictions of all times once again to pick a few of them that I thought I’d share with you guys. (For audience of M this time) All of them are in the genres of Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Friendship… A lot of mature stuff going on in these fanfictions obviously. Some of them are one-shots, some of them are multi-chapter fanfictions. Hope you enjoy them. And I’m always open to other suggestions, just send a message to my inbox. (You can simply open these fanfictions in a new tab by just clicking on their names.)

3 Break-up sex (Rated:M): She should have known it was never going to last. (Written for the ‘50 Reasons to have (Sherlolly) sex’ meme on tumblr) -by Doctor WTF

EnCounters 1: Counterintuitive (Rated M): Sherlolly post-Reichenbach. Molly’s hiding a not-so-dead detective in her flat and he’s driving her mad…in more ways than one. What happens when Sherlock finally puts two and two together concerning Molly Hooper’s feelings for him? -by MizJoely

Mirror Crack’d (Rated M):  She still won’t love him. Alternate Reality AU. Part two of the Mirror verse series. -by Adi Who is Also Mou

Something More Sinister (Rated M): Molly didn’t know if this was just some sort of friendly rivalry between the two men or something more sinister. -by Ambur

Stutter (Rated M):  “It was primal. That was Sherlock’s only explanation for the feeling that enveloped him as he watched Molly. He could admit that even he was subject to basal instincts from time to time. Simply biology.” Slight TRF spoilers, mostly just a fun Sherlolly one-shot -by AsteraceaeBlue

When the Sun Stands Still (Rated M): What happened between Molly and Sherlock one solstice night, when they were still at university. -by Petra Todd

A Reckoning (Rated M): So, this is the life of Molly Hooper. Humble laboratory assistant, lonely cat owner, friend, partner-in-crime, companion, sometimes lover…just an ordinary woman who always mattered. -by librarianmum

Yes, I admit it… I read a lot of M rated fanfiction… Don’t judge me! :(

Anyways, so that’s it for now. If you like this list, please reblog or push the like button so I can make more suggestions! Also, if you want me to do another part of this suggestion posts, please let me know! I’d be glad to share my favourite stories with you because these are quite lovely pieces of works.

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The M for Murder series by Dramione84 is pretty awesome. There's a bunch of fics and side stories that go alone with it.

OMG I heard about M for Murder but didn’t know about all the other ones in the series!!!! This is so cool!

Prequel 1:  R for Ronald By: Dramione84 - M, 4 chaptersA 3 part drabbled ficlet that works as a prequel to M for Murder and charts the course of Hermione’s relationship with Ron after the war. Written as a series of snippets of conversations Rated M mostly for the language

Prequel 2:  D for Draco By: Dramione84 - K, 2 chapters - Drabble charting Draco’s cases, first as Harry’s partner and then as the lead Hit Wizard. Prequel of sorts to M for Murder

Prequel 3:  P for Pansy By: Dramione84 - M, 11 chapters - A prequel to M for Murder, inspired by the Hurts track, Rolling Stone. One night Ron finds a girl being beaten in the street. Recognising her as someone from his childhood, he takes her back to his Parisian apartment and an unlikely friendship is forged. A tale of compassion, finding yourself and learning to live again.

Main fic:  M for Murder By: Dramione84 - M, 38 chaptersA unique Murder causes Head Auror Harry Potter to pair Hit Wizard Draco Malfoy with top auror Hermione Granger and she is NOT happy about it. Ties in with Afternoon Tea at Malfoy Manor and Welcome to Venice which can be read as a stand alone fics or in sequence. Prequel fics R for Ronald and D for Draco fill in the backstory

Tie in 1: Afternoon Tea at Malfoy Manor By: Dramione84 - K, 2 chaters p Theo Nott accepts an invitation for Afternoon Tea with Narcissa Malfoy, meanwhile a week into their first assignment for Head Auror, Harry Potter, things are not going smoothly for Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. #SuggestionSunday prompt Must contain Dramione as #OTP with Theo Nott having tea and rich tea biscuits at Malfoy Manor. Part of the M for Murder Series

Tie in 2: Welcome to Venice By: Dramione84 - M, 4 chaptersA 3 part drabbled ficlet that charts an afternoon encounter between a frustrated Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger who are in the middle of their first assignment for Head Auror, Harry Potter. Part of the M for Murder Series #SuggestionSunday prompt Must include Dramione as the #otp and a naked Blaise Zabini holding biscotti

Follow up Fic 1: The Venetian Affaire By: Dramione84 - M, 12 chaptersFollow up story to M for Murder-Auror Granger and Hit Wizard Malfoy head up a joint task force between Italy and England to investigate Dark Wizards coming in from the Middle East. Chasing shadows proves far more arduous than chasing a murderer however, and Hermione and Draco soon learn they need more than each other to scratch the itch that the frustration brings (HG/DM/BZ)

Parallel Fic: Wizarding Law and Order: Major Case Squad By: Dramione84 - M, WIPIn the fight against the Dark Arts the Wizarding community is represented by two separate by equally important groups. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement who investigate crimes and the wizengamont who prosecute the offenders. The worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Auror Department: Major Case Squad, headed up by Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.

Tie in 1: Touring Milan By: Dramione84 - K, 2 chapters - Business takes Blaise and Theo to Milan, providing Blaise with an opportunity to track down the young witch he fell for last summer. Romance blossoms but will Blaise win the heart of the girl who stole his? Written as a tie in ficlet for The Venetian Affaire although can be read as a standalone fic

Tie in 2: Vows in Venice By: Dramione84 - T, 3 chapters - One shot: Part of the M for Murder series The invitations have been sent, the venue is ready, are our favourite couple ready for their special day?

Follow up Fic 2 (Sequel): The Brotherhood By: Dramione84 - M, 18 chapters - A sinister collective of Dark Wizards are making their way from Persia into Europe in search of an artifact, smuggled out of the Ottoman Empire, and that may hold the key to immortality. Will Hit Wizard, Draco Malfoy, and Auror Hermione Granger be able to stop their infiltration before it’s too late? Sequel to M for Murder

Follow up Fic 3 (Sequel to The Brotherhood): The Slytherin Carousal By: Dramione84 - T, 2 chapters - A rowdy gathering leads to an eye-opening piece of information…that leads to an even bigger argument. With emotions running high, can Hermione and Draco comes to their senses? Can be read as a sequel to The Brotherhood or as a standalone one shot

- Lisa