m. melia

  • Melia: Loses father. Loses brother. Loses almost entire race. Experiences racism and prejudice throughout her entire life. Outlived her own mother. Was almost murdered by first consort mom. Almost murdered by first consort mom’s daughter. Witnesses her father's death. Witnesses brother turn into a monster. Witnesses a large majority of her people turn into monsters. Has to then kill her own people to put them out of their misery. Survivor’s guilt. Runs an entire empire by herself after all the turmoil she’s been through.
  • fandom: ...
  • fandom: melia's crush on shulk tho !! 1!!!1

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☕️ Shall we count all the dancers on bad terms with Molly? The Quinns, Peyton H, Raven, Autumn(not anymore), Melia M(not anymore now because she's on P21 but if anyone remembers a few yrs ago when Molly literally came at her on Instagram because one of Melia's costumes at OCPAA was similar to Dance Precisions proud mary costume) which was reaaaaal classy of Molly as a grown woman lol.

we don’t know the full story