m. lillard

I’m so glad Matthew Lillard is in the new Twin Peaks. I’m not somebody who even has favourite actors, but like. Ugh. Matthew Lillard, man. He’s great.

He has one of those rubber faces that’s practically genetically engineered for comedy acting, and so I absolutely adore seeing him in horror films. There’s just something so incredibly sincere and captivating about his inability to pull off a subtle facial expression in those scenarios.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly think that my entire sense of humor was based off of that scene in Scream where he’s bleeding out on the phone and he’s like, “Did you really call the police? My mom and dad are gonna’ be so mad at me.”

Like, all I did as a kid was watch Thirteen Ghosts over and over again because I simply could not get over watching him try and convince Adrian Monk and Rah Digga not to fuck with a giant glass house full of ghost portal devil magic.