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Remus raising Harry AU pt. 3

part 1 / part 2

Note: I might’ve forgotten to mention but yeah Harry has Hedwig but she isn’t as major in this, also sorry it took so long but honestly I kinda forgot about this also I’m not covering every part of the books/movies just the general story and how it changes.

Lil bit about their summer together

  • Draco exploring Remus his whole collection of books
  • Harry planning pranks and wanting to get stuff for them and Draco scolds him for it because he should at least try to behave a little in the next year if he still wants McGonagall to eventually teach him how to become an animagus
  • So when they go to some wizarding stores with the twins and Ron, the twins are just visiting and Ron’s staying for a few days, Harry lets them pick out some stuff whilst he goes to a book store and buys EVERYTHING he can get on transfiguration because he was too busy with different things last year and almost forgot about it.
  • Just them enjoying their summer, Hermione sometimes visits and is surprised to see how much Harry is reading, she knows he likes to do it and is well educated but these are books she never imagined him touching.
  • During the full moon in their summer Harry tries his best to explain to Draco what’s going to happen because despite being pureblood he’d have no reason to know what would happen and Draco’s nervous at first but an hour after the transformation he’s fine.
  • Ron asking his family if some of them know something more about transfiguration or becoming an animagus because Harry is so dedicated to it and he wants to help him.
  • He asks Remus everything and tries to every day and eventually he gives in but doesn’t tell him everything both because Remus knows he’s too young even if he was gifted and because he didn’t know everything about the process anymore.
  • When it’s Harry’s birthday Draco, Ron and Hermione planned everything for him so it’s this almost magical feast with tons of food and the whole weasley family is there, some of their friends and even McGonagall and Hagrid popped in when they had the time.

School year

  • So by the end of the summer break like the last week or two before school starts again Draco has to go back because he has to start packing his school stuff and that’s basically still at his parents and he needs to go shopping with them, although he mostly moved in with Remus and Harry
  • One night when Remus and Harry are just eating dinner there’s suddenly a house elf on their table.
  • Harry’s a bit sceptical of his warning, he knows chances are it’s a real danger but still it’s proven he has teachers always watching him and a ton of great friends, Remus takes it more seriously but knows he can’t refuse Hogwarts for Harry
  • So the two of them go shopping for school supplies and Harry makes sure they’re still enough Wolfsbane for Remus when he’s at school even though he’s allowed to go home every full moon, he’s just worried and wants to make sure everything is perfect.
  • They all meet up and decide eat something but Draco is dragged away by his dad and Harry noticed how concerned he was looking at something but Harry couldn’t place what it was, he made a note to ask him about it.
  • So they ACTUALLY GET ON THE TRAIN because Remus makes sure Harry is there on time and Ron is also on time
  • During the train ride Harry and Draco go out of their carriage, shared with Hermione and Ron, and Harry asks why he looked as concerned and Draco replies that his dad did something but he wasn’t sure what as he was basically excluded from everything because he was chosen as a Gryffindor.
  • Harry asks if it’s okay to share with the rest and Draco agrees and so they share it and they start to look out for suspicious things that maybe could be cursed or something like it.
  • Skipping the feast because they just eat and then sleep
  • Colin obviously continuously asking for Harry and pictures and stuff but also of that of his friends because they basically got him through the challenge last year
  • Lockhart annoying Ron and Draco to a maximum whilst Harry just kind of tags along with it and Hermione doesn’t get how they can be so annoyed with him.
  • When the pixies are flying around Hermione immobilises them because honestly the rest of them had no clue what to do and it becomes apparent to them no matter how much Harry focuses on transfiguration, Draco’s general knowledge and Ron’s Quidditch knowledge none of it matches Hermione’s.
  • Someone in the Slytherin Quidditch team still calling Hermione mudblood and both Draco and Ron immediately getting to her defence but Ron is quicker.
  • No one suspects Draco of being Slytherin’s heir because he’s a Gryffindor but he also knows better because if he was his father would be announcing it to the whole wizarding world.
  • Harry is more tense through the year because of the threat of Slytherin’s heir and the Chamber of Secrets but got his relief from pranking with the twins who always asked him if he was okay because they noticed he started to look tense.
  • Harry being the best kid in transfiguration by far and going after class to ask if he can get extra lessons more aimed at becoming an animagus, after a few weeks she agrees but does say she’ll take it slower because he’s still so young and it’s a hard process.
  • When Harry is hit by the enchanted bludger ( I think that was the one) Draco’s the first one next to him because he got so worried when he noticed what was going on 
  • So when Harry speaks Parseltongue during the duelling club Draco’s worried because he especially knows it’s not really a good thing to be able to and he starts to think how Harry might be able to do it because he’s a potter and those seem to be Gryffindors since the start of time and his mother was a muggle-born so that also wasn’t it.
  • So when Hermione comes with the idea of brewing Polyjuice Draco refuses to go with them because he feels uncomfortable and Hermione and Harry are surprised but Ron gets him because he also imagined it’d be hard if he was a different house than all of his family and trying to sneak into the house of his family because he knows the pressure that comes with some pureblood families and ever since the start of last year he was surprised how easily Draco accepted it.
  • So Harry still goes home a few days during Christmas break just because he wants to catch up with Remus and ask if he knew something but Remus knew nothing, still harry was very happy to visit him more than just once during a night to watch him.
  • When Harry finds the diary and Draco spots it Draco is very worried because that doesn’t look good and it might’ve been the thing his father hid in somewhere to be smuggled into Hogwarts but Harry says they at least have to try it but if it’s bad they could maybe turn it into Dumbledore
  • When Hermione is petrified they are devastated, first of all, and surprised at how keen Draco seems on catching whoever did it and giving them justice.
  • Draco is horrified and doesn’t understand how the man that’s his father and a few others are leading Hagrid away and he’s so angry but Harry keeps him from running at them and throwing whatever spell he knows because despite who his parents are and everything Hagrid’s only shown him kindness.
  • Once they start to follow the spiders ,after waiting for everyone to sleep, they’re lead into the forbidden forest and meet aragog and Draco was both surprised to see a spider this big but also terrified because spiders aren’t scary to him but make him feel uneasy especially if they’re this big SAME
  • Also the have negative hope in that Lockhart can actually do something because Harry’s also become really sceptic. 
  • And so they go down with Lockhart and Draco performs a disarming charm and offers to watch him whilst the two of them go ahead a bit further and explore. 
  • Ron offers to go with Harry but because Harry’s an idiot, a smart idiot, he refuses and says it’d be better if they both watch Lockhart and then they get separated.
  • Ron and Draco having a talk about different things and realizing, despite that Ron moved past his prejudice he was still slightly judging, they’re actually really similar.
  • Saving Ginny from the Chamber of secrets and Dobby being set free by Harry.
  • Also, Harry defending Draco from Lucius and they get into quite a heavy discussion which ends by Harry agreeing to have him over the whole summer because it was almost said like a dare that he couldn’t survive that.
  • Draco being happy to know he can spend the summer with them again but also growing worried as to how his father would eventually react to him because when he had to get home now it was already bad, he still had his mother though who supported him through and through.
Remus raising Harry AU pt. 2
  • Harry gets sorted into Gryffindor, as literally everyone on earth expected but it was quite a hard sorting as he had many different traits as well
  • Draco getting sorted into Gryffindor terrified everyone, him even more. 
  • Draco’s shocked when he learnt why because him befriending Harry and basically the Weasley twins were something very braver and very much against Malfoy traditions. 
  • Minerva watching Harry and the Weasley twins comfort Draco whose on the verge of crying
  • Other Gryffindors and Slytherins calling him out, distrusting him. 
  • Harry waking up in the middle of the night for a drink, instead, he finds his lover friend crying.
  • Draco getting a howler the next morning and running out because he’s terrified, all the Slytherins are snickering and shouting names.
  • Harry standing up for him.
  • “If anyone bullies Draco ever again you’ll have me and the twins to answer to.’’
  • Teachers being terrified of Harry because he’s literally all the Marauders (Minus Peter) mixed in one person, charismatic and cocky like Sirius, as obsessed with Quidditch as James and as smart as Remus so they know Harry’s a serious threat.
  • People not being impressed with Harry’s threat, the twins were great prankers but a first year wasn’t really a threat, even if he was the chosen one. Which is why everyone dismissed it, but the teachers knew he had a Marauder as a teacher.
  • The first victims are fourth years. Harry made a bomb explode around their seat during dinner in the great hall for everyone to see, once the smoke cleared the victims were left with pink, red, gold and purple hair which lasted around three months.
  • Harry gets permission to floo home every full moon to make sure Remus is fine.
  • Draco having studying session with Hermione alone and with Harry as well, Harry still goes along despite knowing it all already which is why those three are on the top of their classes.
  • After a month or so everyone in Gryffindor accepts Draco.
  • Draco already knowing much about the Philosopher’s stone which gives them more time to focus on other things.
  • Draco convincing them Snape isn’t bad, after all he’s still nice to him despite being a Gryffindor and he knew Snape wouldn’t do that kind of stuff.
  • The bullying stops after a few months and a lot of vicious pranks but Harry’s far from done.
  • The twins play along with a lot of fun as Harry’s a master at playing pranks, planning them and executing them.
  • Harry keeps dragging Draco along which he secretly loves and because of it the teachers start referring to them as the Marauders and soon it catches on and the whole school is doing it. 
  • “You know, they’ve even started to call us the Marauders.’’
  • Remus laughing extremely loud to the extent it hurts, despite it being a full moon.
  • Harry going home during Christmas and dragging Draco along.
  • Remus being rather hesitant at first, because after all Lucius was one of Voldemort’s trusted soldiers in the war. Soon though he realized Draco is a really massive nerd and an actual cinnamon roll
  • Draco and Harry getting a Weasley sweater
  • Draco helping make the banner for Harry’s first Quidditch match
  • At Hogwarts, Harry finds the mirror of erised and takes Draco to see it. Harry explains he sees his parents, alongside Remus without his scars and Sirius, Harry really can’t believe he’d sell his parents out.
  • Draco doesn’t get it, before he reads the title, as he just sees him and Harry.
  • Draco later realizing which mirror it actually is.
  • Draco and Ron playing games of wizard chess for hours.
  • Solving the puzzles on their way to the stone.
  • Harry asking Draco to stay with him during summer because he sees how scared and unhappy Draco is that he has to leave.
  • “Your dad could never find us, first of all, as he doesn’t know where to look for us. If he did, it doesn’t matter as much because Remus is amazing at dueling and I just don’t want you to get hurt.’’
  • Draco having the best summer ever.

idk why but the idea of fred and alice being friends cracks me up. And it’s not going to happen for so many reasons but when she comes to the drive-in and says “sorry to interrupt your ADULtERy FRED” i felt it u know. I felt the “we grew up together and i support u but i am going to call u out on your bullshit u know that.”

I really want to wonder…Is the wizarding world of Harry Potter really that blind?

Now, before you get all “What in Merlin’s saggy left **** do you mean?” Let me explain. 

Harry Potter, a boy with the lightning scar on his forehead,  wearing clothes that didn’t fit him, very thin, scrawny, small, on the train to Hogwarts.

I’m sure that Nurse Promfery would have noticed malnutrition when Harry continuously come into her care. 

I’m sure Fred and George must’ve of noticed the fact that Harry’s bedroom door was locked, with only a cat-flap for food. When they opened the door to the cupboard under the stairs, and notice how lived in it looked, with a small sign that was written in messy 6 year old handwriting with a red crayon “Harry’s Room.”

 Ron must of have noticed the bars on Harry’s window, that his owl is locked in a cage, how he would flinch if someone moved to fast towards him. 

Hermione must of noticed that harry was always unnaturally thin, and began to gain his weight back at Hogwarts feasts. How his essays seemed too simple, like he was holding back some sort of cleverness. How he dreaded going back to the Durselys. That he said “Are you mad? All those times I could’ve died and I didn’t manage it? They’ll be furious…” yet it didn’t seem like a joke?

Percy should have noticed that 11 year old Harry stared at the food like a starving man, like he hadn’t seen food for days. 

The professors should have noticed that his grades were failing in subjects, yet looked like he was holding back. (Harry was a smart shit, fite me)

Molly Weaselly should of questioned the fact that Harry did not expect presents for his first Christmas at Hogwarts. 

The Gryffindor Quidditch Team  should have noticed how harry doesn’t like to show his back to people. 

Rebeus Hagrid should have noticed how Harry was given the floor and a very thin blanket when he first met him. 

I’m sure people would have noticed the 10 years worth of neglect and abuse. 

So why did nobody say anything?

Also, I’m looking at Albus Dumbledore, because there is no reason to place a child in an abusive home.

  • Fred: You think that that girl's Gogo?
  • Wasabi: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
  • Fred: Okay, let's test her. I'm gonna ask her a question that only Gogo would know the answer to. *to Gogo* Are you Gogo Tomago?
  • Gogo: It's me, you moron.
  • Fred: Correct!

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maddestofallhatters I ship you with Fred Weasley!

Fred, George and Lee was sitting in one of the couches in the common room, going over ideas for the joke shop. They were talking but something else had caught Fred’s attention, distracting him. “Fred? Fred are you even listening?” Lee said, curious to what had caught attention. “Hey, who’s that? Over there with the book.” Fred asked, nudging Lee with his shoulder. Completely ignoring his question. The two other boys just smiled looking at each other. Lee put one arm around his friend and looked at the girl he was asking about. “That my friend, is Y/N Y/L/N. She is in the year under us. Good friends with Hermione I think.“ He told him. Fred nodded, “hmm, right.” He said quietly. All of them statyed silent for a few moments, Fred looking at you, and the two boys looking at him amused by the whole thing. Then you looked up to see someone starring at you. Fred quickly turned to his friends again, his face flooding with red. “So how about puking pastils?” 

The next day you were on the way to the library. You found yourself walking in an empty hallway, when you suddenly heard loud bangs like expulsions. Before you could guess what had happened, two gingers came running towards you. They didn’t stop just looked at you as the ran past you to a painting on the wall, they pulled it out revealing a hidden corridor. “You didn`t see us.” one of them said “We were never here.”The other one finished giving you a wink as they disappeared into the hole in the wall. You smiled and shook your head, impressed. You turned again as you heard footsteps approaching and the painting shutting the entrance. Around the corner came Flich, looking absolutely furious. “YOU!” He shouted pointing at you. “Have you seen anyone coming past here, perhaps the Weasley twins?” He said raising a eyebrow as he came closer to you. “Oh no, I’m sorry. But I did see someone just run past me, they turned left just down there. I didn’t see who it was.” You lied pointing down the hallway you had just walked down. Without answering, Flich started to run in the direction you had pointed to. You waited a minute to be sure Flich was gone, then you walked to the painting and knocked lightly. “Clear.” You said. The painting swung open and the two boys stepped out. Your eyes met one of them, they might look similar but this one.. this one was special. “Thanks.” He said with a gorgeous smile. “We need to check on Lee.” The other one said as he started to walk away. “Be right there.” The one in front of you told the other not breaking the eye contact between you. “I`m Fred, nice to finally meet you.”