m. bell

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nickname: Sometimes people call me Gracie. Silly nicknames include Gracewell and Grapes. It’s not an easy name to nickname.

star sign: Aquarius

height: 5′4″

time: EST

birthday: January 25th

favorite bands: Motion City Soundtrack & Lorde

favorite artists: Norman Rockwell for a classic artist, but modern artists include Brett Helquist, Keith Thompson, @loish and @cyarindraws

song stuck in my head: probably Bodak Yellow lmao

last movie i watched: Memoirs of a Geisha! I watched it after I read the book. It was pretty interesting and definitely beautiful but I didn’t like it as much as the book.

last show i watched: The Good Place. Such a great show, and I’m obsessed with Kristen Bell so

when did i create this blog: good question. No idea, but I repurposed it as a writing blog only a few months ago in 2017.

last thing i googled: the Life of Pi because I couldn’t remember the author’s name lol

average hours of sleep: around 6, 8-10 if it’s a weekend

lucky number: 13 or 39

instruments: I can’t play anything :’( I’ve always been more of a visual artist/writer. I prefer acrylic paints or charcoals. I’m also currently in the process of editing a YA fantasy novel.

what i’m wearing: an oversized hoodie from my college and sophe shorts, my usual outfit LOL

how many blankets do i sleep with: one big warm fluffy one

dream job: social worker and YA author

dream trip: I’d love to visit China finally! I have family there I haven’t seen in ages and a cousin I have yet to meet, so I’d love to meet him and explore a new country

favorite food: burritos for sure. Also anything with buffalo sauce on it. And chocolate. But not together…obviously 

nationality: American

favorite song at the moment: I never have an answer for this 

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Here are some pictures from my Visualizing and Depicting Ideas final project based on “Ghost Quartet”! I wanted to create something that would function as a cover/liner notes for a CD of the song cycle accompanied by illustrations that correspond with some of the songs from the show. (maybe I’ll just make some more for fun…)


“Now, in “The Lord of the Rings”, people were wearing this. This is metal chainmail. This is about five kilograms of metal that I’m carrying around in this shot. WETA is famous for creating this chainmail which wasn’t as heavy. It’s like made of sort of an alloy or plastic, or something like that. Unfortunately they’d run out of it when I got to New Zealand. But they had plenty of the heavy stuff.” - Luke Evans

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