If it was my friendship

Me as Riley:
I’m way too upset and distracted to go get tacos, Maya. You go and grab them while I look for Beary.


Me as Maya:
Riley, I know how important Beary is to you, but I’ve been looking forward to taco day for a while now. I’ve texted the boys to come help look. I’m going to go buy tacos for all of us and run back here to find Beary with you.

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Y'know, I'm upset about Juvia dying and all, but was it weird that I didn't cry? I knew that she would come back. At least, something told me she would. Somehow someone will bring her back, either from the Fairy Tail side or the Spriggan side.

I knew shed come back but still cried especially when reading how gray says hes serious about her begging her to wake

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I'm really upset right now. My girlfriend broke up with me and cut me off because she didn't want to deal with my mental illness even though she said she always wanted me to open up with her. Now she blames me and I can't handle it. I haven't been this bad in months and every self deprecating thought, every cut on my skin, every pain feels familiar but new all over again because I trusted someone for the first time and was let down in a way I thought could only happen in my nightmares.

Not everyone can handle the worst parts of you and that’s okay. It just comes to show that the person we thought were the one isn’t at all and that you deserve someone far more better than a person who left you because of things you can’t control. You didn’t ask to have mental illness and one day you’ll come across someone who will understand that also. I know it’s hard as fuck and things seem like it’s crashing down onto you but please hold yourself up, don’t for a second think you’re weak because as each day passes
YOU are still breathing
YOU are still making it to the next day
even if it’s barely, you’re doing it and that’s strength. Don’t let a loss take over you even if it hurts like hell, remind yourself that you will be okay one day and someone will come along to want you for any way you are. If you’re seeking to get better, throw away that sharp object, talk to someone and every time you feel yourself get close to the edge you can message me or do soothing techniques and like wash your hands, bubble baths, ripping paper, writing, drawing etc play a game if so. You’re strong even if you don’t believe it.

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Hello! What does Akademisierungswahn mean? A lot of people wanting higher education (it has negative connotation)?

Yes.  That was a campaign poster for the AfD. Nazis be like “OMG higher education is so evil why is everyone doing that wtf education should not be for everyone????? all you need to know is ballistics????? and GERMAN language????? finally someone tells it how it is?????“

And then there are people like “I’m a little upset with the overall situation, better vote AfD :/”

  • 5. Coke or Pepsi?
  • 9. What’s your dream job?
    (*Doing art for a living has always been my dream so it kinda worked out in the end! Now if i could just be more consistent about being on time..)
  • 11. Last time you cried?
    (*Ahh well, i’m the type who cries when they’re frustrated rather than when i’m actually sad/upset so it happens every so often. )
  • 12. Favorite color?
  • 13. Height?
    (*I’m 5′6′’ yo, tallest girl in my family.)
  • 14. Birthday?
    (*April 25th!)
  • 17. What do you love?
    (*CHOCOLATE!!! And cats. Not for eating, i mean i like cats in general.)

I’m honestly having a breakdown and like on the verge of tears because like
You know how sometimes there’s that one thing that just
Topples your pile of problems and sets you off?
Well mine is the fact that I’m never going to have one of those ibloom strawberry shortcake squishies because they’re discontinued and therefore sold out everywhere and they’re like
My dream squishy and I’m so incredibly upset

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the last scene with the baby rilaya been powerful if they truly focus on riley's growth idk i am disappointing that i still not getting any riley centric anything

I have no problem with how much Riley is shown. I think it’s healthy. I just don’t like the tone of the episodes. I feel like the narrative was so, so sympathetic to Maya when she wanted to keep the bay window décor, so sympathetic to Zay when the cookie was eaten, so sympathetic and kind about Farkle’s damn turtlenecks, but when Riley loses her bear, fingers start wagging. Everyone wants to leave, they spend 3 seconds on her backstory (hello? she’s the main character. her family is iconic!), and it’s one big joke.

I enjoyed the lesson and the episode was so well-written dialogue wise. But damn, let Riley be human. Lend her some sympathy.

Also, to end, I’m getting upset by Topanga talking to Maya and Farkle and not her own daughter. And I have a bad feeling this isn’t going to be addressed and Riley will be written as the bad guy in “Her Monster”. Who wants to spend time with their parent when that parent just lectures or flat out excuses themselves from your life? (but cue the 1 minute of crying and 20 more minutes of finger wagging)

The Implications of Rational Darwinism

I will be attacked for what I’m about to write, I’m well aware of who I’m about to upset. I want to make it very clear that I’m not in favor of traditional Abrahamism: The Muslims’ anti-”infidel” mentality, the superiority complex of Judaism or the bigotry founded in Christianity.
In fact, I’m going to sound a lot like an SJW. To avoid any potential confusion, I want to put a wall between myself and individuals who make baseless, silly arguments, such as this.

Atheism and Darwinism have always had a very strong connection with philosophies founded in racial superiority. Science, as we know it now, has no gripe with oversteping one group in favor of another - suggesting natural selection. One group is superior to another, adapted in a different climate and ultimately evolved in a certain way that enabled them to overcome certain objectives.
The theory of evolution could be considered (if not blatantly is) racist. In this case, we don’t have prejudice but rather an outright demeaning of a certain race of people: Africans. The idea that they themselves are inferior to whites and orientals due to their genetic makeup could be backed by science; and it has been used to form the ideology that makes up a movement labeled “race realism”, which defines itself as: the view of race from an evolutionary standard with no sort of previous bias.

To assume that evolution is immediately accurate, that our own biases don’t play a role in the creation of said theories, is inaccurate. Darwin’s original theory has been critiqued multiple times, rewritten and reformed. This will continue; race may exist but to assume that we are not all one species is quite silly. Though, Dawkins and the like will ultimately refute me time and time again because that’s what the research has shown.

According to them, God doesn’t exist nor does God play a role in the creation of the world. To them, they know everything.

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Senpai I'm upset that people are already posting fan art and sending death threats to Mashima over the spoilers

Yeah. Fan art wise I don’t understand why people just can’t wait until Monday to post.

Death threat wise unfortunately I’ve seen and it’s worse then Gajeels. It’s pathetic.

I’m so mad,,, I’m so fucking mad,,, that girl who asked if anyone would take the kittens and she even asked if someone would take the mom, she found people to take them all, I was even going to take two of them (and give them to my mom who doesn’t have any pets and is chronically depressed rn). And this fucking girl….she gives them to humane society….their going to put down that old momma cat….I’m so upset I want to cry…instead of fucking giving all those cats a nice home right now, she gave them to a fucking cage???????? I hate ppl I fucking hate ppl,,, what was even the point of asking if anyone wanted them,,,,,,

I’m disappointed but I’m not upset, regarding 4/nyx. they do have chemistry and they did build up the relationship over the season, its just that my personal head canons regarding their sexuality contradict this. i feel like they’re better off as friends, but they don’t seem to have any romance? it mostly seems like companionship and liking each other that manifested into sexual desire. I’m not mad at it at all, because you know what? it’s an interracial relationship between two people of colour and those are rather rare. even when talking about back/asian relationships it’s on the rarer side, as usually it’s a black man and an asian woman in these tv relationships. I’m not sure how far 4/nyx will go, considering dark matter’s history with relationships between crew members (½ went no where?) and also between crew members and others. considering i was rooting for twyx I’m disappointed but if nyx was going to sleep with someone who wasn’t 2, 4 isn’t the worst person to go for