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you reblogged a steven-universe-official post... aren't they super transphobic or something? among other things...

i.. really did not know i’m sorry…..  im trying to find the reblog to delete it but i cant find it (is it far back??) can you please link it..?

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 (i’m sorry it looks so bad, i literally did not try and i used the shittiest pen ever. also, i was joking about the blood on the dance floor thing. completely joking.)

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I try talking to you, you never answer me. And when we do talk I You only put short answers. I don't know what I did but I'm sorry. There I spilled the ink .^

Try again. Plus. If you’re not brave enough to tell me that you went anon, I guess our friendship was never strong to begin with. Sad, right?

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laf café anon back!! not about the writing but I'm just sitting in my room on my phone and my dad came in and wanted to talk politics? like he was attacking my views and he said something about a criminal and a buffoon and I just hate talking about politics with him cause he only reads the information that agrees with what he thinks without trying to listen to the other side. sorry I just kinda needed to rant about it

UGH I know people like that and it’s the worst when they try to engage you -.- I’m sorry he did that, kiddo. I hope you’re alone and in relative peace now! Just know that if you’re able to read about and try to understand both sides you will always have the actual upper hand bc you have more info and a deeper understanding of the actual situation, not matter what he says!

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No fucking way Louis really? That's rare nowadays but I knew I made a good choice following you haha, I know I miss them so much (esp because it seems like it's going to be years until I hear louis' voice again) ok you have to do top 1d songs and top Louis solos

Nonnie i stg why are you trying to cause me pain

Top 5 1D songs: 

1. Home 
2. Better Than Words 
3. Strong
4.Girl Almighty
5. Stockholm Syndrome 
6. Change Your Ticket
7. Never Enough 
8. Wolves
9. What a Feeling 
10. Temporary Fix 

I’m sorry, I honestly did try to do 5. Also they aren’t even in the correct order omg im so sorry this one was so hard. 

Top 5 Louis solos:

1. Something Great (that fucking solo jfc)
2. History 
3. Love You Goodbye
4. Strong 
5. Fireproof 

sdfjalsjdjghsdlafzjds fuck this is also really hard. 

Thank you so much, my love! xo

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