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saw a 'I'm ready for bernie' bumper sticker today and i wanted to write "he's been dead for 20 years" in sharpie right next to it

honestly you should’ve. and ready for bernie to what? be our first sitting ghost senator?


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8W8YqpiVas

Be sure to watch UG this week. Special guest directed shorts and bumpers by : M Wartella, Pen Ward, Max Winston & Nick Cross.

Thursday 5/21 @ 5pm


I know there’s a few 3rd gen guys on here, I’m selling the bumper I made for my civic. It’s a Si bumper that I molded some brake ducts into. The bumper has been repainted and all the black has been re-done as well. I’ve got about five days of work into it.

$400 + shipping.