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Say, how do you think two siblings that haven't seen eachother in years and lowkey thought the other on was dead would react to seeing eachother again? They are both teens, btw.

Character A and B, simultaneously: whAT THE FUCK?

Character A: I thought you were dead!
Character B: I thought you were dead!
Character C: I knew both of you were alive.

Character A: B? Is that you?
Character B: Who’s B? I’m… C, their secret twin.

Character A: B! B!
Character C: Is that A?
Character B: You can see them too?

Character A: B?!
Character B: *runs away*

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W T F. Anyway…

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Stop acting better than everyone else because a lot of 'big' blogs are acting like they are superior to other armies

I’m not acting like i’m better than anyone. Tbh I don’t even think i’m good enough. But i try my best. I know it’s about that shout out ask, maybe you’re even the person who asked for it. But i said nothing rude. And i never said anyone is not good enough for me. I don’t like people asking for shout outs because it NEVER HELPS. Like i said what actually helps is hard work. I’ve got all my followers because i was posting shit every day, trying to do better every time and that’s what i think anyone can do. Just lets rationally think about it. It’s t u m b l r it’s fucking f a k e t e x t s and not something BIG, okay. We all do it FOR armies and not to show we are better than armies. It’s ENTERTAINMENT. If you want to entertain than do it. I want to make people happy like other blogs did for me and that’s what I’m trying to do and that’s what in my opinion anyone should do. Even if i had 10 followers i’ll keep doing the same because it’s entertainment for people and not people for entertainment.

The Blooming Clover manga will be receiving two CDs. It will feature 765 cover songs and drama tracks by Kana Yabuki, Shiho Kitazawa, Serika Hakozaki, and Umi Kousaka.

Blooming Clover 1 Special Edition (November 17th)

  1. L.O.B.M - Kana Yabuki, Shiho Kitazawa
  2. Genki Tripper - Kana Yabuki
  3. DREAM - Shiho Kitazawa

Blooming Clover 2 Special Edition (December 18th)

  1. Do-Dai - Serika Hakozaki, Umi Kousaka
  2. Flower Girl - Serika Hakozaki
  3. Smile Taisou - Umi Kousaka