Dear whoever I end up with,

Please be gentle and patient. I will be shy at first and slowly come out of my shell. I have broken and damaged and glued back together but I still have cracks. I have trust issues but I’ll trust you with my life and I hope you don’t break me more. We’ll argue over what movie to watch but I’ll let you pick because I just want to be with you and have lots of cuddles. You’ll get to find a movie I haven’t watched but I’ll just pick one cause I’ve seen a lot of movies. Please don’t be offended when I say I want alone time. I just need my time to think sometimes and I like to be alone, but it’ll only be for an hour or two. We’ll laugh and have fun, and I’ll always be smiling when I’m with you. You’ll get annoyed and say I spend too much time on my phone, and I’ll smile and put it down. You’ll make fun of me for the things I get excited about. I hope you like road trips because I love them and we’ll go on lots. I’ll show you places I feel safe. Mostly the beach because it is my favourite place. I’m fascinated by the ocean and space. I listen to too much music. I like to wear make up. It makes me feel good about myself and I feel more confident with it. Please don’t tell me I’m wearing too much. It is an art to me. I’m a dreamer and far too often get distracted by my thoughts about mystical things. I’ll ask you thousands of times to take me to the zoo or the museums or aquariums, because I love to stare at beautiful things and creatures. I’ll stare at you because you’ll amaze me. I’ll get moody and annoyed but please be patient, I don’t mean to get moody. I’ll fall In love you faster than I should. Im waiting for you, whoever you are. But I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

Please get here soon.
Love the Child of the cosmos,
Your future girl

One Too Many

lmao i suck at titles don’t ask but anyways i saw this post and i had to write,,,,beware written quickly and barely edited

word count: 1.5k??

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ImAGINe him like this as you read

Tonight you decided, would be a night of no regrets, a night where you left everything behind and flushed it away with a shot of tequila - not thinking of that boring office meeting you still had to attend tomorrow, not thinking about the desperately low amount of money you had in your account and definitely not thinking about your stupid boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend now.

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sorry if this is weird but im really glad to have an overwatch blog to follow thats run by an ace person. this site gives me a lot of pain for being ace and you are kinda my safe place and i appreiate you!


as someone who feels th same im very glad i can b a safe space for aces!!!!! its Exactly wht im goin for its one of m Number One Priorities as a blog rn

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Hey man... Calm down okay? I'm here.

B-̜̝͖̪̰̹B̡o̦͚̺͞n͈̺̝̠̻.̶̘̲̟̤̲.̨̪̝͍̟͈̩̻.̺̝̲̜̳̝̭.͇̫?̴͕ ̤̘̀H̺̩̗͎̖ͅ-̡̲h͘e̲͘e̠̼͠l̷p̞.̵.̷.̭̪̭̳̣̱̭.̴̘̺̮.͓̩͓̦̘̼̫͡

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(For: Tae) I-I'm so s-sorry we h-haven't t-talked, blih..! I-I'm so s-sorry... b-but.. I-I w-wished that.. w-we could h-have m-met in c-childhood.. w-we could've b-been b-better f-friends.. I-I'm so s-sorry.. t-that i'm only h-here to t-talk and n-not shop.. I-I want t-to k-know you b-better..! Blih.. -askvelmathegoat

Tae: That’s quite alright, you don’t have to buy anything to talk to me! I’m very happy that you came over looking to talk to me, what a nice surprise! Usually, it’s Maren you talk to, is it not? Well I certainly feel special! (She smiles)