Kyungsoo's Confession
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Maybe I shouldn’t have told him

Just for a minute, I thought of making you continue waiting

Be a bad person and be selfish for once 

For once, I didn’t want to be a good guy

But you looked so cold

You were the first girl I reached out to without hesitation

“Can I be the one that you like the most?”

I never knew that my heart could beat so fast

But I was too slow and cowardly to beat the memories you share with him

I like you. I like you.

“We are friends, right?”

“Yes, we are.”

“We should be friends too”


“Talk freely and call each other by names. Can we do that?”


I am such an idiot.

I’ll never again ask a girl to be my friend

Maybe some day the girl I like will like me back

It will be a miracle to me.


 M-Audio Keystation 32 Overview & Demo

Thanks to airusersblog

Must Get Guitar Recording Equipment!

Okay, so I need to record some song. How?? Dammit. I need an Audio Interface.

After much research (read as: an hour of reading random posts), I’ve finally narrowed down my choices: Tascam US-22MKii, Apogee Duet 2, M-Audio Fast Track

TASCAM US-122mkii 

M-Audio Fast Track

Apogee Duet 2

They look so good and sound just as good too! But boy was I in for some butt hurt. THE PRICE TAG. GAWD. SOMEBODY SLAP ME! It’s INSANE! amateur guitarist here! people!

soooo… I have to settle. god. this is gonna hurt.

Behringer Guitar Link UCG102


I think I may have to buy this monstrosity instead. Hayz… Life is cruel.