Sooooo Anabel now works for the International Police in Pokémon S/M and she looks a lot like Kirigiri in her DR3 outfit… and thus this was born XD

I love Anabel’s role in S/M and I can’t wait for those who haven’t played it yet or haven’t reached the post-game to meet her

mid-night cookies (gone cuddles)

yoonseok; pg-13; 2,790 words; attempted humor, fluff

“seok, i tried to bake cookies and i just— i don’t think i did this right.”

“yoongi what’s that sound?”


“…is that the smoke alarm?”

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Once Staz and I had landed back at LAX from our semi-quick travel from Pittsburgh, I dropped him off with his father for the night and sat in the driveway of his home as I typed up a quick message to ( @ceejvyy​ )

iMessage  📲: Honeybee.

Studio? Like now? :)

Delivered at 6:44 PM.

Waiting back on a reply, I sat my phone down in the middle console and decided to back out now to head over to our usual spot anyways just in case you decided to say yes. 

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I would like to thank not only god but also jesus for allowing @ghost-and-pals to exist so I can know how to turn VY2 into a demonic elf