m m monster

Matt (in Tom)- ahhh,, I know!

Tom (in Matt)- yeah, you did.

Tom (in Matt)- it’s fine, don’t beat yourself up over it. we’ll figure something out. its not that big of a deal.

Tom (in Matt)- guys, stop worrying about Edd.

Tom (in Matt)- he’s fine. we’re fine. its going to be fine.

Matt (in Tom)- we just saw him go in the kitchen for some food. he just gave us a smile, it still looks like he’s really tired.

Matt (in Tom)- so we got that on our side. He’ll be pretty oblivious for a while.

Matt (in Tom)- w-wait..! no-!

Tom (in Matt)- …Matt,

Matt (in Tom)- a-and I thought your body was hot before…

Matt (in Tom)- good lord Tom…

Edd- you guys OK in there? hang on, I’ll be right there.

Tom (in Matt)-

Matt (in Tom)-

Tom (in Matt)- where’d I drop the blanket.

Matt (in Tom)- that’s n-not going to work…

Tom (in Matt)- damn it Matt, its all we got.

M!A: Switched Bodies 3/6

M!A: Monster Matt 1/3

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dear search, i'm sorry i hurt you. i'm sorry i threatened the one person that matters most to you. i'm sorry i'm a monster.

Anonymously send my muse a letter from yours, and my muse will try and guess who it’s from.

“Rockman…” He doesn’t believe that the last segment of the letter is true. 

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It's 8:25 pm and I'm wondering whether or not I'm a monster. I'm thinking I am.

Hope you feel better anon. You’re not a monster.

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*whEEZE* n0

I hate when my father does jokes about my apperance. 
Ok, so let’s make it clear - I didn’t choose my diet. I just can’t always eat everything. I always had problems with  digestive system. I also didn’t want to have  hypothyroidism. I didn’t want to have ptosis. 

But people don’t always get what they wish for and that’s fine - I am a human. I’ve got some flaws. I know how to deal with them - I know how to care for my skin so it doesn’t hurt, I know what to eat - I just know my body and I am aware that sometimes I just need to listen to it. I’m not the most beautiful person to ever exist, but neither I’m ugly monster - I’m just ordinary.

The only thing I don’t get is why my father, one of my parents, one of those people who are suppose to support me and teach me some sense of self-worth, is doing the exact opposite of all those things. (And yeah - I really have some sense of humour. But I know when it’s enough).

The ugliest thing that a person’s ever said to me was that “I was a freak who belonged to a different species and that humans still haven’t figured out what species I belonged to.”

Looking back now, it’s such a compliment. I’m not a normal human, I’m a monster. I’m a power-hungry, ruthless, ambitious monster who will tear down anything in her way to get to the top. I will probably eat my own hand off, if it means me getting the career that I want. I was born destined for greatness. I am a god. I am legendary. Most mere mortals can’t touch me ever, for that reason. One day, I will be infamous for campaigning and deciding crucial cases. I am going to change the world and help hundreds of thousands of people by being the monster that I am.

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you think you're capable of love? you'll hurt your lover so badly. Your darker side will fully take over your mind. no one could love a monster

—  pick at my muse. irritate them. upset them. torment them. see how far you can push them before they retaliate… or break.

◣ ••• ◢ —

The words STUNG in Nath’s ears as he listened, hearing each word stab and twist his thoughts. 

«I-I’m.. I’m not a monster… I-I wouldn’t…» He defended PATHETICALLY as he felt tears start to brim, how could ANYONE say that to him!? he’s never… INTENTIONALLY hurt anyone…

But it was true, he had hurt someone, the person he LOVED, ( and wanted their affections in return ), he WAS a monster, he IS a monster obeying his inner demons to  HURT && FORCE someone. He was always afraid of loving someone again, always afraid they would see his darker side and be SCARED of him. He knew that they were RIGHT. His lover would hate him, be afraid and push him away. He knew he was TOO obsessive, TOO possessive, TOO much. He knew that eventually his darkness would grow. 

«I-I..you’re… right…» 

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So sans, now that you're like-- a full time uncle. How do you deal with everyday baby stuff? Isnt it a bit hard for you since you're all bones? Are you even capable of smelling dirty diapers? .... Maybe this isnt the best job for a skeleton like yourself! Perhaps Tori can handle it-

     “—– Hey, whoa! You severely underestimate my abilities. Frisk is pretty easy t’ take care of.”

     He tilts his head at the stranger, bony hands stuffed into the pockets of his oversized coat.

     “Y’ seem to forget that I’m a monster. I’m made ‘a magic. I can smell && taste just like anyone else can. The squirt is pretty good about remindin’ me when she needs a change, though, so there’s not really any guessin’ on my part.” A hum follows before he speaks again. “Tori can handle it, yeah, but she lets me help, ‘specially when she’s extra busy with stuff.”

     A huge grin lights up his face then.

     “ ‘Sides, I wouldn’t give this up for th’ world. I love bein’ an uncle.”

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‘ no one will blame you. ’


        i’m sorry… i opened the gate! i’m the monster!

monster… bad… hurt. i caused all this. it chokes up a sob in her throat, the quick, shallow breathing only sending a trickle of salt tears down pale cheeks. her breath is stuck in her throat. her chest rises and falls with shuddered, shaking movements that allow skittish eyes to glance away for a moment before fixing on a point again. i did this. this is my fault. i’m the monster. i opened the gate.

no one will blame you. it only curls into her chest even more, and only emphasises the quiver of her lip as she tries to breathe — tries to level the intake of air, failing as more panicked breaths escape too quickly. i did this, i hurt people, i’m bad, i’m the monster

         and that’s what she says. between sobs, and between the brushing of palms at her cheeks to expel the tear tracks, she admits it.

                       ‘ i’m the monster — i’m sorry — ’

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❝ I’m the monster, I’m the villain. ❞

‘DONT MOCK ME!’ jirou could only really feel the sweat racing down her forehead, the heartbeat in her ears, the slight vibration of the floor. the blade she pulled from momo hours ago— where did she go? was she okay?— trembled in her hand. the girls shaking hand tried to steady on the hilt as the tip, ever sharp, hovered mere centimeters from dabi’s chest.

just push it in, you fucking coward, she thought to herself. 

“I’m A Monster” Character Contest

With the end of the first half of “I’m A Monster”  I’m switching off to work on some other projects. However, I find myself in need of a character who will enter in the next installment of the story! This character will play a role in the story itself as the leader of team RWBY. Therefore the character’s name must begin with the letter “R”.

So, you have a chance to get an original character of yours into the story itself and you will also get to see the chapters for the remaining half of the story before anyone else and even get to see me work through it, chapter by chapter.

Submit your characters here or through email, which I will list below, and the character that wins will be place into the second arc of “I’m A Monster”! Best of luck!