m m monster

heck yeah!!!

ok so last october, in the hopes of finishing it by halloween, I started a webcomic about monster magical girls. I did not finish it by halloween and I will end that story there

but I have time to work on it again now and hopefully actually finish it this time!! but since my art has changed a lot since october I decided to just start over. I wasn’t very far in anyway

so yeah enough blabber, HERE IT IS! only two pages for now but I hope to update more soon! uvu/ I’ll try and set dates for regular updates as soon as I have an idea of how long each update will take me. thank you if you check it out!!


I’m not going to upload every page to tumblr, but since like I said my art has changed a lot I wanted to do a comparison post!

there’s still a loooot that I know could be improved on but HEY it’s better. that’s always nice better is nice

the backgrounds in the old pages were terrible and these are still not great but I’m at least more confident in my effort

also for the heck of it, banner comparison



I have high hopes for this time around ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ gonna do my best!!