Do you know what PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is?

PEP is a treatment that can prevent HIV after high risk sexual exposures. It has been available since 2006, but lack of knowledge about it and medical barriers (PEP has to be started within 36 hrs of contact, long visits to the ER and financial concerns) makes PEP nearly inaccessible.

The Men’s Sexual Health Project (M*SHP) is a collaboration between NYU School of Medicine, Bellevue Hospital and the NYC Department of Health that brings HIV and STI testing closer to points of higher risk (sex clubs, parties, bathhouses) Nearly 3,000 visit have occurred, and over 50 men have been diagnosed with HIV and connected to care.


MNNSHP Costume Problem

I’m going to the Halloween MNNSHP as a Summer Main Street Trolley Girl. I’m already planning my costume, because I am always busy and I want it to be perfect. Currently I am torn between two skirt ideas. They are shown below. (NOTE: NOT MY PICTURES)

It is a debate between the blue skirt or the red skirt. The top I can figure out later. I am leaning towards the blue because blue looks best on me. However, I can’t seem to find a pattern to make a skirt in the style that they wear. I have been looking to see if stores have modernish style skirts and I found one on ModCloth. Problem is they only have it in red.

It is expensive and I am already planning to buy a petticoat to give the skirt flounce, so I really don’t want to spend to much money on this costume.

I’m also asking that if you know of a sewing pattern to make a Main Street Trolley Show style skirt if you would send me a link to it

So what I am asking, basically, is which is better: Keep looking for a pattern? Or buy the red skirt? 

#tbt because in a week I get to see @paigem3467 & it’s that time of year that every 3rd sentance out of my mouth is “is it time for Boo to You yet?” #wdw #disney #disneyworld #magickingdom #mainstreet #misi #misici #moveitshakeit #moveitshakeitpics #misidapi #disneysidecast #mnsshp #mickeysnotsoscaryhalloweenparty #halloween #disneycosplay #cosplay #costume


Elecmetal es Auspiciador Presidencial en el V Congreso de Chancado de Minerales - MINECRUSH 2015, que se realizará el próximo 18 y 19 de junio en el Hotel Sonesta El Olivar, en Lima.