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Pidge + Rover for the headcanons??

Nonny thank you so much this is the first request I got and it made my day :’))

  • As much as I find the headcanon that “Rover” was the name of the Holt family dog super cute, my first thought back when I first watched Voltron was that Pidge named the robot after the rovers used for space exploration
    • Imagine if you will, bby Pidge huddled under the covers at night after lights out, headlamp casting a dim glow over an obviously well loved copy of “Rovers through the ages: An illustrated history of space exploration through the eyes of the robots that made it possible”
    • Imagine Pidge running fingers over the pretty pictures, tracing every instrument Curiosity carried
    • Or building little (working!) models of the first submersible rovers to explore Europa
    • Some kids have dinosaur phases or Greek mythology phases, Pidge had a rover phase
  • Anyway, on to Actual Rover
  • Rover is Pidge’s one constant companion and confidant, even more so than the mice
    • The two are never seen apart
    • Pidge tells Rover everything, from deepest fears to desperate longings to Lance’s most recent antics
  • Whenever Pidge gets antsy and the need to do something is eating her up she’ll tweak or tinker with Rover
    • Rover was the test run for the cloaking program she later added to Hunk and Coran’s pod and the Green Lion
  • She may have modified and rearranged and changed Rover around tons of times but it still remains a piece of alien tech and every time she takes it apart she finds new parts or pieces of code that are unfamiliar to her
    • She loves the challenge of figuring out what this or that does and how it works, she’s learned so much just from taking Rover apart and putting it back together
  • Pidge spends weeks after Rover’s sacrifice trying to figure out how she accidentally programmed altruism into a robot
    • She goes through all her notes on all the changes she made to the robot, looking for where in the code that self-sacrificing streak was hidden
    • She even goes so far as to scavenge other bits of Galra tech to compare
    • ((As a side note, it briefly crosses Pidge’s mind that if Rover could so easily develop independent decision-making beyond the scope of its programming what could this mean for Shiro’s arm))
  • Pidge never really finds a satisfactory explanation for why Rover sacrificed itself and that irks her to no end
    • She likes having answers not questions
    • Her best hypothesis is that Rover’s advanced AI means the robot was able to “learn” and mimic behaviours, and that paired with how she modified it with Earth codes and the way she treated it like a companion means it started seeing itself as a human too, with all the nobility and heroism that entails
  • Pidge goes through all the stages of grief over Rover, to her it really was like she lost a friend
  • She eventually does get a new robot companion, but it’ll never be the same as Rover, and she’s always careful to keep this one at arm’s length and not get too attached

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“After getting to play Alec, I feel very attached to him and his happiness. Now I’m obsessed with his well-being, so I think that’s my current motivating factor. Alec is good, but flawed and sad. I get to play a good man who works through his problems to become a better, happier man. Going through that change is very rewarding. I hope it translates on screen.”