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Marc, Pt1-First Of all......love, love, love the sizzle reel. The one thing that bothers & it's nothing to do with the show directly it's about the paparazzi guys that drop spoilers of cast sightings & spoilers of dialogue of scenes from scripts of episodes not even aired yet. Not to mention a guy on Reddit that somehow gets the actual script & writes up a summary verbatim. The one concern is if what he says doesn't appeal to fans they don't watch which can most definitely affect the show

Straight up:  I hate those m*therf*ck*rs.  They’re shitting on you guys and they’re shitting on the hard work of all the actors and crewmembers who put up with the cold and wet and rain of Vancouver until the wee hours of the night.  We do absolutely everything within our power to stop them.

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KlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausKlausTo take over please :) (also ily M(rs)iss Fangs!

Would you relax? :D The voting isn´t out yet :D But yes, I would enjoy having Klaus back as well, but we´ll have to wait and see, now won´t we?

First, I have to decide how many days I´ll be able to celebrate and what to do (besides the takeover that will be either one or two characters at once or two characters separately. Maybe even more I am not sure.)

Also, love you too ;) 

Celebration Ideas

Seven Things That Didn't Happen on Valentine's Day at Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did by rageprufrock

Title (link): Seven Things That Didn’t Happen on Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did

Author (link): rageprufrock

Length: 25,172 words, 1 chapter (complete)

Rating: Mature


Summary/thoughts: “"This is the weirdest Valentine’s Day yet,“ Peter mused. / "But not ‘ever,’” Remus said dryly.”

This fic captures a series of hilarious stories from Valentine’s Days in different years during the marauders’ time at Hogwarts. It features everything you could want in a wolfstar fic: sweet friendship moments, lots of pranking, jealousy, Sirius being turned into a girl as a prank, a pretend relationship, the Prank, and of course the eventual get-together. Really quite fabulous. Worth multiple reads.

  • What she says: sorry I'm not focused, I didn't sleep well last night
  • What she means: Two weeks ago we found out Dean made Castiel a mixtape Dean's Top 13 Zepp Traxx that means kisses both literally and figuratively I don't make the rules all I know is This mixtape saved my goddamned soul That's right God damned this soul His Own Self and The Mixtape saved it from Him I don't want to beat a dead me, but this mixtape killed me and sent me up the Stairway to Heaven like thoughts inside a dream I know I'm mixing metaphors but I don't care because
  • mixing metaphors
  • Mix in m tap rs
  • Mixtape
  • It's everywhere
  • It's everything
  • I'm about to lose my worried mind
  • I gotta roll I can't stand still
  • I'm sorry
  • I've listened to nothing but Led Zeppelin for 300 hours