Random thoughts and impressions: The Green Mill Murder

“My heart just did the oddest thing. Must be the champagne.”

“I’m so not surprised, it’s not even funny.” *resigned sigh*

“Did I succeed in concealing just how happy I am to see her?”

“God, she might be the most infuriating woman ever to cross my path, but I could just -”

“Let’s match-make our friends, to distract us both from the fact that we want to just duck in the back and…well.”

“ ‘I thought Mr. Freeman was your dance partner.’ How many men do you need in one night, Miss Fisher? And if this joker’s not careful, he’ll be going home with a shiner.”

“Is that French perfume I smell?”

“Is there no refuge from the woman? I came to the morgue for some much needed head space.”

“I do enjoy winding her up.”

“She makes me very dictatorial. And no, Jack, the morgue is NOT the place for the other things she makes you.”

“Do as you’re told, Miss Fisher, or I swear -”

“Damn it. The woman is ridiculously on the ball. I love it and hate it in equal measure.”

“I wonder if her lipstick would stay put…”

“Seriously? They’re about as mature as Jane. Less so.”

Cec: utter disdain. Bert: Let’s do that again!

“No. It can’t be. But who else would it be?”

“I am going to have a serious word with that woman.”

“What has our world come to, Collins?”

…entering just as Bobby Sullivan says: “I don’t want to have to hurt you!”

“Trying so hard not to laugh at Hugh. Mustn’t knock his confidence.”

“My smile could be construed as me trying to put you at your ease. Of course, it could also mean, ‘We both know which way this is going to go.’ Take your pick.”

“Ooh, scary face, Miss Fisher. But I’m enjoying this waaay too much.” 

“She’s mesmerising. I can’t take my eyes off her. I mean- damn!

“What did life feel like before she streaked across the firmament like a shooting star?”

I LOVE clumsy Hugh. So adorable.

“What has she got in there, and how can I get some?”

“That smells sooo good. I’m tempted.” *mouth watering*

“Yep. Lost the battle.”

“It’s like, I don’t even care what happens for the rest of the day.”

“She fed me. She gets a free pass.”

“She’s good. She knows the way to my…files.”

“She enjoys having some effect on a man?! Does that mean she always knows?! Crap, crap, crap.”

*puppy eyes* “Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault!”

The time when we started finishing each other’s train of thought, and sentences. 

“Is she for real?”

“I think she just might be.”

“Because if she’s just winding me up, that would be too cruel.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real woman before in my life.”

“And yes, the ass is still gorgeous.”

*doing a little internal happy dance*

“She loves me, she loves me not…”

“Forget it, Collins. Not sharing. Nope.”

“I can’t stop touching it. It’s so beautiful.”

Expressions perfectly capturing man’s eternal struggle when it comes to women.

Yuk yuk yuk yuck!

Jack: “I finished the food basket.”

Hugh: “I feel your pain, man.”

“That gratin…”

Ooh sassy Jack. Go, Jack, go! Depress this idiot’s pretensions.

“I can’t let an obviously innocent woman go to the gallows.” Either that, or he’s checking his breath just in case Phryne drops in. 

Harrowed Jack. My third favourite kind. Or is it fourth? Sod it, they’re all my favourites.

Sorry, guys, but where exactly did it land? It could be in either of two places, judging by your lines of sight. Unless it somehow split in half in mid air, because the sexual tension in the room was just too much for its little metal heart. 

“She has a fanciful imagination. Duly noted. Good. Good. So have I.”

“Just in case I miss anything, let me check ALL angles.”

“Here she comes, walking down the street…”

“She came when I summoned her! I could do a little waltz of happiness.”

“Bet you didn’t see that one coming, Miss Fisher! See, I can be even more wonderful than you thought possible.”

“She is glorious.”

“She is so beautiful, she makes me ache.”

“It makes me happy just to look at her. She’s so full of life and light and mischief. I could very easily find myself thinking, ‘My God, this woman is perfect.’”

“I want to solve cases with her every day.”

*forming certain unshakeable intentions with regard to a certain lady detective*


Quietly badass Jack

So, here’s a thought: Here we are at the beach. All very nice. (And let’s all take a moment to appreciate Jack’s grin.)

There are four, count them, FOUR of these quite possibly murderous, street fighting, gang thugs. Look at them, all tough and hard and ready to be abusive to a lady on her own. (Not that Phryne couldn’t handle them, of course. She could shoot that one, dagger that one there, seduce a third and dazzle the last with her wit.)

And then. And well. Jack just steps out from behind that pillar. Completely relaxed and lazily confident. “The lady’s not alone, boys,” you can practically hear him saying. “She’s with me.”

“Go on. I dare you to try ousting her from what you laughably call ‘your spot’ while she’s enjoying her well-deserved ice cream, you impolite, ignorant, miserable sods.”

Look at those faces. “Oops, think we may have slipped up here, lads.” It’s just Jack, staring them down all nonchalant with his hands in his pockets, and they back down. Maybe because he’s a policeman and they’d really be asking for trouble if they beat him up. Sure. But I think it’s because they recognize the alpha male when they see him. An alpha male who will Kick. Their. Butts. if they threaten Phryne again. 

Source: http://www.cap-that.com/miss-fisher/204/?page=27

MFMM obsession musings

Sometimes when I really think about my MFMM obsession and my Phrack all-consuming love (and obsession), I shake my head, laugh and fear for my sanity.  But then I see that phracking gif of that phracking kiss just roll on down my dash and all fears are abolished as I realise well “duh..why the phrack wouldn’t you be obsessed?”

(I purposely left out the part of writing fiction with a made up phrack baby because that clearly sends me over the edge between sane and insane. I mean I’m there, teetering of the edge of the phracking cliff now, thanks to those fics, but still, I figure as long as I’m aware of it that is a ok.  I phracking think………..)

Also on a side note has anyone else realised they’ve become a more phabulous, strong, wonderful woman because of Phryne?