platonic things to do w ur bro:
  • ask him to dream u the world, something new for every night. totally platonic and very bro
  • get orange juice together @ 3am and don’t worry if Lorde made orange juice gay, it’s just ur bro and thats not gay
  • awkwardly and earnestly ask ur bro if he dreams abt u
  • tell ur bro u rmbr what he smells like when he lived in his childhood home but it’s just bc u have a really great memory and not bc you’ve been thinking abt what ur bro smells like
  • buy a house and live w ur bro bc Thats What Bros Do™

Goopy: hewwo? Hewwo?!?!?

*a boulder falls on him*


*cave fills with water*

Goopy: HEEEEEWWWOOOOOOO?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Cagney: *appears*

Goopy: *gasp* MISTWER CAWNATION! Thank GOOdness ur here (^·^) pwease save me! I'ww do anything!

Cagney: Anything?

Goopy: yes!

Cagney: T H E N P E R I S H

Goopy: :O