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Translation of Zeki Scenes (VK Extra Chapter 4: Between Death and Heaven)

Raw images kindly provided by the amazing @zero-e! Thank you so much TAT

When referring to the images, go from right to left and work your way down each row. I also count double speech bubbles (when one bubble flows into another) as one bubble.

-Page 1-

Speech bubble 1: My beloved…

-Page 2-

Speech bubble 1: Idiot…

Speech bubble 2: Really, it’s so like you… 

Speech bubble 3: To shield a chid you’ve never even met before

-Page 3- 

Speech bubble 2: (SFX) Kiss

-Page 4- 

Speech bubble 1: Alright, Zero…

Speech bubble 2: As per your wish…In the last moments, I’ll love you in the way that vampires love

Text: Before you turn into ashes, I’ll devour your life, devour you.

-Page 6-

Speech bubble 1: I was happy too…

Speech bubble 2: Zero…

Text: Shortly after that, I too come to lose my existence in this world…Just as Zero did


That’s all for now! I hope this quenches some of your thirst for Zeki feels everyone ^^ 

zero-e will be sending me the full raws soon, so I will be posting a full translation sometime this week! Please anticipate it!!