yoongi was apparently talking about not planning to cry and that what made him cry was thinking about him and namjoon being the only ones during trainee times in the company and how hard it was for them and practicing together and apparently they used to talk alone and end up crying with each other over how hard their trainee period was


I hate and love to see how Isak grew up just in 2months. He was reckless. He was rebel. He was pure and he was selfish. He didn’t need anybody. He didn’t need to love and he didn’t need to be loved. Everything was just right or wrong for him and everything was just black and white for him. And then he met with the gray. And everything he thought he’d knew, everything he thought he’d lived didn’t seem right after that. He couldn’t do much except be possessed by it. First he tried to resist to the man who has beautiful eyes and beautiful soul but being rebel to his feelings was meaningless and he fell in love for the first time and he had his first heart break. And then he realized maybe he needs to be loved. Then he opened up to his friends about his sexuality and his feelings. And then he realized maybe he needs someone there for him. Then they got back together with man of his dreams and then he realized the things he did/does are only for him. He put man of his dreams above everything. Then he had second heartbreak for the same man. And then he realized how life works. There is no right or wrong in it. Everything is not black and white and every person on this planet wants to be loved and every person on this planet needs someone to hold on. Love is the most beautiful thing that happens to someone and it is the thing that torns you apart. Sometimes you have to suffer to get what you want and sometimes you should just let it go….
He met with the gray and he realizes that life sucks and it won’t give you everything you want but he will love it anyway as long as there is gray in it