So there you got Abby and Erin, the core relationship of the movie with Erin literally jumping on the other side for Abby. But you also have Holtz and Abby who’ve known each other for a while and worked together all these years and Abby was Holtz’s family as stated in her final speech. BUT you also got Patty and Holtz, always being the dynamic and fun duo, the Baby™ petnames and having each other’s backs. BUT ALSO you got the heavy gay subtext on literally every scenes with Holtz and Erin, The Wink ™, The Dance™, The Bickering™, The Swiss Army Knife™   and so on..

SO what I mean to say here is: every ships in Ghostbusters (2016) are wonderful and whatever pairing you’re shipping, it is good and pure so please enjoy


Converted @budgie2budgie’s awesome Simlish ABCs posters for TS3 tonight. I may darken the textures a tad as they look a tiny bit washed out in Sims 3, but it could also be the extra bright lighting I used in this room. Anyway, I’m thinking about converting some more of their Simlish decor objects and making a small set out of it. I’ve been in a perpetual state of jealousy recently looking over all the lovely goodies they’ve created for TS4, and I’m dying to have some of that Simlish clutter for my game too. No such thing as too much Simlish! <3


(160924) monsta x @ incheon hallyu concert 2016

freshprinceofpalletown  asked:

yo give me a quick rec of ppl to follow since im coming back and re-claiming my throne of greendome. doesnt have to be fave but actives? i can't find ANYONE.

     don’t blame ya. folks don’t really use the pokepromo tag anymore beyond a few folks — but more people should use it. lemme see who’d be cool.

kanto; @fireredrules (an awesome red, if you’re okay with doubles), @fabulance (HE’S BACK), @dragoncaper (is cool too tho!), @toxictechnique@mackdaddysurge !!! !!!, @psychicmasterwill, @psykinesis, @rocketbcss, @ofmasterism, @pokemonhealer, @celioplusplus, @geoforza

johto: @pxgtails !!!!!!!!!, @executiveariana, @shirukan, @son-of-skarmory, @dragxnbreaths ( ithink she just went on hiatus atm tho.), @stewardoftheking, @gxldenstreak 

hoenn; @sterlingsilverchampion, @atalantete, @aquaelegance, @hoennite 

sinnoh; @mysterintellect, @elekron, @koucas (it’s platinumverity’s new blog!), @hidawned, @glxciate

unova; @lack–two, @theamazingtrainer-nate, @chercepts, @binarycolours, @couverdures

kalos; @vinewhippersnapper, @sangmer, @nymphiara

misc; @snaggerleo