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Michael makes an entrance!!!”

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Hawkeye & WWII

According the math @trapper-john and I have done (based off the fact that he’s a thoracic surgeon and therefore has specialized), we figured Hawkeye would have been roughly 24 when America entered WWII  - which would have put him in med school. By 1945, he would have been roughly 27 and a resident. This means Hawkeye’s “this is my second war” could very well be true. He could, conceivably, have been a simple field medic. I’m not 100% sure how this messes with his draft in the Korean War, but work with me.

This also makes his whole singing Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” to Radar that much more heartbreaking! Like, I can’t stand how much this is breaking my heart. I’m crying, Guys, I really am. 

[Thank you to trapper-john for find the gif for me. Just to make everyone’s hearts break just a little bit more.]

“… You can plan on me. Please have snow and mistletoe and presents on the tree. Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams. I’ll be home for Christmas. If only in my dreams.” 


This show is my favourite thing,

mental health issues aren’t considered “being chicken” or “life ending”.
(Dr. Freedman is a great psychiatrist!)

Even homosexuality gets slipped in

(there is seriously an episode where they go on a mission to make sure a gay character doesn’t get a dishonourable discharge because- why shouldn’t he be able to fight for his country?)

They frequently tackle racism and challenge the American ideals

There are strong female characters who grow

(from what started as the stereotypical blond patriot who then became a strong, independent woman who is a fantastic fully formed person,
as well as countless other female characters- some nurses, some doctors, some Koreans struggling to survive in their war torn country)

They challenge gender roles

And a guy trying to get out of the army by dressing as a woman, it never works because it doesn’t affect him as a soldier- but a female doctor offers him reassignment surgery when she first meets him.

This show is from the 1970’s.
It’s a 40 year old show.
I love this.

Dean/Cas fic: there's an angel on my shoulder, in my hand a sword of gold (4.2k, nsfw)

9x12 coda: 4.2k, nsfw, vague spoilers for the 9x13 promo

“It’s not unlike prayer,” Cas says slowly. “The words are directed at me, even if you only intend them for yourself.”


Grantsburg is a long way from Lebanon, nearly seven hundred miles. It’s the kind of haul Dean could make in one shot if he really wanted to, two cups of coffee and two stops for gas, maybe one extra breather to piss and stretch his legs, but the sun is starting to set by the time he hits Interstate 35, the sky a slow burn as it curves around Wild River State Park and stretches down toward Minneapolis. Traffic is rush hour slow, all brake lights and people anxious to get home for dinner. Everything on the radio is either static or news, and Sam hasn’t said a word since he climbed into the car.

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My Observations of Each Member :)


Reita: T H I S  M A N, MY DREAM. HE IS WHAT I LIVE FOR. HIS BASS REVERBERATED THROUGHOUT MY BODY AND THE ENTIRE FLOOR, AND I FELT DEEP, ORGASMIC CHILLS LISTENING TO THOSE RICH, VELVETY RIFFS. I could not stop screaming and cheering for him. I thought I was going to faint during his Sludgy Cult solo, which is one of my favorite solos of his. My dream of meeting my ULTIMATE BAE has COME TRUE. I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW. Btw, when he came to my side of the stage and urged us to rock out with him, I was hyperventilating because he was so DORKY AND CUTE.

Uruha: So ELEGANT and POWERFUL. I probably stared at him the most because he was in front of me, and I swear to GOD I had eye contact with him multiple times! When I cried, I felt like he smiled and gave me this look as if he was trying to comfort me. It was an honor to be in his presence, and I was so lucky to be standing where I was because I GOT TO SEE ALL OF HIS SOLOS. I just stood there in awe for TOMORROW NEVER DIES because that’s my favorite Uruha solo. HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO STUNNING AND MAKE HIS PERFORMANCE LOOK SO EFFORTLESS? I think Uruha gave the most fan service with his GRACEFUL POSES and AIR KISSES. Btw, did I mention how GORGEOUS HE IS? Honestly, I was literally blinded by him.

Ruki: At first, I wasn’t deeply infatuated with Ruki compared to the other members. But in the live, he had this OVERWHELMING PRESENCE THAT DEMANDED MY ATTENTION AND WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE. I mean, GOD, THE WAY HE WAS DANCING WITH HIS HIPS WHILE SINGING WAS SO I L L E G A L. Ruki can dance, I mean, he can REALLY DANCE AND TEASE THE AUDIENCE WITH HIS PROVOCATIVE MOVEMENTS. At one point during DOGMA, he licked a lantern like the one in the PV and just dropped it as he began growling. I was completely mesmerized by him. BTW, HE SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE THE ALBUMS. His vocals were ON POINT and his GROWLS were so CARNAL, RAW, AND BEAUTIFUL. Btw, he wasn’t as short as people made it sound like he was. 

Aoi: S U P E R S T A R. He was smirking throughout the entire show. THE WAY HE WAS SWAYING HIS HIPS AND HANDLING/PLAYING THE GUITAR WAS SO SENSUAL. He had this mysterious air about him but was really playful with the fans and occasionally came to my side of the stage to perform with Uruha. I am really thankful that he did because he is my second bias after Reita :D He was dazzling and definitely deserves his Aoi superstar status lol. And God, HE REALLY IS HANDSOME. I was literally blinded by him too. HE WAS SPARKLING AND WAS SO CONFIDENT.

Kai: A LITERAL WALKING BALL OF SUNSHINE WITH THE SWEETEST SMILE AND MUSCLY ARMS from all that drumming lol. His smile was so infectious, and I found myself grinning like an idiot just staring at him :) The way he was excitedly drumming and shaking his head got me really pumped up, and it was almost impossible to not follow his rhythm with my body and soul. He threw his water bottle towards the end and I GOT SPLASHED WITH WATER THAT KAI WAS DRINKING YAAAAASSSSS. Even though I wished that I could have seen him more because the drum set was covering him, his ENERGY WAS THE GREATEST, and it spread throughout the venue like wildfire :)